12 Best AI Writing Tools Every Digital Wordsmith Needs In 2024! 

Ai Writing Tools

Every writer on the block is now using AI writing tools. Since ChatGPT came into the spotlight, I have found new AI tools daily. Be it for generating text, pictures, or videos – the generation of AI is here.

The use of AI writing tools makes writing hassle-free and easier. For example, you’re running late submitting that essay to your teacher. What do you do? Simply create a descriptive depiction of your essay topic and use it as a prompt on any AI writing app!

Or do you want to generate a descriptive report of current market trends in your industry? Create social media posts and captions to skyrocket your impressions and conversion rates through the roof. Everything is possible (and quick) using various AI writing tools in 2024!

Therefore, I have fifteen recommendations if you wish to start using such tools for your studies or work. Keep on reading this post to learn about the fifteen best AI writing tools in 2024!

15 Best AI Writing Tools You Must Use In 2024!

After scouring the internet to test various AI writing tools, I found fifteen to impress me the most. Here is a list of those fifteen tools!

1. ChatGPT


When OpenAI’s ChatGPT was first released in November 2022, it took the world by storm.

Writers, coders, and content creators had never seen such a robust AI chatbot. It can generate articles, programming codes, competitor analysis reports, social media captions, cooking recipes, and anything you think of! After its launch, it instantly became one of the best AI chatbots!

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the free version of ChatGPT is its outdated database. The free version has a record of everything until November 2021. The premium version (ChatGPT Plus) has the latest data and costs you $20/month.

2. Gemini


Google Gemini is Google’s attempt to release an AI chatbot to rival ChatGPT. After the not-so-receptive launch of Google Bard, the company has made a lot of effort to launch several AI writing tools for its vast consumer base.

However, after numerous failed updates and attempts, they finally created a one-stop solution for all your generative AI needs – Google Gemini.

As a conversational AI app, it’s a good tool. It can do whatever ChatGPT can, albeit being stylistically different by default. Moreover, I found its text generation more “human-like” than ChatGPT, which I appreciate as a writer.

In addition, like ChatGPT Plus, you can subscribe to Gemini Advanced for $19.99/month to generate more text quickly. Moreover, it’s good that they temporarily removed its faulty image generation feature.

3. Copilot


The “AI race” has been real since the launch of ChatGPT. Every major software development company is trying to create amazing multi-purpose AI tools. Therefore, industry giant Microsoft followed Google’s footsteps to bank in on the AI race.

The result? A new AI tool called Microsoft Copilot.

Unlike Google Gemini, which uses its own LLM (Language Learning Model), Copilot uses the ChatGPT 4 model. Therefore, its responses have the same quality and depth as ChatGPT Plus – for free!

It confuses me that you can get the generative power of ChatGPT Plus for free using Copilot. Moreover, Copilot is one of the best AI writing tools for generating academic content since it automatically provides citations! Furthermore, it has an inbuilt AI image generator – a nice bonus!

Like other AI tools, you can upgrade to Copilot Pro for $20/month for quicker and limitless responses.

4. Writesonic


Writesonic is one of the best AI writing tools in 2024.  Like many other AI tools, it works on a credit-based system, where each text generation uses up your credits. Therefore, depending on your pricing plan, you will get a set number of monthly credits.

With Writesonic, you can become an authoritative blogger in your niche since it has a built-in SEO optimization tool. This is useful since it generates accurate and up-to-date information on all topics. In addition, it uses semantic keywords and more to develop a high-ranking post for you!

Writesonic has various premium pricing plans for its pro version, ranging from $12/month to $25/month.

5. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the best and most popular AI writing tools in the market in 2024. If you are a content writer, copywriter, or technical writer for marketing agencies, this is one of the most useful AI tools that you can use.

It has various amazing features that marketers can use, like generating social media captions, marketing slogans, and more! Jasper will also understand your brand voice and style and generate text accordingly, which will be helpful for brand managers!

In addition, it acts as an impressive AI chatbot with its Jasper Chat feature!

However, it’s one of the most expensive AI writing tools. After its 14-day free trial, you must pay to use it. Here, you can opt for the Creator ($49/month) or the Pro ($69/month) plans.

6. Anyword


If you want AI writing tools for social media marketers and influencers, Anyword is a must-use tool in 2024!

This is an AI tool for enterprises, preferably for digital marketing agencies. If you wish to create compelling marketing copies and ads, Anyword will make the best one for you. It quickly learns your branding style and voice to create the best captions that get the most impressions and conversions!

Moreover, it has essential marketing features like A/B testing, brand analytics reporting, predictive performance scoring, and more than 10x your marketing strategy’s success potential!

