What Are Artificial Intelligence Stocks And How To Buy Them?

Artificial Intelligence Stocks

You might think that in the stock market, anything can happen. You are partially right because artificial intelligence stocks are pretty rare to find and invest in. Yes, there are several companies out there who sell artificial intelligence technology, machine learning, and related initiatives. But when you check out the public sector, there are rarely any pure AI stocks. 

Generally, you can always check out stocks that use AI technology for either gaining an edge strategy-wise or enhancing products. Moreover, there are so many companies that use artificial intelligence for achieving some sort of a strategic edge which basically includes networking, ongoing computing investments, and information center infrastructure. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s find out about AI stocks in detail. Then, keep reading for more information on the same. 

What Are Artificial Intelligence Stocks?

So what are these artificial intelligence stocks? What does investing in artificial intelligence means? Check out our two-part answer below!

Investing In Artificial Intelligence Stocks:

investing In Artificial Intelligence

Computers and similar devices might be great at crunching all sorts of data. But that does not mean these devices are also good at what humans can do easily, like 

  • language processing,
  • manipulating objects,
  • visual perception,
  • reasoning,
  • learning, and 
  • planning.

This is where artificial intelligence makes an entry. The AI technology basically uses a combination of both machine and deep learning for making computers and similar devices for performing tasks that under normal circumstances need human intelligence. 

How Are Companies Using Artificial Intelligence? 

Companies Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is basically created with the help of machine learning, and it includes training any system with vast amounts of information. This trained system is then conveniently used by AI for making inferences related to any new data that it has never seen before. 

Perhaps the best example is any system designed explicitly for detecting objects on images. In this case, any image with objects is given to the trained system, which in turn learns how to find those types of objects on other images. Now the more this system will discover objects on images, the more accurate this system becomes. 

Did you know that most companies use AI in two primary ways? 

  1. Some companies simply use artificial intelligence for making their existing operative processes relatively more powerful, with the help of high-profile applications including virtual assistants, robotics, and self-driving cars. 
  1. Several other companies directly profit from artificial intelligence by selling software, expertise, hardware, or services that some technology might need. These are also a type of artificial intelligence stocks, and you might consider investing in them as well. 

The Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Watch Out For:

If you were wondering what are the best artificial intelligence stocks to watch out for, scroll down to find out now!

Company NameArtificial Intelligence Focus
NVIDIASelf-driving cars and graphic chips
Micron TechnologyExpanding human intelligence all across industries
IBMSelf-driving cars and memory chips (for information centers)
AmazonCloud computing, e-commerce, and Voice-activated technology
C3.aiSoftware-as-a-service for providing enterprise-scale artificial intelligence applications

How To Buy Artificial Intelligence?

Buy Artificial Intelligence

Now that you know which artificial intelligence stocks to buy let’s find out how you can invest in these lucrative stocks. After all, AI is not only the new oil but also the prospective future!

While checking out any investment scheme, the first thing that we do is check out what are the ETFs or the exchange-traded funds built for the same. There might be times when you will come across shady exchange-traded funds and random tech companies, but don’t fall for that. Instead, wait for portfolios that boast pure-play stocks. If you want to compare investment services check out Motley Fool vs Zacks, then you can decide which is better for you.

If you want to become an artificial intelligence investor, there are several exchange-traded funds that have been built using artificial intelligence. If an exchange-traded fund wants to utilize artificial intelligence for selecting stocks, no alpha is probably going to be generated since hedge funds have wrapped this up already. 

In the past five years, we have discovered artificial intelligence stocks, all of which have been flying most retail investors’ radars. For instance, several venture capital companies have been pouring money into RPA (robotics process automation). Although most startups are not an option for the ordinary retail investor, only a few pure-play robotics process automation stocks exist. 

In short, follow the steps below and buy artificial stocks this year, 

  1. Learn in detail about the artificial intelligence industry.
  1. Explore why people invest in artificial intelligence.
  1. Make a decision as to which artificial intelligence asset best suits your investment plans.
  1. Identify opportunities via your research and analysis.
  1. Select your preferred platform and position your artificial intelligence investment or trade.

Are Artificial Intelligence Stocks Worth The Investment?

Are Artificial Intelligence Stocks Worth The Investment

The reason why people are investing in artificial intelligence penny stocks is simply that the AI industry is a growth-oriented sector that is predicted to expand by a vast magnitude in the future. With the evolution of AI, the world already seems different from what it used to be fifty years ago. Thus, you never know what AI will make the world in another ten years. 

There is no point denying that a whole advancing technology wave is here with the evolution of AI, and people want to be a part of this lucrative sector. Naturally, the people and the agencies associated with AI will only experience a growth boom in case AI does expand overnight. Thus, looking at present conditions, it would be safe and wise to say that you can definitely give artificial intelligence stocks a shot!

Frequently Answered Questions:

1. What Are Some Good Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Buy?

Some of the good artificial intelligence stocks that you can check out for buying are as follows,

• Nvidia Corp,
• Alphabet Inc
• Amazon.com Inc
• Microsoft Corp,
• International Business Machines Corp

2. Which Company Is Leading In Artificial Intelligence?

The company that has been leading in the artificial intelligence sector is International Business Machines Corp., better known to the world as IBM. One of the best market research companies, known as IDC, said that IBM is leading the artificial intelligence software platforms.

3. Which Country Has The Best AI Technology?

The countries with the best artificial intelligence technology are as follows,

• The USA or the United States
• The UK or the United Kingdom
• China, and 
• Germany

Wrapping Up:

Now that you much about artificial intelligence stocks, why don’t you check out the market with the help of perhaps, artificial intelligence stocks under $10? Start small because your first few times in the stock market are opportunities to understand the market from a practical point of view. 

Thus, it is only wise that you start with a small investment opportunity and let it play out! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below about your experience of investing in AI stocks and thoughts on the same!

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