Alto’s Odyssey Beginner’s Guide To Learn Every Detail

Alto's Odyssey Beginner's Guide

If you wanted to use a sandboard to surf on sands filling up the horizon, then you are in luck. However, if you have an android or an iPhone with you, then I recommend going to the app store first.

But why go to the Apple App Store or Google Playstore? And even if you do go there, which app do you need to download?

This is because you need to download an endlessly running sandboarding game called Alto’s Odyssey. This mobile game is a sequel to Alto’s Adventure. If you have never played this game before, then download this game immediately.

However, before you start playing this game, I want you to read through Alto’s Adventure beginners guide once. Reading this guide will help you understand the game’s various gameplay mechanics and intricacies. Therefore, start reading so that you can get better at this game.

What Is Alto’s Odyssey?

What Is Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a free-running platforming game, similar to Subway Surfers and Temple Run. However, unlike these two games, this game is way more intricate and has better controls and graphics.

Here, you have your trusty sandboard under your feet to help you glide through the sands quickly and swiftly. However, there will be many obstacles in your oath that you need to overcome with precise reflexes and good control.

One of the most interesting ways to make a game more interesting is to add a scoring system to it. You get a score based on your performance when you complete a certain level.

But did you know that you can increase your score?

To do so, you must perform stunts while surfing on the sands or jumping from one cliff to another. The touchscreen controls also make this easy to pull off. You only need to tap the screen to jump and hold it down to pull off special stunts.

Alto’s Odyssey Beginners Guide – Best Tips And Tricks

Alto’s Odyssey Beginners Guide

To become a master at pulling off the most challenging stunts on Alto’s Odyssey, you can start by reading these tips and tricks first:

Focus On Your Objectives

Each time you start playing in Alto’s Odyssey, you will be given a set of objectives to complete. Therefore, always check your objectives first and focus on them while playing.

Your objectives will typically range from completing certain stunts or reaching certain milestones. Completing these objectives is super important because they will provide you with rewards. With these rewards, you can unlock new cosmetics items for your characters and even unlock new ones. 

More Tricks = Higher Score

More Tricks = Higher Score

To get a better high score in this game, you just have to be daring and perform better stunts to get a better high score in this game. Therefore, learn the intricacies of the controls and see what methods you can apply to perform breathtaking stunts.

The best way to earn a better high score is to combine your tricks and stunts. It means you do one trick immediately after another ends to chain them together.

This is the best way to get better scores because lining up tricks in succession is difficult to pull off. And the more difficult stunts you can pull off by chaining together, the better points and scores you will get. 

Study The Landscape And Your Environment

In Alto’s Odyssey, all the levels occur in three distinct regions or biomes. Each of these biomes looks different from the other, with different types of obstacles in each. These three biomes are:

  • Dunes: This sandy biome features many hills to roll off from and many big and small rocks to carefully jump over.
  • Canyons: You can use the fascinating wall boarding mechanic in canyons. This mechanic will allow you to climb the walls of canyons vertically. You can simply tap and hold it down on the screen.
  • Temples: Temples are unique because they have vines that you can use to climb up certain obstacles. Alternatively, you can latch on to these vines and swing like Indiana Jones from tree to tree. Also, the Temple biome has waterfalls, which will increase your speed. This increased boost can help you reach farther off places with a well-timed jump. 

Learn The Playstyle Of Each Character

Learn The Playstyle Of Each Character

You can choose from multiple characters when you start your Alto’s Odyssey gaming session for the day. The five characters and their special abilities are:

  • Maya: Good at backflipping.
  • Paz: Can bounce on rocks and even smash them.
  • Izel: Can make the best use of the wingsuit (fun fact – she created it).
  • Felipe: Can use double jumps.
  • Sumara: Has all the characters’ abilities (to a weaker extent). In addition, the various lemurs who impede your progress every 1000 meters won’t disturb her, making levels easier. 

Become A High Jump Master Who Can Also Backflip

Become A High Jump Master Who Can Also Backflip

Learning how to jump and backflip is super important in this game. This is because many lemurs will pursue you throughout your journey. These lemurs will jump up and try to slow you down every 1000 meters.

The best way to avoid these jumping lemurs is to change the course and momentum of your jump.

You must learn how to use backflips and double jumps, along with many environmental obstacles. Then, chain them all together to get a better score and even steer clear of lemurs simultaneously.

The Wingsuit Gives You Wings

The Wingsuit Gives You Wings

The wingsuit can be said to be your bail out of messy situations. The wingsuit does exactly what it is supposed to – help you glide and fly for a short period.

However, the wingsuit will not activate just with the press of a button in Alto’s Odyssey PC. To do so, you must get an 8x combo or tick streak to activate it once. Therefore, get your trick lining game on top to activate the sweet wingsuit too, and glide around like Batman.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Is Alto Odyssey Offline?

Yes, you can play Alto’s Odyssey on your smartphones online. You only need an internet connection to update the game or upload your high scores for the game’s various stages.

Q2. Is Alto Odyssey Available For PC?

Yes, Alto’s Odyssey is available on PC. The controls are different here because you use your keyboard for playing this game instead of your mobile touchscreen. You press the spacebar button to jump instead.

Q3. Is Alto Odyssey Multiplayer?

No, Alto’s Odyssey is not a multiplayer game. It is purely a single-player experience that you need to play all by yourself. However, the only multiplayer aspect of this game comes from regional leaderboards.

Q4. What Is The Difference Between Alto’s Adventure And Alto’s Odyssey?

Alto’s Adventure is the first part of Alto’s series of video games. It takes place in an icy tundra region where snowboarding is possible. On the other hand, Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel game, taking place in a desert where sandboarding is possible.

Boarding Off

This Alto’s Odyssey beginners guide full of the best tips and tricks is a great introduction to the basic concepts of the game.

If you read all the points in this guide, you will find some great points, like how to use the wingsuit and chain stunt combos together for a better high score.

If you want your name on the leaderboards, you will find helpful tips and tricks. Therefore, good luck on your journey, and see you in the sands!

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