All About Google Bard, The AI Chatbot Created As A Competitor Of OpenAI’s ChatGPT  


Searching for information about Google Bard? Then this article might interest you. In this article you will find information about Bard and what it does. You will also find users reviews about Google Bard and how you can use it. If these informations are something you are looking for then definitely give this article a read.

What is Bard?  

Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Google in response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT domination in the market. It using natural language responds to human queries or questions and answers using its almost human-like understanding by searching it data from its massive dataset.

Using simple prompt it can summarize text, translate documents from more than 40 languages, draft an article’s outline, and give you a direct answer to your prompt without you needing to fact check it or compare it.

Initially powered by LaMDA model but upgraded to PaLM model, Bard is trained with massive dataset including Wikipedia, dialogues and conversations from web, The World Factbook, and Common Crawl.

After the hype of ChatGPT an open-sourced generative AI chatbot that people were raving about made tech companies want to jump in the AI wagon. Several companies started developing AI chatbots or applications.

One such companies was Google that developed a artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard using the LaMDA which falls under the LLM or large language model family. But later Google upgraded to the PaLM which led to creation of Gemini in 2023.

Bard was created to capture the AI craze created by ChatGPT and be a direct competition to OpenAI’s chatbot. But After it’s release in 21st March, 2023, this AI chatbot got lukewarm response from the users due to limited capacity of the AI tool which was far below ChatGPT’s capacity.

Since Google released Bard in a rush as LaMDA was developed in 2021 and announced that year as well but not released keeping in mind caution. But in November, 2022 OpenAI launched its ChatGPT which caught Google off-guard leading them to rush the launch of it in February 2023 metioned during Google I/O keynote.

How To Use Google Bard  

Here’s how you can use  Google Bard.

  1. Start by opening a browser on your device and go to the website
  2. Next you will need to log in to start using Google Bard but if you are a first time user then you need to Sign in to it.
  3. Signing in to Google Bard is simple you need to provide your email address to create an account in it.
  4. Once this step is done you can log in to Google Bard and start using the AI chatbot.
  5. You need to add a prompt in the response box  located in the Google Bard homepage.
  6. Once you get a response back from the prompt then you can select from the options like to modify the response or share the response, you can also fact-check the response of the Bard, review different versions of the response given by bard or like and dislike the response.

Now that you know how to use it go explore this AI chatbot for free.

Why Use Google Bard?  

Its true ChatGPT is better than Bard at present and people favour it more but did you know ChatGPT searches internet to summarize its answers. Some times these response are not fact checked leading to wrong information or copyright contents are provided which can lead to legal problems.

But Here where Google Bard differs from ChatGPT as with Bard you don’t need to check different pages or compare news article or click different links to get the answer.

Instead Bard provides you with a summarized answer for your question and then ask follow-up questions like if you need more information to create a well structured and informed content.

Bard also offers Google search button so that you can get more information about the particular question.

You can also fact-check your query using it to dig deeper in to the question you asked. At present Google is continuously updating it AI chatbot, Bard and creating more advanced AI tools like Gemini which can help users in coming months. So being definite about sticking to ChatGPT, while not trying out Bard or Gemini’s capacity will be a loss. Especially when it is free just like ChatGPT make as much use of it until Google starts monetizing its AI technologies.

Reviews On Google Bard  

Here are the some customer reviews on Google’s Bard. Keep reading to learn what people have to say about Bard.

1. Natasha A. says “Google bard: Best AI platform.”She shares her likes and dislikes about Google Bard.  

What do you like best about Google Bard?

Google Bard is the best AI platform for code generation, script writing, social media posts and writing email’s etc. It is easy to use platform with mind blowing interface. 

What do you dislike about Google Bard?

Google bard is a new platform and good to use but sometimes it can be repetitive and can be inaccurate sometimes,this can be frustrating for some users, but also it is good to be aware of of using any software and product. 

What problems is Google Bard solving and how is that benefiting you?

Google bard is solving many problems and saving lots of money as it is free to use. It has wide access of information, I am using it for my personal and professional both work. My experience with Google bard is positive so far, and i will keep using it.

2. Ujwal K. says, “ChatGPT is still better but Bard is getting there.”  

What do you like best about Google Bard?

The best thing about it is that it provides links for reference after every reply which is really helpful especially when you requested for code. Also, you can provide image input or use microphone even while using the free tier version. You also have the option to modify(shorter, simpler, more professional) the response. And you can also double-check the response on the internet with a click. You can also you the Google Extensions like Google Flights, Hotels, Maps, YouTube, etc. on the free tier.

What do you dislike about Google Bard?

There is still a need for improvement of the model for better more relevant responses and at times it feels like ChatGPT is more consistent with its reply for a given question. 

What problems is Google Bard solving and how is that benefiting you?

It helps me improve my understanding over a wide subject that in general would have taken more time to grasp the concepts. also it is helpful to under different perspective to a problem and in coming up with a better solution. Also, it has become an integral tool while programming and troubleshooting.

3. Aditya S. says “My review on Google Bard.” He is a Digital Marketing Manager wha shares his views about Google Bard.  

What do you like best about Google Bard?

What I like best about it is that it has ability to create verity of topics, this is the only AI bot that will help you to verify the source of your topics, this is the most powerful potential of it. 

What do you dislike about Google Bard?

Sometimes the source of the information can be little difficult to verify, because of google has a wide information about anything in the world, you have to be little aware of it’s obstacles. 

What problems is Google Bard solving and how is that benefiting you?

Google Bard is benifiting us in many ways:-Increased our sell by Almost 3x than before,We are using it to write better and attractive social media post, attractive script, with better text genaration.It is also helping us to redeveloped the services and to understand our clients better.This is the best AI Tool and much better than others.


Bard is free so you can give this chatbot a try and see if you like it. Let us know your experience of using it.

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