Google Is Likely To Layoff 30,000 Employees Post New AI Innovation

As per our sources, “Google is actively engaged in advancing its AI model, but recent indications suggest that the tech giant is not just focusing on AI development for external applications but is also contemplating a significant shift in its operational structure.”

According to a report by The Information, “Google is considering a substantial workforce reduction, potentially affecting up to 30,000 employees, as part of a strategic move to integrate AI into various aspects of its business processes. The proposed restructuring is anticipated to primarily impact Google’s ad sales department, where the company is exploring the benefits of leveraging AI for operational efficiency.”

The report further highlighted the fact, “The adoption of AI in this domain could trigger a considerable shake-up within Google. The transformative impact of AI on the revenue streams associated with digital advertising, potentially diminishing the need for human intervention in these tasks.”

Addressing these changes, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged “the necessity for realigning the business, emphasizing the challenges posed by the evolving landscape and the associated costs in terms of job cuts.”

Critics said, “Google’s experimentation with AI extends beyond ad sales, encompassing its customer support service as well. The integration of AI in customer support is expected to directly influence the human-centric aspects of the company’s operations. This strategic shift aligns with Google’s previous instances of downsizing earlier in the year, which attracted attention and scrutiny.”

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