What Is The Best Free AI Chatbot In 2024? Here Are My Top Picks!

what is the best free AI chatbot

I hear people talk about using various AI tools for many tasks everywhere I go. Be it creating written content, images, or videos – AI is everywhere, thanks to the boom in popularity of ChatGPT. However, most of these AI tools are chatbots. Therefore, I wondered, what is the best free AI chatbot in 2024?

While I have used a few free AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard (now Gemini) before, I haven’t tried others as much. Therefore, I set out to test various AI chatbots and find the best ones.

After using more than 15+ AI chatbots, here is my list of the seven best AI chatbots I recommend you chat with within 2024!

What Is An AI Chatbot?

What Is An AI Chatbot

As the term suggests, an AI chatbot is a program you chat with like a normal person. You ask it a question, and it will automatically respond to whatever you ask.

AI chatbots can do so because of their Language Learning Models (LLMs). These models contain about human languages and how we communicate. Most AIs now come with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, which allows them to learn the human language and our way of talking automatically.

Therefore, if you input a trillion gigabytes of data of humans interacting with each other (the LLM), it will use ML to learn it and start conversing with users like a normal person!

You can use AI chatbots to chat like a normal person (if you feel lonely) or make them do various generative tasks. This includes generating written content, programming codes, images, tables, graphical charts, and videos according to your descriptions!

Moreover, the possibilities are endless since the ML capabilities of AI chatbots are constantly being updated, along with their LLMs.

Why Use An AI Chatbot In 2024?

Why Use An AI Chatbot In 2024

There are various reasons why many businesses ask the question, what is the best free AI chatbot? The primary reasons are:

1. Enhanced Customer Service

When you enter a business or service website, do you recall seeing a chat box saying, “How may we help you?

In addition, do you remember talking to an automated voice over the phone where a lady tells you to press a certain button to take certain actions?

These are all AI chatbots. Therefore, AI chatbots have become necessary to provide more personalized customer support.

2. Saves A Lot Of Time

What do you think are the primary reasons why we use AI chatbots? It’s to save time and generate what we need instantly.

Therefore, using AI chatbots, you can generate written content of different types, like blog essays, social media captions, and more!

3. Task Automation

Apart from instantly generating written content, we can use AI chatbots to automate various tasks. Many AI chatbots have API tools, which let you use their generative features in your app.

Therefore, you can use it to automate various tasks and streamline multiple business operations!

The Ten Best Free AI Chatbots You Must Use In 2024!

After testing over 15+ different AI chatbots, I was only impressed with the performance and features of 10 of them. While I cannot say which one is the best AI chatbot of 2024, I will recommend seven different chatbots that are all equally good in their rights.

Therefore, here are my answers to the question, what is the best free chatbot of 2024?

1. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is the OG AI chatbot. While it may not be one of the first AI chatbots in the market, it’s the first that became globally famous. No wonder it kickstarted the entire AI race since its launch in 2022!

ChatGPT has a simple UI. After you create your account, the chat box will open. Then, you simply type your question and soon get its answer!

Moreover, ChatGPT has a lot of uses. Writers can use its generative capabilities to create written content quickly. For example, if you want captions for social media posts, you can use ChatGPT!

Furthermore, ChatGPT has amazing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knowledge. Therefore, if you want recipes to create amazing science projects or need code for programming, ChatGPT can generate them all!

However, one of the weakest aspects of ChatGPT is its knowledge base. The free version of ChatGPT – GPT 3.5 – has a knowledge cutoff of September 2021. Therefore, asking about any event after this date is useless.

2. Google Gemini


Google, Microsoft, and Apple always want a piece of the pie in the world of technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that they will eventually enter the AI race with their conversational AI tool – Google Bard.

However, when they started with Bard, Google soon realized the full potential of AI. Therefore, they decided to expand their LLM into all Google products, naming it Google Gemini.

Gemini is a free conversational AI tool that Google is expanding to all its products. Therefore, you will soon see Google Search, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Gmail, and all Google apps integrating Gemini’s AI LLM for various uses.

However, while its text generation is great, it still lacks the knowledge of ChatGPT and other GPT-based AI chatbots. Therefore, Gemini lacks coding skills and advanced STEM knowledge.

Moreover, it still has a buggy image generation tool, which many exploit to create malicious “deepfake” content.

3. Microsoft Copilot


Like Google, Microsoft also entered the AI chatbot race with Copilot. Formerly known as Bing Chat, it has evolved rapidly to become my favorite conversational AI chatbot. Therefore, Copilot is my answer to the question, what is the best free AI chatbot in 2024?

Copilot is a powerful tool since it integrates ChatGPT’s latest GPT 4 LLM, which has up-to-date information. In addition, GPT 4 has excellent conversational skills, making its responses sound more humane, unlike any other free AI chatbots on this list.

Moreover, it can generate great AI images as well! Furthermore, academic writers’ responses come with footnotes and links to the information source.

However, its free version gives you a limited number of daily queries. You can ask Copilot 30 questions and generate ten images for free daily.

4. Claude


For students and teachers, Anthropic’s Claude is my answer to the question, what is the best free AI chatbot in 2024? Claude is meant for students and teachers in the world of academics.

The primary reason why I say so is because of its ability to summarize and analyze documents. Therefore, you can upload any text document you want Claude to summarize. As a teacher, you can upload huge 8,000-word dissertations and get a 500-word summary in two minutes!

As a student, you can upload all study notes sent by your teacher to have them summarized and compiled for you! This makes both teaching and studying better and smarter than before!

6. You


Are you tired of using Google and want something different? Do you wish to use an AI search engine? If your answer is yes, You is your answer to the question, what is the best free chatbot in 2024?

You (previously known as You Chat) is a conversational AI search engine. Therefore, it works like Google. You type in your question or keywords, and it will generate appropriate results, along with a descriptive summary. Moreover, it will also recommend various news related to your query!

Furthermore, while using it for free, you can subscribe to its premium version to access different LLMs. Therefore, you can toggle it from the menu if you wish to use other LLMs like GPT-4, Claude Instant, Gemini Pro, Zephyr, and more!

However, unlike the other free AI chatbots on this list, it has limited generative capabilities.

7. HuggingChat


HuggingChat (also known as HuggingFace) is one of this list’s most interesting free AI chatbots. It’s a free, open-source AI chatbot builder that you can use as a base for building your own AI chatbot!

However, this is the primary reason why HuggingChat is a double-edged sword. While it gives you unlimited customization options, it’s difficult to use for non-developers. Therefore, use it like an ordinary ChatGPT alternative if you have less coding knowledge.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Free AI Chatbot?

The answer to what is the best free AI chatbot? depends on your uses and needs.

If you want a simple and intuitive free AI chatbot, ChatGPT, Gemini, and You will suffice. For academics, I recommend using Claude. However, if you wish to build your AI chatbot, nothing’s better than HuggingChat.

Overall, my favorite free AI chatbot is Microsoft Copilot. It’s fast, powerful, and can generate images as well!

Thanks for reading this post! However, in the comments below, tell me your answer to the question, what is the best free AI chatbot?

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