However, like Japer AI, it’s expensive. Since it doesn’t have a free version, you must upgrade to its premium plans – Starter ($49/month), Data-Driven ($99/month), or Business ($499/month).

7. Wordtune


As a student, finding the right AI writing tools can help you generate essays and academic research papers more easily. This is where Wordtune makes your student life easier and enables you to get higher grades every semester!

This generative AI tool helps you write confidently, removing that writer’s block from your head. For example, you can rewrite your text better using its Text Rewriter. In addition, you can summarize YouTube videos and dissertations to help you learn various topics quickly and concisely!

Moreover, one of its best features is its integration with various tools and platforms. You can get real-time suggestions on Google Docs, X, Threads, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more in real-time! No wonder it has over 10 million users and is one of the best AI apps for iPhone!

Furthermore, apart from using it for free, it has various pricing plans with more features. Therefore, you can opt for two pricing plans: Wordtune Plus ($24.99/month) and Wordtune Unlimited ($37.50/month).

8. HyperWrite


HyperWriteis one of the most up-and-coming AI writing tools in 2024. Like Wordtune, it’s an amazing AI tool for students and professionals.

Apart from generating text from your prompts, it can summarize long documents, rewrite content differently, create email templates, and more! Therefore, it acts like your personal AI writing assistant!

In addition, it has several unique features. For example, “Explain Like I’m 5” lets you simplify texts. Moreover, it has various templates for generating types of content, like bedtime stories, speeches, video scripts, essays, birthday cards, LinkedIn posts, and more! This reduces the hassle of creating elaborate AI writing prompts!

HyperWrite is not a free tool since it has two pricing plans. You can get the affordable Premium plan ($19.99/month) or the expensive Ultra plan ($44.99/month).

9. Copy.AI


Copy.AI is one of the most famous AI writing tools, steadily rising in popularity. It’s the perfect AI writing app for marketing and sales teams since most features are oriented to their needs.

It has various marketing features like creating social media campaigns and content, language translations, workflow templates, and more! In addition, it has multiple features for the sales team, like pipeline generation, automatic lead conversion reports, email marketing, and more!

While it has a free version, I recommend getting the Pro plans instead. You can choose from two premium plans – Pro ($49/month) and Team ($249/month).

10. Sudowrite


Writing a good story or novel can be time-consuming, and writers often suffer from writer’s block. However, with Sudowrite, you can kiss all your problems goodbye using its in-depth storyboard generator!

Sudowrite is one of the best AI writing tools for storytellers. Its most important function – the storyboard creator – lets you flesh out your story to make you a future bestselling author. Therefore, you can easily create character drafts, multiple plot points, alternate scenarios, smooth dialogs, and more!

In addition, you can even use it to generate multiple story ideas if you are stuck in a rut! Therefore, if you are stuck as an author, use Sudowrite to set your ideas in motion!

Sudowrite has multiple pricing plans. You can start with the Hobby & Student plan ($19/month), the Professional Plan ($29/month), or the Max plan ($59/month).

11. Article Forge

Article Forge

Being a blogger isn’t an easy task. Often, I fail to meet deadlines for submitting high-quality content for various websites! Therefore, if you face such problems, you can use Article Forge 4.5 to quickly generate high-quality blogs and articles in under 60 seconds!

This tool has the best SEO optimizer out of all the AI writing tools on this list. You can give it keywords and titles to help you generate high-quality blogs and articles your target audience will find interesting! Moreover, it keeps your website style and persona while developing content to align with your reader’s interests!

In addition, if you think your manager will find out about your exploitation of AI tools, then fret not! This tool generates content readers will say is “human written” and remains undetected by AI content detectors!

12. INK


INK is another powerful SEO-optimized AI content writer for bloggers and eCommerce. If you want to grow your new eCommerce website or your blog to make it rank higher, INK is a solid option for you.

INK has an inbuilt SEO tool that does much more than simply optimize the content it generates. It also has a topic and keyword research tool that generates interesting content ideas after you input a few keywords.

Consequently, you can select one of these keywords or topics, and voila! INK will generate an SEO-optimized article on the topic with the keywords instantly!

Like the other AI writing tools on this list, you have two pricing plans – Professional ($49/month) and Enterprise (119/month). Moreover, you get a 5-day free trial to test all its features!

Conclusion: Fast Content Like Fast Food

If you are in content writing services or a student with many assignments due, AI writing tools can help you in many cases. All the twelve tools listed here are amazing tools that can strengthen your content game and 10x your impressions and conversions!

So, what are you waiting for? Start using any of these tools now! However, if you are confused about which one to use, leave a comment below, and I will help you! Thanks for reading!

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