Pokemon Unite Beginner’s Guide To Become The Best PokeMaster

Pokemon Unite Beginner's Guide

The name Pokemon is one of the most popular terms on the internet. There are many Pokemon games to play on handheld consoles like the GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo Switch. The fan’s wishes came true with the release of Pokemon Unite for iOS and Android smartphones.

These are some of the best RPG games of all time, made even more popular by the adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in the anime. However, a good mobile Pokemon MOBA game was required after the success of many other MOBA games on the platform.

Therefore, if you are starting out on your journey to become the Pokemon master in this game, go through this Pokemon Unite beginner’s guide tips and tricks.

Pokemon Unite Beginners Tips And Tricks

The best Pokemon Unite beginners guide tips and tricks to climb up the Pokemon Unite ranks are:

Don’t Hoard Too Many Points

Don't Hoard Too Many Points

In Pokemon Unite, you get to score by defeating enemies and wild pokemon. When you defeat them, you get a certain amount of points. Then, you need to dunk them down like Lebron James. 

Therefore, carrying them around won’t do any good. When an enemy defeats you, you will drop all the points hoarded. Then, the spoils will go to the victor.

The number of points you can hoard will be based on your Pokemon’s level. Therefore, I would recommend carrying half of the max points at a time and scoring as quickly as possible. 

Score Together Quickly

Score Together Quickly

To ensure that you score as quickly as possible in Pokemon Unite, it’s best to do it as a team. This is because you must stand in the enemy team’s goal zone for a few seconds to score. Therefore, its speed depends on the number of points you have and the number of allies in the zone. 

Therefore, since I already said before, not to hoard too many points, carry fewer points to score faster. In addition, you can score with a teammate by your side in the zone to score quickly.

Caution: You cannot score if there is at least one enemy player in the zone.

Know The Role Of Your Pokemon

Know The Role Of Your Pokemon

Every Pokemon in this game falls under a specific class. Unlike the traditional Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch, types do not matter since there are no such type weaknesses. 

Instead, the focus is given to class matchups and types. Like League Of Legends Wild Rift, the classes dictate which lanes to push first. There are six classes of Pokemon, according to the Pokemon Unite Reddit:

  • Attacker: These Pokemon have abilities that are fast and hit hard. Best suited for the top or bottom lanes with another ally. 
  • Speedster: Speedsters have fast movement speeds and lots of movement-based abilities. Best suited for the mid lane to backstab weakened enemies on the other two lanes.
  • Defender: A defender Pokemon has high health and slower movement speed. They can tank or soak up a lot of damage and act as front liners to aim for the goal. Best suited for the top lane. 
  • Supporter: These Pokemon have area effect (AoE) based abilities to provide allies with buffs and debug enemies. Best suited for the bottom lane with an attacker. 
  • All Rounder: A jack of all trades but master of none. Can play in any lane.

Upgrade Your Items ASAP

Upgrade Your Items ASAP

There are many Pokemon Unite builds. These builds are dependent on what Pokemon Unite Battle Items your Pokemon is holding. Each item gives a certain boost to a stat. 

You can upgrade battle items with in-game tickets earned through matches in the options menu. Therefore, upgrading these items should be on your priority list.

Therefore, it’s best to give your Pokemon an item to hold based on the roles. They are:

  • Battle Items: Gives your pokemon a permanent stat buff.
  • Held Items: items that can be used in battle. They work on a cooldown period.
  • Berries: Spawns on various places on the map. Gives temporary buffs like increased health regeneration and speed (like energy drinks in PUBG Mobile)

Fight As a Team

Fight As a Team

Since Pokemon Unite is a team-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, it’s best to fight as a team with coordinated strategies, like on Call Of Duty Mobile

First, you must ensure that the team composition is a good one. Check out the Pokemon Unite tier lists to select the best picks and combinations for each match. Typically, you would want a five Pokemon team composition like:

  • 1x attacker
  • 1x defender
  • 1x supporter
  • 1x speedster
  • 1x extra defender or an all-rounder

Playing as a team is necessary because laning is really important in this game, as is scoring. Plus, since you cannot score if enemy players are in the zone, you need to overpower them and score as a team.

Complete Events For Sweet Rewards

Complete Events For Sweet Rewards

In Pokemon Unite, many limited-time events are going on at all times. It’s best to complete these events on time since completing them gives great rewards. Therefore, go to the events page, check the missions and tasks of the events, and complete them one by one. 

Frequently Asked Questions By New Trainers (FAQ):

Q1. Can I Play Pokemon Unite On PC?

Ans: Yes, you can play this game on your PC. To do so, you will need an Android emulator like BlueStacks. It’s best to use a controller for playing this game on PC.

Q2. What Is The Strongest Pokémon In Pokemon Unite?

Ans: In the current Pokemon Unite meta of 2022, Venusaur and Absalom are two of the strongest Pokemon. They have great stats and impressive movesets to make them powerful against most other Pokemon 1v1.

Q3. Why Is Pokemon Unite So Popular?

Ans: Pokemon Unite is very popular because it streamlines the various gameplay elements of MOBA games. Therefore, it makes the game easier to play for casual gamers. Plus it enjoys the Pokemon brand name and is a great game overall.

Q4. Who Is The Fastest Pokemon In Pokemon Unite?

Ans: If you want to play as a fast assassin in this game, speed is an important stat to look at. Therefore, you would want to play as speedsters like Talonflame and Zeraora and go dominate the mid lane to surprise enemies on the top and bottom lanes.

The Start Of A New Journey

Reading this Pokemon Unite beginners guide tips and tricks will help you climb up the ranks faster. This guide will help you become the best Pokemon master and dominate the tri-laned arena as an unstoppable force. 

It’s best to learn what role you want to play so you can focus on one lane. Also, pay attention to the moves your Pokemon has and evolve them according to your playstyle and build. In addition, attack and defend as a team, and don’t forget to complete daily quests and special events. 

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