AI Email Assistant: Why Do You Need One In 2024?

AI email assistant

Our lives are getting busier every day. From the hustle and bustle of going to work and returning to tend to your family’s needs, emailing has become a long-dead art. Now, the only way to use emails is to receive OTP notifications and reset passwords. However, professionals still use emails in the professional workspace, where the need for an AI email assistant has become popular.

Like AI writing tools, an AI email assistant helps you compose the perfect email for the ideal cause. Moreover, it has many automatic AI features, which help professionals send emails in bulk, each personalized for the sender to a certain degree.

Therefore, you have clicked on the correct link if you wish to use an AI email assistant to automate your workflows and make everything snappier. Read this post to learn why you need an AI email assistant and which are the best ones available online.

Who Should Use An AI Email Assistant In 2024?

Now that I have piqued your interest in using AI email assistant, you must wonder: do I really need it?

Here’s the truth – you might need the help of an AI email assistant for your work. However, if you don’t need to send many emails at work or occasionally, such AI tools will be less valuable. You will only need one if you frequently send emails – more so if you send them in bulk.

Therefore, you must start using an AI email assistant if you fall under any of these categories:

1. Busy Professionals

Irrespective of which field of professional work you belong to, you might need an AI email assistant if you are too busy to send emails. Nowadays, people have less time to read and reply to emails since their work pressure is so high.

Therefore, an AI email assistant will help streamline your mail work since it automates mailing. Therefore, if you set a template for your emails, the AI will reply to emails and send them automatically.

Additionally, the AI can summarize long emails for you using its content processing feature. Therefore, this reduces a lot of your time in reading long emails!

2. Customer Support

Customer support is one profession that needs an AI email assistant.

As a customer support provider, your primary task will be to provide customers with all the support they need. Be it regarding their purchases or any problems with your products and services they face; many emails usually get sent back and forth.

Therefore, since most customers will have similar queries and problems, you can use an AI email assistant to automate all your replies. Here, you must set an email template for different types of queries. The AI will reply to these emails automatically using your templates!

Moreover, regarding customer support and other departments like sales, everyone can use an AI email assistant to automate faster and more accurate replies to customers and leads. Therefore, using such tools will help improve the entire team’s productivity!

3. Non-Native English Speakers

Non-Native English Speakers

Non-native English speakers will find an AI email assistant one of the most valuable tools for their work.

Irrespective of your professional field, email assistants can create emails for you in perfect English. You must summarize the email’s content and let the AI do the hard work!

4. Freelancers

Freelancers can also use an AI email assistant to reply to similar emails.

There is one mail that freelancers get: clients ask about their rates and work timings. Therefore, since you will mostly answer these emails with the same answer, why not have an AI email assistant follow your template and reply automatically?

Limitations Of Using An AI Email Assistant

You are wrong if you think using an AI email assistant will solve all your problems. Most email assistants have one con to them – AI – which is also their greatest strength. Therefore, you can say that the integration of AI in email assistants has become a double-edged sword.

Like the use of AI chatbots like Bard, AI email assistants also have some limitations:

1. Emotional Intelligence

One of the primary factors that separate AI from humans is emotional intelligence.

Therefore, no matter how much you try, you will never receive a passionate, sympathetic, or empathetic response from AI. Email assistants can never sound like humans, making them unusable for sending personal emails to friends and family.

This is also why an AI email assistant is only usable in the professional work sphere.

2. Complex Decision-Making

AI is like robots – you tell them to do something, and they will do it for you. Therefore, they lack the conscience (so far) to make their own decisions.

Therefore, if you have an email that requires an urgent response, your AI email assistant will not detect the urgency. Moreover, if an email requires a multifaceted answer, the AI might fumble and instead give simpler responses.

3. Crisis Management

Your business can face a crisis at any time. However, your AI email assistant will not.

Therefore, in times of crisis, an AI tool cannot produce the emotional depth you need in your emails to stakeholders. Moreover, it will also not be able to deliver messages with a sense of urgency in its tone.

4. Fact-Checking

Your AI email assistant might deliver the wrong facts to the recipient of your mail. Whether the AI provides the correct facts depends on its AI model and updated knowledge base.

For example, ChatGPT 3.5 (the free version) has a knowledge base till November 2021. Therefore, the AI would tell you otherwise if any celebrity died after this date.

The Best AI Email Assistants In 2024

Now that you know so much about why you must use an AI email assistant in 2024, you must wonder: which one shall I use?

With so many online available, this can be a tricky question. Therefore, I decided to test out a couple of email assistants, keeping the following consideration factors in mind:

· AI features and supported AI models

· Output quality and language understanding capabilities

· Inbox management

· Automation capabilities

· Ease of use and installation

· Integrative abilities

· Data privacy measures

· Price

Therefore, after a week of testing, here are the top three best AI email assistants you must use in 2024!

1. Microsoft Copilot Pro For Outlook

Microsoft Copilot Pro For Outlook

Price: $20 per user/month

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Microsoft Copilot Pro soon rose to the top of AI tools after its global launch last year. However, if you integrate it with Microsoft 365’s Outlook mail, you can significantly expand upon its features!

Copilot Pro uses the praise-worthy GPT 4 AI model, one of the best in 2024. Using its features, you can write unique emails from scratch (if you know the correct prompts). This lets you deliver the perfect email response that your recipient will like!

Additionally, if you are a non-native English speaker, then this AI can analyze your email and rate it, giving suggestions for improvement. This feature is called Coaching by Copilot.

Moreover, Copilot Pro lets you summarize long emails so that you can only read their gist. However, its biggest drawback is that you can only integrate this tool with Microsoft Outlook, which makes a Microsoft 365 subscription necessary.

2. Shortwave


Price: Free, with premium plans starting from $7 per user/month

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Shortwave is a fantastic AI email assistant if you mostly email using your smartphone. After you download and install this on your device, you can integrate it with your Google Calendar and Gmail to make mailing easier than before!

Shortwave has the greatest number of AI features out of all the apps on this list. For example, you can schedule meetings with your coworkers, where it will automatically send invitation emails to all of them during the allocated meeting time. This feature is like the features you can expect in AI scheduling assistants.

Moreover, you can filter and sort emails using prompts. For example, you can use a prompt like “Show me all emails related to this project,” and voila! Furthermore, you can get summaries for them, letting you spend less time reading hundreds of emails!

However, I do feel that new users will find its UI cluttered and clunky. Moreover, you can only integrate Gmail accounts with it.

3. Superhuman

Price: $30 per user/month

Platforms: Windows, Chrome (Extension)

The final AI email assistant tool on this list is Superhuman. This fantastic emailing companion tool lets you generate unique emails while saving time and effort.

However, unlike an actual app, this is more of an add-on. Once you install it on your Windows computer (or download its Chrome extension), you must use keyboard shortcuts to operate it.

Sure, this does create a steep learning curve for using it, but it will be worth it once you learn how to use this tool correctly. With just the press of a few buttons, you can automate generative email responses using short prompts or email templates.

Moreover, you can also create Snippets, which are a form of customizable templates you make yourself. Therefore, if there are responses you send repetitively, you can set them as snippets and reply using keyboard shortcuts!

However, the only con of using Superhuman is that it’s only available on Windows. Moreover, you can only integrate it with your Gmail account.

Conclusion: AI – Your New Mailman

Now that you know why you must use an AI email assistant in 2024, and which are the top three AI email assistants, what are you waiting for? Start using any of these three tools and see how easy and quick your email game becomes due to AI!

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