AI In Project Management: Here’s Why Your Business Needs It

AI in Project Management

Since the use of generative AI chatbots has risen in the last few years, businesses are in a frenzy to integrate them with their projects to improve the quality of their processes and workflow. Therefore, you must know the best tools before using AI in project management.

Therefore, after using over 8+ AI tools for project management, I narrowed it down to five tools I recommend all modern project managers use. Moreover, I also considered their uses and benefits.

Therefore, read this post to learn why you must consider using AI in project management. In addition, you will learn about the best AI tools for project management.

Uses And Benefits Of AI In Project Management

Many tools for AI in project management are available now, all having various features that make project management more effortless. From planning and scheduling projects,

allocating resources, organizing data, and delivering projects – AI in project management dramatically helps.

Therefore, after using many project management AI tools, here are some of the best uses and benefits I got:

1. Project Planning

Project Planning

My initial use of AI in project management was only for planning the project from initiation to completion. While initially I had doubts about how this would work out, I was taken aback to see AI being as effective as project managers!

Project managers of modern businesses must start using AI in project management since they can do much more in a shorter period.

For example, suppose you feed the AI enough data about the project, like its budget, resources, and objectives. In that case, the AI will carefully chart a project plan considering all your resources and time in hand. Moreover, the AI will recommend daily task breakdowns!

2. Estimate Costs

Estimate Costs

Depending on the project you wish to accomplish, your resources in hand, and the deadline you have set, AI is surprisingly proficient in estimating your budget for you. This is possible because modern AI models have enough data about modern market rates of various resources.

Therefore, it can effectively ascertain costs for project completion before I can even find out the price of a few resources! Moreover, it records the budget spent on past projects, which helps the AI ascertain costs more accurately.

3. Allocate Resources

Allocate Resources

Resource allocation can be tricky for many project managers since many projects have dynamic requirements. Therefore, I recommend using AI to allocate resources judiciously for your project.

I recommend doing so because the AI spends less time allocating resources than most project managers. Therefore, if you can provide AI with data regarding the skillset of employees and their historic productivity levels, it will efficiently allocate the right people for the right tasks!

In addition, you can use free AI chatbots to determine the skillsets required for the project

4. Data Modeling And Forecasting

Using AI in project management lets you accurately leverage its database to forecast project outcomes quicker than project managers.

Again, AI uses historical data to create data models and flowcharts to predict the outcomes of different scenarios. For example, suppose you wish to add five more people to this project to hasten project completion by a month. Therefore, you can use AI to predict whether or not the decision to do so will be wise.

5. Dynamically Adjust Projects According To Delivery Methodologies

Dynamically Adjust Projects According To Delivery Methodologies

Project delivery methodology refers to the process and methods project managers use to design, construct, and carry out projects from their inception to completion. Therefore, it’s the project manager’s job to use the proper delivery methodology for the project.

However, this can become tricky since many delivery methodologies might be compatible with the project. Therefore, you can use AI to ascertain the proper delivery method.

However, the AI will not confidently say the best delivery method for the project. Instead, it will present different outcome scenarios for various delivery methods.

6. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is one of the most critical aspects of project management. It allows you to identify and predict various external and internal factors that positively and negatively affect the project.

Therefore, many project managers now use AI in project management to predict how various threats and opportunities can affect the project’s success. This will significantly help you manage your project better and make the right decisions.

7. Risk Management

Your business and its operations and projects can face risks of various forms at any time. These risks can be external (like the COVID-19 pandemic and market changes) or internal (like team conflicts and employees resigning/taking long breaks).

Therefore, project managers can use AI in project management to forecast various risks and get solutions to mitigate them). The AI identifies risks by considering various data sets regarding the project.

8. Automation


Finally, automating various tasks is the most critical use of AI in project management.

Most AI project management tools come up with features that automate various repetitive tasks.

For example, you can program the AI to automatically collect project data daily. In addition, the AI can create a daily project report and share it with the necessary people (like the senior management and stakeholders).

Moreover, since the AI automates many repetitive tasks, it frees up work for other employees. Therefore, you can reallocate them for other non-automatable tasks and streamline the project!

The Best AI Tools For Project Management Your Business Needs

Now that you know why AI in project management is necessary for all businesses and project managers in 2024, you must wonder: What AI tools should I start using?

After using more than 8+ AI tools for project management, I found five to be a cut above the rest. While testing these tools, I had five ranking factors, which are:

· Ease of use (UI and UX)

· Available features

· Price

· Scalability

· Various third-party integration options

Therefore, after careful consideration, here are my picks for the best AI tools for project management in 2024:

1. Asana


Price: Starts from $10.99/month

Asana has been one of the most popular and intuitive apps for using AI in project management since 2008. I was sold on this app after using its free trial for a month!

This project management tool has many features that allow it to manage teams and their tasks. Moreover, it also has a communication tool that helps everyone involved in the project chat!

One of the best AI features is its automatic “Asana Workflow.” Asana automates almost all repetitive admin tasks, which gives me space to focus on other work.

In addition, it has a feature called “Asana Intelligence,” which gives me detailed daily work reports and suggested edits at the end of each day. This helpful feature made me spend less time looking at everyone’s sheets daily!

Moreover, it also gives task-based reports to see which tasks have been completed and which are at risk of non-completion.

2. Motion

Price: Starts from $19/month

Motion is another fantastic tool for implementing AI in project management. Unlike other AI tools for project management, this tool is more of a personal AI assistant for project managers.

It has in-built teams and project management tools that provide automatic daily workflow reports. These reports allow me to see the completion rating of all project-relevant tasks.

However, my favorite function of Motion is its Project Scheduling tool. This fantastic feature lets me set deadlines for task completion for my subordinates. Therefore, at the start of each day, they get automatic notifications regarding their daily work, which dynamically changes based on the project’s completion rate!

In addition, you can integrate various third-party apps with it, like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace apps!

3. Zapier

Price: Starts from $19.99/month

If you are a project manager, you must have heard about Zapier. It’s one of the most popular project management tools. However, it has recently added various AI features, which makes it better than before in many aspects!

Zapier is best used for projects that require integration with over 2,000+ third-party apps. It uses AI to fully automate your workflow after gathering data (Zaps) from all third-party apps you integrate. This also includes integrating various AI writing tools and AI task management tools!

Moreover, you can build processes without coding using Zapier. Therefore, this is one of the primary reasons software development firms must start using Zapier!

4. Trello

Price: Starts from $5/month

Trello is another popular tool many businesses use to integrate AI into project management.

It has several AI features like Butler Automation – which acts as your personal AI assistant. Moreover, it automates various repetitive tasks, saving time and effort for other tasks requiring my attention.

Furthermore, you can also use its Power-Ups feature, which integrates all apps used by your team for the project. In addition, it also saves the Settings and Preferences of all apps used by your subordinates and shares them with other employees (in the form of Trello Plugins) to create a cohesive workforce.

In addition, it has many project templates based on the blueprints used by many businesses to deliver projects successfully! However, while most of these templates are great, you must tweak them according to your requirements for the best results.

5. ClickUp


Price: Starts from $7/month

Finally, we have ClickUp, one of the newer tools for integrating AI into project management. The best aspect of ClickUp is its host of AI features for project management, sales, marketing, IT, HR, and more!

Using this tool, you can develop projects, manage them in real-time, enhance team coordination, join workflows, get sales and marketing insights, improve the IT framework, and more!

Overall, this is an excellent tool for project managers and organizations.

Conclusion: Using AI To Deliver Better Projects

Now that you understand why you must use AI in project management, it’s time to use these tools and see how they improve your approach to project management!

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below!

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