Hitman Go Beginner’s Guide To Become A Silent Assassin

Hitman Go Beginner's Guide

Being an assassin is not an easy feat. Infiltrating a place and killing a target without anyone realizing is something only people of high caliber can do. Luckily enough, Agent 47 is one such bald dude who is capable of accomplishing such feats, being the master of stealth and disguise.

Hitman Go is a spinoff game that places the legendary silent assassin on a board, forcing him to take one step at a time. Therefore, learning the best Hitman Go beginners guide tips and tricks is the best way to ensure that you do not die an untimely death. Continue reading to find out how. 

Hitmans Go Beginners Guide – Tips And Tricks

To become a master silent assassin in this game, you need to see these Hitman Go beginners’ guide tips and tricks to control Agent 47 like no one else. Check out the guide for mobile games like this right below.

Chalk Out Your Game Plan According To Your Objectives

Game Plan According To Your Objectives

The first thing that you should do before starting a mission is to see what objectives. Each mission in the Hitman Go definitive edition has different objectives. However, most of them boil down to either killing enemies or knocking them down. 

There are overall 91 missions in this game. All of these missions have different objectives, which can range from:

  • Collecting briefcases.
  • Killing targets.
  • Killing all the hostels in the area.
  • Killing targets without killing any hostile guards.
  • Finally, finish the mission with the least number of moves.

Based on your objectives, you have to see the map isometrically and plan out your Hitman Go strategy. This will help you complete objectives in the best way possible. 

Watch Your Step!

Watch Your Step

The unique feature of this game is that, unlike the other Hitman games, this is a board game. This means that all the levels of this game take place on an isometric board instead of being a third-person action game with an over-the-shoulder POV.

Here, the number of steps you take gets counted since this game plays out like a turn-based strategy game. Therefore, you can say that Hitman Go is like a chess game. Every time you move Agent 47, the enemy guards also make a move too.

Therefore, the best Hitman Go tips and tricks are to see the placement of enemies on the board and make a move accordingly. So plan your steps and ascertain which direction the enemies will move. Do this to keep out of enemies’ sights and get to your objective stealthily.

Replay Missions To Earn Three Stars

Replay Missions To Earn Three Stars

When you finish a mission, you get stars based on your performance as a silent assassin. Each mission has three objectives you must complete (with only one being necessary). Therefore, completing all three objectives will net you three stars and the highest rewards.

However, it is not easy to get all three stars on the first go is not easy. Therefore, after you complete a mission for the first time, you can replay the mission again. You can use a better Hitman Go strategy to beat the mission and clear all three objectives this time.

Trapdoors Are Your Friends; Canines Are Not

Trapdoors Are Your Friends

All the different kinds of enemies make movement in this game challenging and serve as obstacles for Agent 47. The various enemy types based on their color-coding are:

  • Blue: These guards stay still and look in only one direction.
  • Yellow: Pace up and down a single line on the board.
  • Teal: They stand in one place with a knife, looking back and forth.
  • Gray: These guards come in pairs and always look in the opposite direction of each other.
  • Green and Red: These are patrolling guards that have a single route that they go through on the floorboard.
  • Dark Blue: These are guards that are on high alert. They will always carry flashlights with them, increasing their cone of vision. 
  • Dogs: Dogs mostly remain static and in one place on the entire floorboard. However, they will relentlessly chase you if they see you. 

In this game, the dogs are by far one of the most difficult enemy types to get rid of. If you step one foot in their sight, they will start chasing you indefinitely. Therefore, it makes sense to evade them or use distractions to move them to another spot.

Fortunately, trapdoors exist in this game. These doors connect one floor of the board with another. These are the best ways to get out of the sightline of enemies. This is because dogs and other enemies will always stop chasing you once you cross through a trapdoor. 

Distraction Is The Key To Fool Them All

Distraction Is The Key To Fool Them All

There are various ways to distract enemies that we will discuss in this Hitman Go beginners guide. They are:

  • Trapdoors: These special doors connect the one-floor board to another. Enemies cannot chase you from one room to another if you cross using a trapdoor. 
  • Statues: There are many statues on many floors of the missions. You can shoot these down on top of enemies to incapacitate them or block a path and enemy sightlines. 
  • Potted Plants: Just like a ninja, you can hide in these potted plants and wait for enemies to pass by or not see you. 
  • Litter: You can throw litter at enemies or towards another place to create noise that distracts them away from an angle. 
  • Auto Walkies: These walkies will transfer either Agent 47 or an enemy from one place to another in a straight line. 
  • Waiting Points: You can wait for a few minutes at these points. Waiting will change the enemy layout since they have different shifts at different hours of the day.

One of the best Hitman Go tips and tricks is to learn how to use each of these items to your advantage. This is where the first point of the guide comes in handy. When you start a mission or enter a floorboard, check the layout so that you can strategize accordingly.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question By Gamers):

Q1. Is Hitman Go Free?

No, Hitman Go apk is not a free game. It’s paid in all its versions. Therefore, all the versions of the game on the Apple Store, Android Google PlayStore, and for Windows are all paid.

Q2. Is Hitman Go Available On PC?

Yes, this game is available on PC. You can download this game by going to Steam and searching for it. Additionally, you can also download the game along with all of its DLC content that adds new missions to the game.

Q3. How Many Levels Does Hitman Go Have?

In the base version of this game, there are 68 levels to play. These are all divided into 15 chapters, each having four sub chapters. If you purchase the DLCs, then you get 23 extra missions, with a set of 15 and a set of 8.

Q4. What Is The Order Of The Hitman Games?

The main series of the Hitman games are:

• Hitman: Codename 47
• Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
• Hitman 3: Contracts
• Hitman 4: Blood Money
• Hitman 5: Absolution

The reboot series includes:

• Hitman 2
• Hitman 3

The spin off games are:

• Hitman Go
• Hitman: Sniper Assassin


This Hitman Go beginners guide will help you understand some of the mechanics of the game. It also has details of the game’s several mechanical intricacies that you can exploit to your advantage. 

Learn what different enemy types are present in this game, along with the various distraction items that you can use. Learning how to use which item against which enemy types is key to clearing out all the 91 levels of this game.

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