Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide – How To Become The Best Adventurer In Teyvat?

Genshin Impact

By now, you must have seen advertisements for a certain anime-inspired game appearing on almost every youtube video you play. That’s right, folks; I am talking about Genshin Impact.

Released amidst the lockdown, this is the game that the world needed at such dark times. This became one of the most played online games in the last two years, featuring a large open world, hundreds of quests, many playable characters, and an interesting story.

Therefore, if you have finally decided to play this game, then continue reading this Genshin Impact beginners guide. Here, you will learn some basics you need to know from the start. 

Genshin Impact Tips And Tricks For Beginners

If you want to download Genshin Impact, then you must read this article first. It has all the best tips and tricks you need to know before you head out to find your long-lost sibling in the unforgiving lands of Teyvat.

Explore, Explore, Explore!

Teyvat is a huge continent to explore in the Genshin Impact beginners guide. You can explore any direction you want. Do you see a cliff 50 miles away from you? Chances are you can climb that cliff and jump from the top.

This game has various traversal methods, like climbing atop cliffs and using your wing gliders to glide down. Also, exploration is key to unlocking new areas and new quests in this game. So this is what you should be doing most of the time.

In addition, keep a lookout for all those anemoculus, geoculus, and electroculus. These are key to increasing your stats, like your stamina. Moreover, there are lots of hidden treasure chests in the world that you can find and open to gain great rewards.

Genshin Impact explore

Oh yes, your stamina is another important thing to look out for. You don’t want to drown while swimming or fall down from higher elevations just because you ran out of stamina.

The More You Quest, The Stronger You Become

Since questing is essential in all mobile games, Genshin Impact is no different. Taking pity on the plight of random strangers and helping them out for coins is what an Adventurer should do.

When you quest, always try doing your Archon Quests first. These are your main story quests that unlock new areas of Teyvat. Such quests also have great stories and lore tied to them, which makes your journey more enjoyable.

The More You Quest

However, when you log in to this game to start your daily session, always do the daily commissions first. Doing four of them will reward you with primogems, one of the most valued items in this game. So don’t forget to do this daily.

Be Careful Of What You Wish For

Be Careful Of What You Wish For

Wishing for new characters, weapons, and items is one of the core draws of this game. You make wishes by using primogems, one of the semi-premium currencies of the game. You can get primogems by completing more quests and challenges in this game.

When you want a new character or a weapon, you must see which banner has what in store. Each banner has different characters and weapons on them, which change on a seasonal basis. Sometimes, new characters come along with older characters put in rotation. 

When you make a wish, you randomly get a character and weapons based on what that banner provides. Therefore, ensure that you have enough primogems hoarded to spin the wishing wheel multiple times to get the characters you want. 

Be Careful Of What You Wish

Therefore, it’s best to hoard your primogems and wait for the banner with the right 5-star characters. Keep an eye out for these banners and check the Genshin Impact Twitter page and the Genshin Impact Reddit page.

Build Your Team With The Perfect Elemental Synergies

When you build your party of four in this game, you should always look for their elemental combinations. Learning so is the best way to take on tougher world boss battles and Genshin Impact Abyss Dungeons. This is similar to type weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Build Your Team With The Perfect Elemental Synergies

Mixing and matching different elemental skills and elemental burst attacks together to set off elemental effects is the primary form of dealing damage in this game. Switch out characters to create a chain of elemental effects that can stack on top of each other. 

Therefore, you must have a team of different elemental Genshimm Impact characters that all form a great synergy with each other. This is how you unlock the so-called easy mode of this game. Only paying attention to weapon damage is not enough.

See the diagram below to learn how each elemental attack reacts with the other. 

The Perfect Elemental Synergies

Upgrade Your Items And Characters Selectively

The more you play this game, the more you get to learn about which character builds you need. Each character has several elemental affinities that you can boost using the right artifacts, talismans, and weapons. 

For questing and exploration, you get rewarded with primogems, mora (the currency of Teyvat), Ascension materials (for leveling up your character), and lots more. 

Since you will have a constant supply of weapons, artifacts, talismans, and more pick on the strongest ones to equip them. Then, use the weaker ones to upgrade the equipped ones. 

When it comes to characters, you only need two good characters from each elemental tree to make effective teams. Therefore, pick the best ones you like (preferably five-star characters) and use your ascension materials to level them up exclusively. 

To do so effectively, check out the Genshin Impact tier list for weapons and characters!

Become A Masterchef

Learning how to cook in Genshin Impact is key to survival. This is the key to success in this game since cooking delicious meals will give you several buffs. Explore Teyvat and do NPC quests that will unlock the recipes to several dishes for you. 

Then, collect the necessary ingredients (also by exploring) to cook these dishes. These can have several buffs like increasing attack, defense, elemental damage, and resistance, and even revive a dead character in the heat of battle. 

Get Your Hunting Party Together

Among Us became one of the most played multiplayer games of all time during its release. However, it is a little less flashy compared to the great co-op experience of Genshin Impact. You can enter another player’s world or let others enter your world to play missions together. 

However, the only limitations that you need to know about in this mode are the World Ranks of the players. You cannot enter the world of a player whose ranks are higher than yours. Therefore, if you have four friends to play with, you can only enter the world of your weakest link. 

However, you can opt to lower your world rank once per day. Doing so will make it easier for people to enter your world and not take forever to kill an enemy. Also, you cannot do Archon Quests and Spiral Abyss in coop mode. Those are purely meant for solo players. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions By Gamers):

Q1. Why Genshin Impact Is So Popular?

Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular games on the internet for its immersive gameplay, great fantasy story, and mostly because of its anime-inspired graphics.

Q2. Does Genshin Have A Good Story?

Yes, Genshin Impact does have a pretty good story. The developers of this game, MiHoyo, have revealed plans for continuing to develop this game for at least a decade longer. Therefore, expect the story to be long.

Q3. Is Mihoyo Japanese Or Chinese?

Most people think that the developers of Genshin Impact – MiHoyo (controller of the HoYoVerse) – is a Japanese gaming company courtesy of the game’s anime aesthetics. However, truth be told, it is actually a Chinese gaming company.

Q4. How Do I Meet Ningguang?

Genshin Impact Ningguang is one of the most famous playable characters in the game. However, she first appears as an NPC in Chapter 1 of the game’s main storyline, which takes place in Liyue Harbor.


Genshin Impact is a chill game that can become very tense at a moment’s notice. While battling large monsters with a party of four characters with awesome hairstyles and stylish costumes, you must ensure they are ready for the fight. 

Therefore, grab your gear, and start exploring the world of Teyvat. Do quests, level up your characters, and hoard the best equipment you can get. Also, don’t forget to wish for those five-star characters once the right special banner drops by!

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