How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft 2022? Check It Out!

Make A Saddle In Minecraft

There are thousands of ways to enjoy Minecraft. One of them is riding an animal. But can you ride any animal, a pig, for instance, without a saddle? No? If you cannot, you need to learn how to make one for riding that funny pig in Minecraft. 

There are many animals that you can ride in Minecraft. For instance, you can ride a horse, skeleton, pig, donkey, or even a mule.

You cannot ride one of these animals without a saddle. You sure can find the animals you are looking for in Minecraft. Since you cannot ride one without using a saddle, there are no other options for you but to make one.

Don’t worry; we have the easiest and working methods for creating a saddle in Minecraft. However, if you are wondering how to make a saddle in Minecraft 2021, then the below article will be of complete help to you.  

Where To Find A Saddle In Minecraft? 

The first question that comes to mind when discussing how to make a saddle in Minecraft is where to find one. Here are the tips for finding the saddle in different editions of Minecraft-

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft Creative Mode? 

  • Java Edition: you should look for the saddle under Transportation in the Creative Inventory menu.
  • Pocket Edition: Under Tools/ equipment.
  • Windows 10/XboxOne/Nintendo/Edu/PS4: Equipment

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft Survival Mode?

If you are playing the game’s survival mode, you can find your saddle in various places. 

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft? 

You can make a saddle in Minecraft by using the crafting table or the furnace. But, it would help if you instead looked for a saddle in Minecraft. Here are some examples of the places to find a saddle in Minecraft.

You can get the saddle from the chests instead of making or trading one with a leatherworker villager. Of course, there is no guarantee for you to discover a saddle just by cracking open a chest. But you can find one if you look for it in the right places. 

If you are lucky, certain locations potentially have a saddle for you to open the right chest. Here are some locations where you can find a chest.

Instead Of Making A Saddle Trade One

You can get yourself a saddle from the Leatherworker villagers. If there is no villager nearby, you can always spawn one. You need the villager to at least be at level three to offer you a saddle. The process would require you to offer the villager emeralds, rabbit hide, flint, leather, and whatever else the villager wants. 

The trade might not be possible at one visit since the villager cannot continuously level up. However, once you help the villager to level up to level five, the chance of you acquiring a leather saddle will increase by 50%.

Abandoned Mineshafts

Covered in cobwebs, you can find mine shafts underground. These saddles are also available on the surface of Badlands biomes. These abandoned Minechafts are typically inhabited by spiders, skeletons, spiders, and other bad creatures in Minecraft. However, there is no certainty or chance of finding one here. 

In The Dungeon 

You can find a saddle in the dungeon. But where do you find a dungeon? The answer is caved. You will find a dungeon in the caves based on cobblestones and mossy bricks. There is a fire pit in the center of the dungeon that spawns monsters and guards the chests. You can find your saddle within these chests. The chance of finding a saddle in the dungeon is 28.3%.

Desert Temples

The desert temples are another place to find a saddle in Minecraft. In the center of the temple’s floor, you can discover a hole leading to a chamber underneath. The chamber contains rotten corpses, horse armor, string, and more items. Among these items, you are bound to find a saddle for riding a horse or any other animal. Unfortunately, the chance of finding a saddle here is almost 23.5%.

End City

The chances may seem low, but you can also find a saddle in the end city in Minecraft. The journey to the end city is quite interesting. First, you need to journey to the End and defeat the Ender dragon if you want to go to the end city. Then, once you beat the ender dragon, you must use the Ender Pearl and pass through the portal that takes you to the end city. 

The end city includes a searchable end ship to help you. In addition, the end city produces a saddle for you, along with other valuable items. The chance of finding the saddle is 13.3% in the end city.  

Nether Forest

You can find a saddle in the nether forest. So, when you want to go to the nether portal, you need to build a Nether Portal. You need to use obsidian blocks and flint, and steel if you want to go to the nether portals. After you pass through, you will have to find a Nether Fortress in the underworld. There is a 35.3% chance of finding a saddle in the Nether Forest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope that you can now make or find your own saddle in Minecraft. If there is any other queries related to saddles you can read the following question and the answers

How Do You Make A Horse Saddle In Minecraft?

You need to open your inventory menu by either getting on the horse or pointing towards it. You will also open up the horse’s menu by doing so. Next, you need to drag up the saddle where the outline of the saddle is at. After this, you can ride your horse.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft Xbox One

When you are playing Minecraft on Xbox One and want to get the saddle there, you can get it from the Equipment. You have the option to make a saddle. But, instead, I will suggest you look for one.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft Ps4

nstead of making a saddle in Minecraft, I suggest you look for one in the chests in several places like the desert temple, Nether forest, and others. You can also trade a saddle or catch one when fishing.


Minecraft is a fun and creative game, and for most players who want to have a little fun, riding an animal is very exciting. Since it is impossible to ride an animal without a saddle, you can find one in Minecraft. Many players ask how to make a saddle in Minecraft when they find one in some chests lying around. I hope reading this article will help you find your saddle in Minecraft.

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