Intercom, The AI That Makes Customer Support Easier For Your Business


Are looking for a AI tool that will make customer support easier? Looking for an AI tool that will offer accurate solutions to customers looking to solve a problem or get in contact with person who can solve the problem? If so then definitely read this article. In this article we have provided information of one such AI tool called Intercom that has been developed to offer customer support faster and accurately.

In this article you will find what Intercom does, who can use it, prices and customer reviews on Intercom.

Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about It.

What Is Intercom?  

Intercom is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by combining different solutions and AI which can be utilized to make customer support easier for business. With proactive support combined with AI this software becomes a efficient help desk for any organizations or companies with a large support team or startups.

Intercom also helps keep the cost of providing customer support low and keeps the support team happy. But the best satisfaction of using It is that it keeps customers satisfied with its solutions.

It was developed under the company Intercom, Inc. which is a software company with headquarters in San Francisco. The company was founded by Eoghan McCabe, Ciaran Lee, Des Traynor and David Barrett in the year 2011.

The company has offices in London, Sydney, Chicago and Dublin. Intercom, Inc specializes in business messaging that offers businesses to chat with their customers using their software. Initially the company started as a software design consultancy called Contrast that developed a bud tracking tool, ‘Exceptional.’ The company sold ‘Exceptional’ in 2011 to Rackspace and used the proceeds from the sale to start Intercom in 2011. In 2012, Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter invested an undisclosed amount on It. Throughout the years, several other well-known names have invested in the company, creating a company worth 200 million dollars.

What Can You Do With Intercom?  

Here’s what you can do with Intercom:

  1. You can use Intercom to get your work done faster using the AI-enhanced workspace.
  2. By using Intercom you can reduce your support volume by using the AI chatbot.
  3. Using the Proactive Support tools from It you can get ahead in customer support satisfaction volume.
  4. Using It you can seamlessly arrange all the automation, tickets, customer data, conversations, knowledge and report under one platform.

Who Can Use Intercom?  

Intercom is great for small businesses or startups as well as mid-market companies. It offers three plans for businesses or companies to cater to different needs of the businesses. Intercom is great for both organizations with established operations and large support team or companies that’s just starting out.

Intercom Subscription Plans  

Intercom has three core subscription plans, Essential, Advanced and Expert. Businesses or companies can choose a plane according to their need at workplace. Depending on the plan you choose as per your need the monthly price is determined. You can choose to purchase as many or as little monthly seat price you need.

Each teammate in the workplace would require a seat that gives them access to customer service solutions of it, which are:

AI Chatbot

Help Desk

Proactive Support


In the Advanced and Expert Intercom plans there are some lite seats available which offers limited access to It.

Here are what you will get with each core plans of Intercom.

 Seat PriceKey Features
Essential$39/seatNo lite seatsShared inbox
  Inbox Views
  Fin AI Assist
  Basic chatbots & automations
  Ticketing System
  Custom events
  Custom objects
  Ticketing System
  Public Help Center
  Unlimited articles and collections 
  Pre-built reports
  Fin Custom answers
  Live Chat
  Fin AI Chatbot
  Fin AI Answers
Advanced99 dollars per seatIncluded 20 lite seatsAll features included in Essential plan
  Round Robin assignment
  Multiple team inboxes
  Fin AI summarize
  Multilingual Help Center
  Conversation topics
  Side conversations
  Ticket portal
  Team Inactivity
  Custom reports
  Workflows for Fin
  Additional apps and integrations: Slack, Salesforce, Msrket and more
Expert139 dollars per seatIncluded 50 lite seatsAll features included in Advanced planTeam office hours and reply time
  Multiple Help Centers
  Workload management
  Service level agreements (SLAs)
  Switch: phone deflection to Messenger
  HIPAA support
  SSO & identity management
  Custom roles
  Real time dashboard
  Extented API limit
  Multibrand messenger

Reviews On Intercom  

Here are some customer reviews on Intercom that you might find useful.

  1. Larissa R. says, “Simple and effective,” about it. She adds further her likes and dislikes about using Intercom.  
What do you like best about Intercom?
Intercom is simple to use.Before starting my current job where it is our main form of communicating with customers, I had never heard or used it. After completing my training (In under 2 weeks instead of 4!) I was confident in using it alone. The ability send macros and allowing Resbot to attempt to answer our customer supports most common questions is great as this allows us to spend more time with customers who need that extra help. 

What do you dislike about Intercom?
Personally I believe Intercom does not have any cons.Myself and my team will be introducing ‘Back office’ tickets and looking to explore Fin within the next quarter. 

What problems is Intercom solving and how is that benefiting you?
Intercom directs our customers to our most asked queries and FAQ’s, which some customers often miss.This saves the customer support team lots of time to focus on bugs and incidents that our customers are facing instead of general queries.
  1. Krystal T. comments, “Seven years of seamless support with Intercom as our team’s backbone.  
  2. Jennifer B. says, “Intuitive ticket managing.” Adding further her like and dislikes about Intercom.
    What do you like best about Intercom?
    I like that you can have messages sent to an email forwarded to the intercom for easy ticket management.I love that you can write notes in the tickets and use gifs in the notes as well – this is great for having fun with the team while collaborating to resolve a ticket.The reports are intuitive to use.I love that you can create and manage articles for clients through intercom. The automatic tagging features are fantastic.I like that everyone sees the tickets – easy to collaborate.Over all a very intuitive program for a customer success team who handles incoming tickets. 

    What do you dislike about Intercom?
    I would like the option to have a longer notification sound.Notifications can be delayed.I don’t like that the heart was removed/moved – this was a quick way to view your positive comments from clients.I don’t like that the intercom mobile app does not have all the same important features as on desktop – such as I can not post pictures/gifs to notes when on mobile and I can not add a subject to the chat. I have to return to the desktop to complete this. 

    What problems is Intercom solving and how is that benefiting you?
    It provides a fully open ticket managing system that allows for easy collaboration by having all team members be able to see all chats at once.


    If you really want to know if Intercom is for you or not then start a free trial on Intercom ans see it for yourself. The best way to understand this AI tool is to use it and see its service. You won’t even need any credit card to avail this free trail of It.

    After you have used it do let us know how was your experience of Intercom.

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