League Of Legends: Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide To Become A Champion

League Of Legends

Whenever we think about MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games on our phones, we get many games to choose from. Games like Mobile Legends, Vainglory, and Arena of Valor showed the world that bringing the MOBA experience to the small screen is definitely possible. 

However, when everyone thought that the king of MOBA games – League Of Legends – was coming to smartphones, everyone flipped. It wasn’t until 2020 when Riot Games announced that it surely is coming to smartphones, retaining all the glory of its legendary PC version.

This League Of Legends: Wild Rift beginners guide tips and tricks will help you to get the jump on enemy players and dominate the Summoner’s Rift.

What Is League of Legends: Wild Rift?

What Is League of Legends

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile port of the massively popular MOBA, League Of Legends for PC. 

This is a 5v5 competitive multiplayer game where players control characters with abilities. The objective of both teams is to destroy the enemy base by defeating their players and their minions. However, there are many obstacles on the map in the form of towers that must be cleared out first.

While the core gameplay remains the same in Wild Rift vs League of legends, some control schemes and map layouts were tweaked a bit. This was done to make the game more smartphone-friendly. It made the game easier to play with touchscreen controls instead of pointing and clicking with the mouse as mobile games. In addition, you also have a league of legends wild rift controller support

The map is divided into three lanes – top, mid, and bottom. On both sides of the map, each team has three towers on each lane. Therefore, you must destroy each tower and progress through the lanes to reach the enemy Nexus tower and deal the final blow.

Apart from towers, the nexus (main base tower) spawns minions in waves after frequent intervals. These support your legends in battle. 

However, the most interesting thing to notice is the dark jungle area between each lane. This is called, as you guessed it, the jungle. This is home to lots of neutral monsters that you can kill to gain temporary (and some permanent) buffs. 

Meet The Legends Of The Rift

You play League of Legends: Wild Rift with special champions – characters that all have different attacks, skills, and abilities. This makes the game tactical because before you start, you get to choose which legend you want to play with. Therefore, creating a 5-legend team with the best synergies and combos is essential for victory. 

All the 84 champions of this game fall under six classes, which define their gameplay style. These classes are defined by which lane they are supposed to take since each class has abilities that make it easiest to control specific lanes more easily than others. These classes are:

  • Tank: Tanks can hold and fend off minion waves. Tanks are slower than other legends and possess high health and attack. This is why they defend the top lane as their teammates push on the other lanes. Tanks are also good roamers that become powerful later on during gank fights. Eg. Garen, Darius, Malphite.
  • Fighters: Fighters are the main combatants of your team. They are responsible for taking the first directly to the enemy with their fierce melee attacks. Fighters mostly roam the top and mid lanes, providing offensive support to the tank and the mage. These are close-range characters with high damaging abilities. Eg. Camille, Fiora, Lee Sin.
  • Mages: The mid lane is the domain of the mages. The job of mages is to push with their minion waves and push back enemy minion waves. This is why they have powerful AoE (area of effect) attacks that can clear minion hordes easily. In addition, they also have abilities that make enemies slower, sometimes even stunning them in place and restricting their movement. Eg. Orianna, Ahri, Morgana.
  • Assassins: If you like being sneaky on the battlefield and attacking from the shadows to slaughter enemies in one swoop, then this class is perfect for you. Assassins have very low health but have the highest burst damage potential. As an assassin, you jungle the Rift and kill neutral monsters to steal their buffs. Then, you pick out weaker enemies one by one if you find them roaming the rift all alone. Eg. Evelyn, Akali, Master Yi.
  • Support: Support champions are basically the healers of your team. They mostly provide support to the bottom lane marksman and protect other teammates when they require help. Similar to mages, they have abilities that can restrict enemy movement, so that the marksmen can rain down arrows and bullets on them. They also have abilities that provide temporary buffs to teammates. Eg. Seraphine, Blitzcrank, Lux.
  • Marksman: Marksmen are also known as the Active Damage Carry (ADC). While they have low health and attack early on, farming and buying the right items in the late game can make them the most powerful champions on a lane because of their insane damage potential. Their long-range attacks provide support fire from the back on gank fights. Eg. Jinx, Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to become a legend in the Summoners Rift, then these league of legends wild right beginner’s guide tips and tricks will come in handy for you.

Build The Right Build

Build The Right Build

Each champion of the league of legends wild rift can have multiple builds depending on your playstyle. Therefore, mix and match items and summoner spell to see what build will be perfect for your playstyle. 

Coordinate With Teammates

Coordinate With Teammates

Since League of Legends is a 5v5 co-op game, it is best played with friends in a coordinated manner, Strategizing with your teammates and making a master game plan to overcome the enemy team. 

Gank Only When You Have An Advantage

Gank Only When You Have An Advantage

Typically, all players of the team start out on their respective lanes, trying to push with their minions. After each player levels up and unlocks their ultimate moves and buys a few mythic items, the players generally team up together and fight the enemy.

Typically, you must do so after you have unlocked your ultimate attacks and bought at least two of your mythic items. A good indication of this is that your team has gotten their first drake killed. 

Assassinate Them from The Backline

If you play as a jungler, then you need to be very careful of your own jungle being invaded. You must also be careful of your position on the map. This fact is important because junglers are squishier than most champions.

Therefore you need to clear your jungle in the quickest time possible, and then invade the enemy jungle to deny their jungler any buffs. This is how you deny enemy team resources. As an assassin, always target the enemy team’s marksman and support first since they are easy kills. Hide in bushes and slaughter them when they are low on health. 

Always Last Hit

When you kill minions to farm for XP and gold, there is no need to constantly attack them. All you have to do is to land the final attack on them to get the XP and gold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. When Is League Of Legends Wild Rift Releasing In India?

LOL: Wild Rift was supposed to be released in India in 2021. However, due to the Covid pandemic, Riot has released an official statement, stating that the pandemic has slowed down their progress of creating dedicated servers in India, delaying its release. So far, it has no release date for Indian players.

Q2. How Big Is League Of Legends Wild Rift?

For android users, the game is around 1.8GB in size. However, only the League Of Legends: Wild Rift apk of 200MBs gets downloaded at first. Then, the rest of the data is downloaded from the app itself.

Q3. What Are The System Requirements Of League Of Legends: Wild Rift?

To play Wild Rift on your android smartphone, you need to have a device with:

Processor; Qualcomm 410 (1.6GHz Quad-Core)
OS: Android 8.0+

Q4. Is Riot Games A Chinese Company?

Yes, Riot Games is a Chinese company. However, it was at first an American company before a majority of its stocks were bought by Chinese gaming conglomerate Tencent.


This League of legends wild rift beginners guide is great for new players. It provides a brief idea with lots of different champions combinations and skills to choose from. This is a high-skill-based game that may be easy to play, but tough to master. 

Therefore, always remember to last hit enemy minions, and never get greedy for kills. Also, buy the right items to build your champion the right path, so that its true power can be unleashed on the battlefield.

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