AI Knowledge Management: Here’s Why Modern Students Need AI

AI Knowledge Management

With the advent of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and more, AI has also made its way into knowledge management. AI knowledge management refers to concisely managing your research and study materials to help you find the information you need quickly and effortlessly.

Therefore, it is no surprise that students can use AI to make studying easier. They can concisely prepare their study and materials using the right tools correctly. This will help them quickly find the information they need without flipping through hundreds of pages and browser tabs.

However, how does it work? Moreover, what are the best AI knowledge management tools for students in 2024? Read this post to find out!

How Is AI Knowledge Management Useful For Students?

If you don’t leverage AI knowledge management as a student, you are missing out on many things. Therefore, here are some of the primary uses of AI in knowledge management for students:

1. Generate And Keep Study And Research Materials Updated

One of the primary uses of AI knowledge management for students is to keep their study and research notes current.

As a student who wishes to get the best grades possible, your study and research notes must have the latest information. This is important since your professor will mark you negatively for stating outdated information in your papers.

Therefore, you can use AI to constantly scan the web and collect new data about your study topics. Moreover, you can use AI chatbots like ChatGPT to gather the information you need about topics to understand them better.

Moreover, you can prompt your generative AI tool to scan the web weekly to verify your knowledge base and generate new information automatically!

2. Connects Information From Different Sources

Many of your study topics often have information that overlaps with each other. For example, if you are studying digital marketing, you will find similar support study materials regarding using AI writing tools to generate marketing copies and captions.

Therefore, your AI knowledge management study tool can quickly help you connect the dots between different topics.

For example, if you use an AI chatbot to search for information regarding a specific topic, the chatbot will automatically suggest similar issues for you to study! This is the same as how Google and YouTube search work, where you get additional results like the ones you are searching for.

3. Reduces Educational Support Costs

Many students take extra classes from private tutors after school or college to study better. However, did you know that integrating AI knowledge management into your study plan can help you ditch your private tutor?

Since you can use AI to gather additional study and research materials quickly, you can also prompt the AI to generate study notes in a manner that helps you understand them easily.

Therefore, AI can give you additional answers regarding your study subjects. Moreover, since you can generate them in a format that makes understanding them easier, you can effectively rid yourself of your need for an additional tutor!

4. Improves Information Search And Summarization

Finally, one of the most significant advantages of using AI is that it makes searching for relevant information more accessible. Therefore, if you are studying American history, you will find that the online learning materials are better than what you read in history books.

Therefore, when you use AI chatbots and AI knowledge management tools to gather text for studies, the AI automatically recommends extra study materials relevant to the subject.

Moreover, using Microsoft Copilot will automatically get references to the primary source material for every information it presents.

Therefore, this will be useful for students writing academic research papers and dissertations! This is possible because most AI chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deeply understand the information you need – and how you need it. Therefore, it’s an excellent tool for summarizing many pages of notes!

Moreover, if English is not your primary speaking language, then fear not. AI knowledge management tools can generate study notes in many languages!

The Best AI Knowledge Management Tools For Students In 2024

Therefore, now that you know why students must start using AI knowledge management tools in 2024, you must wonder: What are the best AI knowledge management tools?

Since AI knowledge management is also used in other fields, such as providing real-time customer support, not all AI knowledge management software is meant to help students in their studies.

Therefore, here are five of the best AI knowledge management tools students can use to study better for higher grades!

1. ClickUp


Price: Free, with premium plans starting from $10/month

ClickUp is one of the best AI knowledge management software for students and professionals in customer service. Moreover, it can also function as your AI teacher if you prompt it to do so. Moreover, if you tell the ClickUp AI chatbot about your syllabus, then it will generate a step-by-step study plan for you!

In addition, ClickUp has many helpful built-in study tools like docs for copying notes, whiteboards for flowcharts, a time tracker to track your total studying time, and more! Therefore, this software has everything you need to start and finish your semester’s project before the deadline!

However, most importantly, ClickUp has a knowledge database that stores all your study materials. You can open this app and revise your notes before examinations!

I recommend students use ClickUp’s free version, which will suffice your needs. The premium versions are meant for more prominent agencies and teams.

2. Document360

Price: Free, with premium plans starting from $199/month

Document360 is another famous AI knowledge management tool. If you compare the other tools on this list, you will find Document360’s UI to be the most intuitive. It has a clean and straightforward interface that makes it popular amongst students.

However, one of its most important features is its content creation tool. While this tool is primarily meant for content creators and bloggers, students can also use it to create their semester projects and dissertations.

This feature of Document360 is helpful because you can generate the best titles and headings using it. Moreover, another unique feature of this tool is Eddy – its built-in AI assistant! Eddy can quickly become your favorite teacher, even helping you study and complete your projects!

3. Knowmax

Price: Talk to customer care to get a quote

Knowmax is a fantastic AI knowledge management tool for students. It has excellent graphical content generation capabilities, allowing you to create videos and infographics easily. Therefore, if you like exciting visuals more than pages of black-and-white text, this is the right tool for you.

Moreover, Knowmax can help you dynamically construct answers from study materials. Therefore, if you ask it questions regarding the subject you are studying, it will generate answers ideally! There’s no way your professor will not like your answer and give you full marks!

In addition, Knowmax uses cognitive decision trees, which help you connect different relevant topics in the form of interactive flowcharts. Therefore, you will have no problem studying different chapters together since you now know how they are all connected!

4. Capacity

Price: Premium plans start from $49/month

Capacity is a newer AI knowledge management tool that helps generate multiple answers to the same question.

Therefore, if your professor didn’t like the answer you gave in your papers, you can simply generate a better one by instructing Capacity to generate it the way your professor wants you to!

Moreover, Capacity uses machine learning to understand your style of presenting answers. Therefore, if your professor asks you to write your answers in a specific style, Capacity will pick it up quickly and generate answers and study materials accordingly!

Additionally, Capacity has a built-in AI chatbot that performs similarly to other chatbots like Google Gemini (formerly Google Bard).

5. Ayanza


Price: Free (for up to 5 users). However, if you have more users, then premium plans start from $6 per month per user

If you prefer studying as a group, Ayanza is the perfect AI knowledge management tool for you. It lets your entire study group use the same account for study. Therefore, everyone’s notes will be stored in the same database, allowing everyone to access and edit them simultaneously.

Moreover, it has a built-in messaging hub to chat with your other study partners. Therefore, even if everyone is in their respective homes, you can still feel a sense of together while studying!

However, Ayanza’s most vital feature is its research documentation process. You can effortlessly and quickly generate study notes on any subject or topic you want and instantly share them with everyone!

Conclusion: Using AI To Make Studying Better

Who knew that generative AI would evolve so quickly that even students would use it for studying in 2024? Students can easily (and for free) use AI knowledge management tools to study better. With the help of such AI tools, research has never been more accessible.

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any questions, please comment below!

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