Which Is The Best Original Xbox Controller In 2023?

Which Is The Best Original Xbox Controller In 2023

You might not know it, but the original Xbox controller is at its prime right now. Compared to controllers a few generations ago, the current ones are of higher quality and are more functional and stylish.

Today, you have a choice of several controllers. Moreover, if you play on both an Xbox and a Windows computer, the same option is available for both. Now let’s assume you like the Xbox Series X and S as your gaming console. Which decision is the best for you? To determine the finest Xbox controller available, we evaluated many different models.

The Best Original Xbox Controller In The Market Right Now  

The best Original Xbox Controller available in the market right now are:

1. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller  

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Price: $50

You’re thinking—and I already know this—that “The Original Xbox controller is the greatest controller for Xbox,” It might sound obvious, but I can promise you that this “standard” controller really does deserve its reputation as the finest choice for the majority of Xbox gamers.

This controller is the culmination of four generations and countless first-party controllers before it, and it shows. It may not have some of the additional capabilities that we’ll discuss with pricier alternatives, but that doesn’t mean it lacks anything.

Because of Microsoft’s exclusive wireless protocol, this is the only available, inexpensive wireless alternative. Including AA batteries rather than a built-in rechargeable cell may annoy some people, but it also makes it adaptable because it has a rechargeable AA battery pack.

With a USB-C cable, it also functions as a wired accessory, and the user-replaceable batteries ensure that you won’t be stuck with a joystick that loses its charge after years of usage.

2. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2  

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

Price: $160

The fancy, expensive upgrade to the standard controller is the Xbox Elite Series 2 from Microsoft. It was also launched a year before the current flagship Xbox consoles, making it older.

Hence, while having a USB-C connector and wireless compatibility, it is missing the valuable Share button seen on the original Xbox Wireless Controller. However, the outstanding build quality, user-swappable sticks, additional buttons with a D-pad, and extensive customizability more than makeup for that.

Picking up this wireless original Xbox controller reveals the superior materials used in its construction. The Elite controller combines higher-quality plastic. In addition, it has a rubberized grip with small pieces of metal, in contrast to the primary controller’s simple plastic construction.

The Elite is notably heavier than its less expensive siblings when you consider this and its built-in rechargeable battery. Moreover, a charging station and zip-up case that includes passthrough charging are included in the packaging.

4. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller  

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller

Price: $70

For those who have been Xbox enthusiasts since the beginning, The Hyperkin Duke Original Xbox Controller is a journey down memory lane. It has a gorgeous green body for that extra vintage feel and is fully compatible with modern systems.

The Xbox buttons have to be its most remarkable feature. Although it may appear unassuming at first, the display can actually play the original Xbox animation startup, a part that emphasizes the controller’s retro aesthetic.

Users of the Xbox Duke controller may recall that it featured a few black and white buttons on the face instead of bumpers at the time. They are still present on the Hyperkin Duke and serve a practical purpose by reflecting the input from the bumpers.

There are also genuine side bumpers if you find those to be too cumbersome to use. Its controller’s size makes it less ergonomic for those with little hands, which was a concern when the first Duke was released in 2001.

Yet, it’s difficult to contest the air of coolness present. Plus, it’s easy to learn how to take apart Xbox One controller!

5. Xbox Adaptive Controller  

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Price: $100

The original Xbox controller Series X|S is only sometimes used as intended. The Xbox Adapted Controller is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and disability rights organizations called The AbleGamers Charity, SpecialEffect, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and Warfighter Engaged.

Anyone with restricted mobility can play games on Xbox or Windows PCs with the Xbox Adapted Controller. This controller is evidence that Xbox really does want everyone to enjoy gaming.

Despite having some button inputs, the controller primarily acts as a central hub for various external accessibility devices. It would be almost hard for the Xbox Adaptive Controller to serve as the only input device because they are frequently designed specifically for each individual and are unique.

It has many 3.5mm jacks and USB connections for various assistive devices to connect, enabling more gamers to play. This is not a controller for those who are tired of using the original Xbox controller and want to try something different. It exists to fulfill a particular purpose, and it excels at fulfilling that goal.

6. Logitech G923 Racing Wheel  

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel

Price: $337

Driving fast through highways while controlling the vehicle is an experience that cannot be matched. Simply pushing the thumbsticks to maneuver the car on the screen provides a different level of immersion than using a standard controller. However, using a racing wheel makes you feel like you are a part of the action.

The Logitech G293 makes use of cutting-edge technologies to maximize the user experience. Players may experience real-time reactions and accurately change torque while driving thanks to the closed-loop motor control and dual-motor force feedback that Logitech calls Trueforce on the wheel itself. With its 24-point selection dial, you can easily change the traction, torque, and brake force.

7. Hori Fighting Stick Alpha  

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

Price: $200

The Hori Fighting Stick Alpha provides excellent and nimble arcade stick gaming, which differs from the original Xbox controller eBay.

It’s clear that it’s not made for all games, but fighting games are exactly what they should be used for. Gamers receive an arcade stick with personalized profiles, the flexibility to swap out the faceplate containing their own artwork, and ease of upkeep and customization.

The Hori Fighting Stick Alpha supports up to four profiles and has a key-lock mode for accidental damage prevention presses of the Menu, View, and Share buttons. There are also audio controls on board for those who need them.

The Hori companion app gives users more control over setting adjustments. Although $200 can be deterring, it is similar to other battle sticks that are worth taking into account. When seen as a whole, the Hori Fighting Stick Alpha is a monster.

Game On With Xbox!  

Game On With Xbox!

Selecting a controller can be a simple process. In actuality, you might not even need to purchase a second one. The controller that comes with the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X/S console should be enough if you just need the original Xbox controller.

Upgrade to a controller with extra buttons and triggers you can remap if you play competitive multiplayer games. In FPS games, it is especially advantageous to use a model with hair triggers, which reduces the distance needed for the controller to register an input.

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