The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on How to Edit Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos

Gaming industries are expected to grow to over 11.35 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. If you aspire to upload gaming videos over your youtube channel, you must already know the value of getting tons of views.

The more views you get, the more revenue you can achieve! It is as simple as that. But what you don’t know, or can’t figure out, is how to get the desired amount of view.

Well, uploading engaging and interesting gaming video content is the key. But you might be struggling to understand the factors that contribute to generating an engrossing gaming video.

If you want to get the attention of the target audience, you need to make interesting gameplay videos that deliver a real-time experience to them.

Your videos need to be helpful when they’re trapped in a game. They either need to address a particular challenge or just want to be captivated by the most exciting moments.

People are reluctant to watch gaming videos unless they can retain their attention for the entire duration of the video.

Besides that, a recent study has revealed the fact that video games are an excellent way to stimulate the brain. The more you play, the more connections you’ll make in your mind. Continued learning will keep your brain faster as you age.

Making and uploading high-quality gaming video content mostly depends upon the editing of the video.

Here Are A Few Suggestions That Can Help Beginners Edit Gaming Videos:

1. Go for the right kind of video editor

Go for the right kind of video editor

The most important step comes right from the beginning of making a good game video. It includes choosing the right video editor.

While deciding on that tool, pick something that has the latest features and must be easy. with that kind of tool so you can edit your videos without any expertise.

Besides that, use webcam recorders and allow you to film yourself while gaming. The audience can become more engaged with the content if they get to see the actual player behind the game.

2. Eliminate the uninteresting stuff

Once you are done with the filming, now it is time to edit the video. Whenever you start editing A quick tip would be to incorporate an eye-catching intro video at the start of the video.

Then go with envisioning the idea you want to portray. Concentrate on making the video without any fluff. Eliminate all the boring stuff from the video. Keep only the epic moments that are captivating and entertaining to capture a larger audience base.

If there is any funny moment, do not forget to incorporate the clip during editing. A humorous moment can help you achieve more views in no time.

Position the mouse pointer where you want to cut and delete the unwanted boring stuff from your gaming video. You also can select the undesirable parts in one go.

3. Merge the video clips and add transitions if required

You may easily integrate videos by merging different clips. Merging the videos can make the videos non-related. You can use transition effects to avoid the inconvenience.

However, gaming videos are a lot more engaging and happening than any other kind of video. So, the application of minimalist transition can do a favor.

Otherwise, the videos can lose their essence. Place the cursor at the bottom of a scene where you want to apply the transition to make the merge more organic.

If you do not want to spend extra on unlocking features on your video editor to get this done, you can always turn to great platforms like RARBG to download software. This will allow you to get your hands on some free yet powerful video editing software for your gaming edits.

Before that, make sure that the video clip you want to employ the transition to is selected on the available timeline. After that, choose the transition effect you want to apply from the video effects menu.

4. Incorporate the audio into your gameplay videos

The soundtrack plays a significant role in setting the mood of the video. So, if you want to give a voiceover, you need to prepare yourself with a high-quality microphone to avoid any kind of unwanted noise. You can also omit noises during the edit.

You can also set up the audio sound quality and volume along with applying sound effects. If you want to play background music, you need to consider that the game sound also needs to be included in the video. Otherwise, it might lose its spirit.

Editing the video properly can help you achieve this factor. You need to add audio by selecting the desirable audio file from your own.

5. Bring your presence to the video

Bring your presence to the video

When the goal is to make engaging content, you need to make your gaming videos more enjoyable. You can achieve this by bringing yourself to the gaming video by employing the picture-in-picture method.

When the audience can get a glimpse of the gamers’ reactions and comments while playing a game, they tend to enjoy the content more. It helps to increase channel engagement in a very organic way.

If you want to utilize this method, you would need to film your activities while gaming or commenting on a game. After that, you can add the clip to the main video.

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6. Emphasize the most interesting moments

The deeper you go into making these gaming videos, the more delightful they become. You can emphasize the best moments to make the videos interesting.

You can create a suspense situation during the game by involving a freeze effect on the applicable snapshot. This can entice viewers to pay close attention to your content.

A dramatic shift in hue, such as when the video goes dark, can also help in creating a suspenseful situation in the video. It will serve to focus attention on the scene as well. You can change the color and the mood of the video.


It can be concluded that you cannot achieve anything fruitful without properly envisioning the idea and making a plan for it.

Since the gaming videos are mostly organic, you do not need a script. But, you need to plan the style of your videos to achieve individuality as a gaming streamer.

Some like to view videos on their mobile phones as well. The preceding recommendations for making your videos stand out will be beneficial.

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