What Is Bing Chat And How You Can Use It?

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Are you looking for an alternative AI chatbot other than ChatGPT? If so then why don’t you try the Bing Chat. Don’t know where to start from then give this article a read. In this article we have talked about Bing Chat and how you can use it.

We have also provided reviews on Bing Chat from people who have already used this app, so that you can decide for yourself if you would like to use it.

What Is Bing Chat?  

Bing Chat or Copilot is an conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Microsoft and powered by GPT 4 LLM model developed by OpenAI. It was launched on 7th February, 2023. After the launch of OpenAI ChatGPT all tech giants jumped into the AI wave in the market.

Tech companies started developing their own AI chatbots or tools or investing heavily on companies that have been successful in creating useful AI tools. One such tech companies that started developing its own AI product was Microsoft using OpenAI LLM model GPT 4. Micro heavily invested in OpenAI to create its own AI product, Bing Chat.

In Microsoft Build Conference in 2023 where IT professionals and developers meet, Microsoft announced the launch of Bing Chat. This chatbot became another competitor to other chatbots in the AI race.

Bing Chat is a AI chatbot that users can use to find results for their queries. It is also integrated with Bing Search so that users get access to all the latest information on the internet just by asking questions.

Not only has the ability to answer users questions but also translate languages, write several kinds of creative content and generate customized text.

It comes with Microsoft Edge  and Microsoft Bing as a built-in feature. Microsoft recently started rebranding all its AI chatbot products under the ‘Copilot’ brand. Microsoft Copilot comes with updated features to enhance users experience.

As Bing Chat was only available for Microsoft Edge and Bing users, Copilot can be used for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Window and on mobile devices as well. Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) now was marketed as a product that would increase productivity and creativity at work and enhance business productivity as well.

How to use Bing Chat?  

Using Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) is very easy if you know how to use it.

  1. If you want Copilot for will need a Microsoft 365 subscription which is available on Microsoft’s website.
  2. Once you get the subscription, install the latest Office version to enable the Copilot features.
  3. To enable Copilot features, go to the latest Office setting and look for the Copilot option and enable it.

How To Install Microsoft Bing Chat (Present known as Copilot)  

  1. If you want to use Copilot on your mobile, then log into your Microsoft account in the official website.
  2. Next go to the ‘Download’ page and click on the download button.
  3. Once downloaded run the file by following the instructions shown on the page.
  4. Next install the Microsoft Copilot and sign in with your credentials on Copilot and start using Microsoft Copilot (or Bing Chat).

Reviews on Bing Chat  

Presently it has been renamed as ‘Copilot,’ so some of the reviews might have the new name Copilot but its talking about the same AI chatbot. Here’s are what users of Microsoft Bing Chat has to say about this AI chatbot

1. Litheesh K. says, “Why Bing Chat!!” talking about why he likes and dislikes about Bing Chat.  

What do you like best about Microsoft Copilot?
I use it in daily like several times a day to write mails in write about section in Compose tab of Bing chat. It will also write Blog ideas or Captions anything with control over tone and length of paragraph.I also like it’s user interface and it is easy to navigate and use.I also like easy it is to integrate with documents or websites opened along side to get quick summary and it will give them in a minute. I like that so much as it saves so much time and also how we can choose the conversation style. 

What do you dislike about Microsoft Copilot?
Everything is good but some times when it gives the messages right they kinda look repetitive and vague. The customer support is not easy to find. 

What problems is Microsoft Copilot solving and how is that benefiting you?
It made write mails and gives quick summary pdfs and docs that saved me lot of time when I have sudden meeting and gave important points talk on.

2. Kevil L. says “Bing Chat- A Remarkable Conversational Adventure.” He further adds his likes and dislikesabout Bing Chat.  

What do you like best about Microsoft Copilot?
Things which I liked the most of it.- Human like Conversation- We can use PDF and Docs and use it simultaneously and can easily perform our work.- It has a quick and accurate most of the time.- Personalization features are so good.- Easy to compose any type of emails and letters.- Very Easy to use no expertise is required.- It can be very frequently used by people for doing complex things in a short time. 

What do you dislike about Microsoft Copilot?
Downside umm… I don’t think so there will be much I can say but ya there are few points like— Limited depth of Understanding- Privacy Concerns can be a big point to most of the people.- Potential to generate misinformation sometimes.- And the least important but a relevant point is, it requires Internet connection.- Support to costumers in case of any errors or malfunctions. 

What problems is Microsoft Copilot solving and how is that benefiting you?
I can use it to learn medical subjects easily by giving the context and generate mcq questions for my practice or any explanations from the text could be easily summarize for my learning.


Now that you know what Microsoft Bing Chat or Copilot does, would you like to give this AI chatbot a try. If so, let us know how was your experience of the chatbot.

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