What Is Jasper Chat And How To Use It?

jasper chat

Are you searching for an AI tool that can help you write quality content within seconds? Then this article might just have what you are searching for. In this article we have talked about Jasper Chat, a conversational AI chatbot that helps users write great content in second. Learn how to use this AI chatbot and what features are in this AI.

What Is Jasper Chat?  

Jasper Chat or Jasper AI is a generative conversational AI tool that was develop by a small team in Austin, Texas. Jasper Chat is based on an open-sourced GPT 3 API that has incorporated the power of 300 applications among which some are Jasper’s competitors.

This AI is extremely helpful if you learn how to use it and its pretty fast. It can help you re-write paragraphs or correct the grammatical mistakes in your paragraphs.

Jasper AI wasn’t trained under a vast dataset including internet searches like ChatGPT, some specific prompts needs to be given to the Jasper Chat to create content. It cannot create content out of thin air.

Jasper Chat was launched on 20th December 2022 and the CEO of the company is Dave Rogenmoser. The CMO of Jasper AI is Austin Distel and John Philipp Morgan takes the CTO position. Jasper AI office was voted three years in a row as the best place to work in Austin.

It can help you write great content within seconds. You need to provide it with proper feature you need to create your content. To know what these features are keep reading this article.

Features Of Jasper Chat  

Jasper Chat available features:

  1. Jasper Chat allows users to write alongside Jasper AI. This features helps Jasper Chat create more creative content.
  2. Jasper Chat allows users to rephrase their paragraph.
  3. It enables users to correct grammatical mistakes in paragraphs.
  4. Jasper Chat helps you write content in easier format and simplifies complicated topics for users.
  5. Jasper Chat has a feature called ‘Content Template Galore’ that helps downside blog post to a paragraph. Or create long content out of specific prompts given to it, the prompts should be specific.
  6. You can use Long-Form Assistant for writing long articles, Paragraph Generator for writing summarized content within a paragraph, AIDA which is Attract, Interest, Desire and Action which is a copywriting template,
  7. PAS or Problem Agitate Solution, Content Improver, Product Description, Blog Post Outline, Blog Post Topic Ideas, Review Responder, Personalized Cold Emails, SEO Metadata, Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers, Text Summarizer, Business Or Product Name, Quora Answers, Engaging Questions,Press Release Title And Intro, Pinterest Pin Title And Description,Real Estate Listing,Unique Value Propositions, Feature To Benefit and Company And Personal Bio.

How To Use Jasper Chat?  

Jasper Chat is free to use, and you just need to head over to the Jasper AI official website and click the trial option of start using the AI chatbot. Click on the “Try Jasper Chat Free” and start using it. You will need to sign in to the website, provide your email and create an account to get access to the Jasper Chat interface where you can create content.

Just provide all the listed credentials need to create an account on the website and you are good to start using the Jasper AI. If you want to use it then purchase a subscription like the business plan subscription or Boss Mode subscription and enjoy using it ask put in your question or command in the chat box.

Customer Review On Jasper Chat  

Here are some customer reviews about Jasper Chat that you can read.

Jack S. says, “Love, Love, Love Jasper!” about Jasper chat and hers what he likes and dislikes about the AI chatbot.  

    What do you like best about Jasper Chat?
    It is so much fun to use. It now has the capability to “enhance” commands, which is so helpful to a novice like me in using ai and giving it orders. 

    What do you dislike about Jasper Chat?
    Sometimes, Jasper tends to be repetitive, so proofreading is essential. Otherwise, the output is excellent. Clarity on commands so they are not repetitive would be good. 

    What problems is Jasper Chat solving, and how is it benefiting you?
    I write product review blogs, and Jasper helps me write the reviews in a very professional manner. I use a personal template that I transfer to the document editor and then use the “enhance” command in the chat to get excellent output. In writing an article, usually around 2500 words, I use a combination of the content editor and chat. It is the best of both worlds for me to get the clarity I want in the product reviews.
    “Easy to use with a huge range of templates.

    On the rare occasions that I faced a challenge, customer support was able to assist in a timely manner via the pop-up chat box. At the time of the initial contract, Jasper was one of the leading platforms and, therefore, value for money. It offers a lot of customization options and has been largely reliable.”

    Peter E. says, “AI Content Creator and more.” Peter also shares his likes and dislikes about the AI chatbot.  

      What do you like best about Jasper?
      Jasper comes with over 50 templates, so everything in content creation gets covered. Honestly, templates are the best features. If you, for example, need to write a blog post, Jasper comes with the right content and ‘dialect.’ If you need to write a product description later, you use the next template. Within the template, you can still fine-tune the style and prompt to get a decent output. Jasper has a lot of content for learning the tool, and they provide you with many tips and tricks to get jobs done. Text quality is great. 

      What do you dislike about Jasper?
      Jasper is not the cheapest AI content creation tool. Prices could be more affordable. It’s a volume plan, so long texts could become quite costly. Besides the pricing, there is a significant upside. It works best in English; translations into German need to be proofread. 

      What problems is Jasper solving and how is that benefiting you?
      I create different kinds of content for our own or customer channels. It saves time, and as I am not a native English speaker, it also helps me with grammar and typos. I use it sometimes for some creative brainstorming. It’s so helpful not to start with a blank piece of paper.”


      Now that you have some idea about Jasper Chat will you be giving this AI chatbot a try? If you do give it a try let us know how you liked it and share with us your experience of using this AI chatbot.

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