How To Generate AI Images In The Right Way? [2024 Guide]

how to generate AI images

Believe it or not, AI is taking over content creation rapidly. With a boom in the use of AI tools in 2023 with the arrival of ChatGPT, content creation has changed forever. While I still respect artists, learning how to generate AI images in 2024 can make you better than them – solely as a content creator, not an artist.

Not only non-artists but even professional digital artists and graphic designers can now use the power of AI to generate any image they want. Moreover, some of the AI image generators and AI chatbots have become so advanced that they can seemingly produce high-quality images by just typing a few words.

Therefore, if you wish to do the same, you must learn how to generate AI images using the best AI image generators in 2024. This is why you must read this post till the end to learn how to do so effortlessly!

How To Generate AI Images?

Learning how to generate AI images isn’t as tricky if you know what is the best free AI chatbot. It’s easier than drawing that image yourself! Everything lies in the art of typing the right prompt to get the best results.

Learning how to create the right prompt is the key to success regarding generative AI tools like the best AI writing tools. Therefore, before you start learning how to generate AI images, you must first understand these AI image generation tips I have for you:

1. Picturize The Image In Your Mind – Down To The Last Detail

Picturize The Image In Your Mind – Down To The Last Detail

The first noticeable thing is to picture the image you wish to generate.

Do you wish to generate an awe-inspiring picture of a man walking on the moon? Or do you want to create an image of your favorite cartoon character in a completely different art style?

You have complete control over the image you want using the best AI image generators. Therefore, jot down every detail of the image you want on paper.

Suppose you want to generate an image of a man walking with his dog in a straight line with tall trees on both sides. Sounds picturesque, doesn’t it? Therefore, note every detail, like the appearance of the main, the dog, the road, the trees, and even the sky above.

Additionally, think about the minor details as well. For example, the dog’s breed, the man’s hairstyle and clothing, the type of road and trees, and the sky’s color.

2. Reprompt And Refine

Reprompt And Refine

After you make a prompt detailing every significant and minute detail on the AI image generator, it’s time to wait. The AI might take a minute or two to generate your image correctly.

However, these AI tools are not perfect. When they generate an image, it might still miss some details. In addition, it might also get a few details wrong!

Therefore, after the tool generates the image, you can make it better. This is where you look at the picture and decide what must be added or changed.

Therefore, set another prompt where you state the necessary changes and additions that you must make.

3. Remember Your Brand Identity

Remember Your Brand Identity

A professional digital marketer or graphic designer working for a marketing agency must keep your brand identity intact on the images you generate.

Therefore, don’t forget your brand identity while doing so. This is why you must state some extra branding details on your prompt, such as:

· Your brand logo

· Brand colors

· Style (formal or informal)

· Font of your brand title

…. and more!

However, I recommend doing so after you generate the initial image. Putting so many details in a single prompt will make it challenging for the AI to generate the correct image!

The Best AI Image Generation Tools You Must Use In 2024!

Now that you know how to generate AI images by making the proper prompts, you will learn about the best AI image generators in 2024.

After using 10+ AI image generators, I have found five of them to be the best for users of all types. Therefore, regardless of what you generate – landscapes, portraits, character models, marketing assets, and more – these three AI image generators will perfectly serve your needs.

Therefore, here are the three best AI image generators I recommend you use in 2024:

1. Dall-E 3

 Dall-E 3

The best AI image generator in 2024

If you ask someone which is the AI image generator in 2024, chances are, you will hear the name Dall-E.

Dall-E 3, made by OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT), is one of the most influential and accurate AI image generators. Its clean interface makes it easy for anyone to jump in, type the prompt, and get instant results.

In addition, it generates two to four images, allowing you to sample them and choose the best one. Moreover, the photos remain consistent with your prompt. Therefore, you might not have to make changes if you give a well-detailed prompt! This is possible because Dall-E 3 uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI model – one of the best in 2024.

However, its only downside is that it’s not free. You must be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, which costs $20/month.

2. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

Unleashing the power of GPT-4 for free

Microsoft Copilot as an AI tool has been a significant step up from BingChat. Where the previous one had an uninteresting UI and UX, Copilot streamlines everything and spices them up.

However, while it didn’t have AI image generation at launch, its new update adds this feature, making it the best way to learn how to generate AI images – for free!

Since it’s a free AI image generator, I recommend you use this tool to learn how to create AI images. Once you know how to generate AI images, you can decide to stick with Copilot or use another AI image creator.

Feature-wise, it works on the Copilot app, a fully fleshed-out AI chatbot. Therefore, alongside text, it lets you generate images. Moreover, since Copilot uses the GPT-4 AI model, you can expect the image quality to be as good as Dall-E 3.

However, you can generate 15 images per day using Copilot for free. If you want to use it as your primary AI image generator, subscribe to Copilot Pro for $20/month.

3. Midjourney


A weird Discord-based AI image generator with a steep learning curve

Regarding quality, Midjourney generates the best AI images. It’s a fantastic tool that you can easily use to generate AI images of the highest quality.

Whenever you enter a prompt, it will generate four different (but thematically and stylistically similar) images. Moreover, you can select one of them and continue to refine it by adding more details.

However, I have three concerns regarding using Midjourney if you wish to learn how to generate AI images.

First, it’s only usable on Discord. So far, there is still no dedicated app or web app. After creating your Midjourney account, you must join their Discord channel to generate images. Their lack of a dedicated app or web version is weird.

Moreover, here comes the second biggest concern – everything is public. Yes, with every image you generate, all Midjourney users can see the prompts you give. Therefore, it lacks the privacy that you get from other AI chatbots.

Third, all your prompts must be accompanied by a Discord command. For example, if you wish to generate images, you must give a prompt like “/imagine [define the image].”

Moreover, almost every action – from selecting images to editing them – requires different Discord commands. Therefore, it might be highly unintuitive for newbies to learn how to generate AI images using Midjourney.

Bonus Recommendation: Adobe Firefly

Bonus Recommendation_ Adobe Firefly

While I initially decided to list the three best AI image generators, a new one crept up on my radar, and I believe it has the potential to be great in the next few years – Adobe Firefly.

I expected Adobe to develop AI features on its Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and it soon did.

While it still has a lot of scope for improvement, Firefly can be an excellent tool for learning how to generate AI images. Like the other tools above, you simply describe the image you want in a prompt to get it in a fly!

Moreover, using Adobe Photoshop, you will get this feature built on the Photoshop CC 2024 version. It’s the perfect AI image editor since it enhances nearly every feature of Photoshop. Furthermore, you can also use it as a standalone AI image generator!

While Firefly is new, it still has some bugs. However, it’s great to use it for free and upgrade to its Pro version for $4.99/month!

Conclusion: Image Generation Made Easy Using AI!

Most professional graphic designers and visual content creators working on a tight deadline must learn how to generate AI images. Not only does it increase your work’s quality (and quantity), but you can also get more done in a few hours that otherwise would’ve taken you days.

Therefore, remember the essential steps of generating AI images, and start using these AI image generators now!

Thanks for reading this post! Moreover, if you need additional guidance, please comment below!

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