AI Scheduling Assistants: Here’s Why You Need Them

AI scheduling assistants

I get it – planning all your daily meetings with everyone when you have a busy schedule can become hectic quickly. Juggling between all your tasks, managing your meetings and appointments – especially virtual meetings across different time zones – can go awry if you forget about them. Therefore, using AI scheduling assistants might be precisely what you need now.

Like taking the help of AI writing tools to generate high-quality written content in under a minute, AI scheduling assistants are here to help you organize your day, manage your appointments, and even remind you of one if you forget!

Therefore, are you ready to manage your daily tasks and appointments better using the power of AI? If your answer is yes, then read this post till the end! Here, you will learn why using AI scheduling assistants will be beneficial for you. In addition, you will also learn the top three AI scheduling assistants I recommend you use in 2024!

Why Use AI Scheduling Assistants In 2024?

As the name suggests, AI scheduling assistants are primarily used for organizing your daily schedule. With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, managing all our tasks and appointments in a timely manner can become challenging. This is why I recommend using AI scheduling assistants to manage your schedule better and always be on time!

Moreover, you can integrate most AI assistants with your smartphone or computer’s calendar app, emails, and more to always get reminders of your daily tasks and meetings!

Therefore, AI scheduling assistants have two primary benefits, which are:

1. Save Time And Resources

One of the main benefits of using an AI scheduling assistant is to save time. Using AI assistants, you will get automatic reminders about all your tasks for the day the moment you get out of bed.

In addition, since the AI assistant will curate a personalized daily schedule for you, you will know precisely when to do what. Therefore, this will help you understand how much time you can give to complete your tasks, making you more punctual.

Moreover, if you are a project manager, you will understand the deadlines of your projects and assign resources accordingly. Therefore, if a task needs to be done quickly, you can allocate more people to it to get it done quickly!

2. Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Apart from saving your time and resources, AI scheduling assistants greatly help you be more productive at work. This is possible because the AI assistant knows your daily habits, schedules, appointments, and more.

Using all the above information, the AI will give you precise reminders about your tasks – even if you have forgotten about them!

In addition, the AI will also use machine learning to understand your favorite working hours. Therefore, the AI will know when your office hours are and when your time to jog is! This lets the AI schedule your tasks accordingly!

How To Choose The Right AI Scheduling Assistant?

To get the best benefits of using AI scheduling assistants, it’s imperative that you use the right one. Therefore, I decided to test some of the most well-known AI scheduling assistants to see which are the best ones.

However, while testing these apps, I had kept a few deciding factors in mind. They are:

1. User-Friendly UI And UX

Apart from its features, you must choose the perfect AI scheduling assistant for your needs by its ease of use. If you feel that using the AI scheduler is easy, you might have hit a jackpot!

An intuitive UI (User Interface) – and a smooth UX (user experience) are the cornerstones of a good AI scheduling assistant. Therefore, if you find an AI assistant to be easy to use and provides a smooth experience – you have got your pick!

2. Quick Setup And Easy Integrations

Like any other productivity app, AI scheduling assistants must be easy to download, install, and set up properly. Moreover, its installation and setup must be easy, so that you don’t have to go to YouTube searching for guides!

However, one of the most important aspects about choosing an AI scheduling assistant lies in its integrative abilities.

After you install the app, the first thing you must do is link it with your calendar and email ID. After you do so, you must also give it permission to send you notifications. This is necessary since you will not get reminders about meetings and might end up missing them!

3. AI-Powered Features

AI scheduling assistants won’t be what they’re named as if they didn’t have AI features, right? Some essential AI features in scheduling assistants that you must look for are:

· Automatic notifications for upcoming meetings and other tasks

· Send automatic emails to meeting participants (if you are the meeting host)

· Automatically schedule your tasks and meetings using machine learning

· Reschedule and cancel meetings automatically if you miss them or fail to hold them

· Get AI-powered insights and more to manage your tasks better

4. Options For Customization And Scalability

You must choose an AI scheduling assistant that you can customize to fit your needs. Moreover, it must be scalable according to your needs. For example, if you are working on a group project, choose an AI assistant where all members can be on the same page.

The Best AI Scheduling Assistants You Must Use In 2024

Now that you know why you must use an AI scheduling assistant in 2024 and how to select the right one, it’s time for me to narrow down your choices. Therefore, after trying out 10+ AI scheduling assistants in 2024, here are my top three picks:

1. Kronologic

Price: Starts from $6/month

Kronologic is one of the best AI scheduling assistants in 2024. It has a lot of features which all point to the fact that this tool is primarily meant for sales teams.

Its primary function is to help you with scheduling calls with leads who have shown an interest. Therefore, it helps you to increase your conversion rate in sales pipelines, helping you generate more revenue for your business.

For example, instead of cold calling leads at a time when they are not free, you can use Kronologic to ask them when they are free (through a text message or email) and call them during that time.

The best feature of Kronologic? You can do the same with hundreds of leads. This tool will automatically send them emails about when you wish to call them. In addition, Kronologic will also reschedule calls if they are busy or request a different time.

However, since this is web-based, it has no dedicated application for computers and smartphones. This is my only con with Kronologic.

2. Motion

Price: Starts from $19/month

Motion is popular for being one of the best apps to use AI in project management. It’s an amazing app that also acts as a potent AI scheduling app and AI task management app as well!

In Motion’s home screen, you will see the Projects & Tasks tab. Here, you will get a list of all your tasks on the left in chronological order. Moreover, you get to see this in the form of a calendar, which is great!

In addition, you can simply drag and drop tasks to schedule them. You can also set deadlines for them and prioritize them from low to ASAP depending on their emergency. However, you may also let the AI do all of this for you!

Moreover, this is a great app that teams can use. Each team member can contribute to the tasks at hand by labelling them with their name tags. Furthermore, to schedule various tasks and deadlines, you can also assign AI template to let the AI allocate them effectively!

Additionally, you can use its iOS and Android app on your smartphones!

3. Trevor

Price: Free, with Pro plans starting from $3.99/month

The final Ai scheduling assistant on this list will be Trevor – which I still use personally. This is one of the simplest tools on this list, having a clean and intuitive UI and UX.

After you connect your Google Calendar with Trevor, it automatically loads up your schedule, helping you be right where you should be. Next, you can add tasks one by one and assign them timings. When the time comes, Trevor will send you notifications on your phone, reminding you of upcoming events and task deadlines.

Moreover, you can also categorize tasks. Therefore, you can categorize them under #personal, business, family, friends, and more!

Conclusion: Never Miss Appointments Again Using AI!

Are you now sold on using an AI scheduling assistant as a part of your daily life?

Using these tools not only helps you with not missing meetings and appointments, but they also help you to manage your work better. Therefore, you will get automatic reminders about them, along with everyone in your team.

Moreover, these AI tools also act as amazing tsk managers. You can set deadlines for each task you must do for the day. Therefore, it not only makes you punctual – it also makes you more productive as well!

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any questions, please comment below!

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