Marvel Future Revolution Beginner’s Guide To Become The #1 Avenger

Marvel Future Revolution

Playing as a superhero can be one of the most thrilling activities that you can think of in video games. Just imagine – flying around the cities, defeating baddies, and hearing cheer and calling out your name feels satisfying indeed. But here’s the fun fact – you can do the same in Marvel Future Revolution.

But, we humans do not have superpowers, nor do we want to wear our underwear above our pants. So, therefore, to complete my superhero fantasies, I play video games as a coping mechanism for not being born with superpowers. 

Therefore, I suggest you do the same and start playing this kickass game. However, after playing this game for months, I have decided to share this Marvel Future Revolution Beginners Guide and tips and tricks for newbies. Therefore, if you need training, start reading now. 

What Is Marvel Future Revolution?

What Is Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is the latest mobile game from the MGU (Marvel Gaming Universe – yes, I made it up). It is a third-person open-world action RPG game where you play as one of the titular marvel heroes. The Marvel Future Revolution release date is August 2021.

According to the story, Vision created the first multiversal convergence by using the power of his core (an infinity stone). However, things get worse when the universes start collapsing against each other, destroying them gradually in the process.

Therefore, it’s your time to take the mantle of an Avenger and save the civilians from various multiversal dangers. Control Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Captain America, and Black Widow, with more to come in the future. The best feature is that you can fully customize the costumes of all these heroes. 

Complete various side missions, and follow the main quest to unfurl the mystery of this multiversal madness. Then, explore the story mode with great cinematic visuals and voice acting that makes you feel like watching a Marvel movie. This makes this one of the best android games to play in 2022.

Marvel Future Revolution Beginner’s Guide Tips And Tricks

To become better in Marvel Future Revolution gameplay, you should learn all these beginner tips and tricks and apply them to become an Avenger and save the multiverse truly.

Choose Your Main Superhero That Suits Your Playstyle

Choose Your Main Superhero Suits

Every gamer has their own playstyle. So whether it’s sneaking in behind others in Call Of Duty Mobile or jumping in for the kill in PUBG Mobile, you have many options available in Marvel Future Revolution. 

Therefore, check out all the superheroes available and their moves and abilities using the Marvel Future Revolution tier list. Then, choose the strongest superheroes possible, head to the battlefield to complete missions, and play the main story mode.

For melee warriors, you can choose Captain America. However, if you like to fight from a range, select Strange Doctor instead. Unlock Marvel Future Revolution characters and play with them to analyze their playstyle and combos. Then select one and save the multiverse. 

Also, do not forget to check out your closet and equip the best costumes for your hero. Each hero has multiple costumes to choose from. Therefore, create your own blue-colored Iron Man if you wish to in this Marvel Mobile game.

Learn How To Dodge And Fly

Learn How To Dodge And Fly

Learning how to fight is essential to be good in this game. Each hero in Marvel Future Revolution has some basic attacks and some special moves on a cooldown. However, two more buttons exist on the screen’s right side – dodge and fly. 

These two buttons are the best ways to evade enemy attacks and reposition yourself on the battlefield. However, some heroes have these buttons to do other things. For example, hitting the fly button will make Spiderman swing his web, which has different controls than other heroes. 

Therefore, get used to the fly and dodge mechanic since it will save your life on many occasions. Also, learn the controls well since Marvel Future Revolution controller support does not exist. Similarly, there is no PC version to play too. 

Enhance Your Superheroes Whenever Possible

Enhance Your Superheroes

You get new characters through a draw system or Gacha system, similar to Genshin Impact. You can choose one for free from the roster of ten heroes when you start this game. Then, you get the rest through randomized draws, including unlockable skins. 

Then, you can upgrade the powers and level of your superhero by playing missions, completing quests, and using certain items. Therefore, even though it’s a free game, there are fewer pay-win-win cash-grab microtransactions. Therefore, being a free-to-play gamer, I was able to get and upgrade all characters to their max levels pretty easily. 

Manage Your Inventory Wisely

Manage Your Inventory

Completing each mission in Marvel Future Revolution provides you with lots of items, gold, and XP. Therefore, after playing for some time, there will come a time when your inventory box gets full.

Here, you must either use up all the consumables or sell the rest. For example, you get medals for completing certain quests. However, these medals don’t serve any purpose; you only need to dismantle and sell them off.

Join Alliances To Team Up!

Join Alliances To Team Up

Being an online MMORPG game with a big open world, you will quickly meet other players. Therefore, get your friends from Marvel Future Revolution Reddit threads and form an alliance to take on villains together.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions By New Avengers):

Q1. Is Marvel Future Revolution A Sequel To Marvel Future Fight?

Yes, this game is a Marvel Future Fight sequel. It was a top-down action RPG game with linear levels and many heroes. This game upgrades it to become a full-blown open-world MMORPG.

Q2. Is Marvel Future Revolution On PS4?

No, this game is not available for any consoles or PC. So far, this game is strictly available only on Android and iOS smartphones.

Q3. Is Marvel Future Revolution Pay To Win?

Similar to other mobile games, this game has slight pay-to-win mechanics in it. This is because to upgrade and purchase characters and skins, you need crystals, the in-game currency. However, you can buy these crystals using real money, leveling up faster and unlocking all characters more quickly.

Q4. Who Is The Most Powerful Character In Marvel Future Revolution?

According to the Marvel Future Fight meta, Black Widow and Captain Marvel are the most powerful characters This is because of their moveset and high damage potential (DPS).

Time To Save The Multiverse

Who do you think the government calls when Earth must defend itself from external multiversal forces? Of course, it’s you as an Avenger in Marvel Future Revolution! 

This is why I want you to become good at this game by reading this Marvel Future Revolution beginners guide and training yourself to become Earth’s mightiest hero.

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