Best AI Chatbots In 2023 And 2024  

AI chatbots

Want to learn what are the best AI chatbots in 2023 and all the upcoming chatbots in 2024? Then definitely read this article. In this article we have listed all the AI chatbots in the present and information regarding these chatbots.

What Is AI Chatbot?  

A chatbot is a program for your computers that can stimulate human conversation with user or customer. All chatbots are not equipped with artificial intelligence or AI. But in the present day, chatbots are increasingly equipped with AI techniques, leading to these chatbots being called AI chatbots.

AI chatbots are equipped with conversational AI techniques such as NLP or natural language processing that helps understand user’s question and automatically offers responses to the user’s queries.

Chatbot and AI chatbot often get confused with each other but both these technologies are quite different. Chatbots are computer software that can stimulate human conversation using the traditional tree-style menu navigation system or powered by conversational AI techniques.

But AI chatbots are only powered by several AI technologies from natural language processing (NLP) or natural language understanding (NLU) to machine learning.

Chatbots are normally found in different communication channels like social media, websites or specific apps. But AI chatbots have deep learning capabilities which make them more accurate in answering queries of users and cannot be found on any communication channel.

ChatGPT, is the first and original AI chatbot to have been developed in this world. It was launched in late 2022 and took the world by storm upon its release.

Tech giants or big tech companies like Google, Microsoft and other tech companies also started developing and investing in AI chatbots and other AI devices. Since AI chatbots introduction there has been no looking back and more devices are being equipped with AI.

Best AI Chatbots in 2023 and 2024  

Here are all the best AI chatbots in the market now.


It was the original AI chatbot developed and introduced in the market for users in 2022. ChatGPT was developed by the company OpenAI and the original model was called GPT-3.5. OpenAI has also developed other GPT model called GPT-4, DALL E 2 and DALL E 3.

ChatGPT is powered by conversational AI where users need to simply start a conversation which the AI chatbot replies back to. You can simply ask your queries and the chatbot using AI offers you an accurate output or answer.

ChatGPT is an industry leader at present with its most accurate output from the GPT-3.5 model. The GPT 4 model is better than its previous model. ChatGPT is one of the most used AI chatbots now with millions of users.

Claude 2  

Claude 2 is one of the AI chatbots that is known for having the longest conversation memory. The Claude model Proprietary chatbot offers honest, helpful and harmless conversations with users. With this AI chatbots conversation flows naturally and the responses are to the point unlike responses from ChatGPT that comes with introductions and conclusions.

But the best part of this Claude chatbot is that it has the longest conversation memory, which is the ability to remember past content asked by the users and answer accordingly. This program has the ability to summarize the whole conversation that you have with the device and give an output based on the conversation.

Microsoft Bing AI  

After ChatGPT kicked up a storm in the AI market, other tech giants like Microsoft or Google started developing their own chatbots. Microsoft developed Bing AI with the help of OpenAI by investing majorly in the company that created ChatGPT.

Bing is a conversational AI that offers chatting experience including online searches and image generation. The OpenAI model GPT and DALL E model is developed to help its users provide answers to their searches.

The program also offers all the links of the pages that it used to find the answer to your queries.It also shows image results for your chat queries and you can re-read conversations from the past by clicking on the right side of each conversations.

Bing AI is powered with OpenAI’s DALL E 3 now that generates better images with the prompts.

Google Bard  

Google also developed its AI model PaLM 2 called Bard. Bard is an AI program that is integrated with Google products. Initially the AI program used LaMDA model but changed it to PaLM 2 model after an problem was detected during product demo.

Google’s Bard can analyze the prompt and find results from searching the internet. This AI model can also show images in it’s chat window and offers up to three drafts of result output to your queries. You can also edit your prompts in this AI program.

All users prompts are integrated with appropriate products from Google along with the output.

Llama 2  

Another major tech company to join the AI chatbots race in the present market was Meta formerly known as Facebook Inc. Meta joined the AI race with a unique twist by not developing a commercial chatbot like its competitors. Instead Meta developed Llama 2 , an open license AI model that offers free usage if the app up to some limit.

Its generous open licensing framework offered users to use the app for free. And get a hang of the program and its ability benefits before purchasing it. This open licensing framework is directly linked to its success in future.


Pi is another newly developed AI chatbot that offers users a fresh experience. It does not offers online search results or write articles. Pi comes with short conversational AI where short conversations occurs. It is also filled with animations and cute details.

Its program is a personal use AI where you can talk with. The program and Pi also stands for personal intelligence. Give this program a try if you want to have a minimalist conversational AI chatbot.


Now that you know about the best AI chatbots in the market which AI chatbots will you prefer using and why. Let us know.

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