How To Connect AirPods To Chromebook

Connect Airpods To Chromebook

Both Chromebook and Apple are very popular and come with unique features. In the last few years, Apple managed to expand its business a lot with its mobile devices and other accessories. Among all of them, one of the best ones is the AirPods. Many people are concerned that they will not be able to connect their Airpods with the Chromebook. 

If you are willing to know “How to connect AirPods to Chromebook” then don’t worry! We are here to answer your query. Both of them are very well compatible when you’re using Bluetooth. Despite being a product of Apple, the AirPods connect very well with other devices like Chromebook or Peloton. You just have to follow some simple steps to connect them easily. Here are the steps are given below in detail. 

How To Connect Airpods To Chromebook? 

The process of connecting the Airpods to Chromebook is not as seamless as it is in the Apple devices. However, you will still be able to connect them to Chromebook, thanks to Chrome OS. In addition, it is designed in a way to support all the wireless devices that come with Bluetooth. So, let’s find out how do you connect AirPods to a Chromebook. 

Steps To Connect AirPods To Chromebook:

Steps To Connect AirPods To Chromebook
  1. To connect your Airpods to the Chromebook, you will first need to open the network menu. You will get it at the lower right corner of your Chromebook. Next, click on the WiFi/network logo that is placed near the battery and clock logos. 
  2. You will get the network menu opened with different options. Go to the Bluetooth icon and click on the arrow beneath it. You have to ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on, which you can confirm by looking at the logo color. When Bluetooth is off, the logo turns to dark grey color. 
  3. This step is one of the most important steps in the process of “how to connect AirPods to Chromebook.”Once the Bluetooth is turned on, it will search for Bluetooth devices nearby automatically. You will find a list of discoverable devices that you can connect with. You will find the AirPods on that list if the Bluetooth is turned on on that device. 
  4. However, if it doesn’t appear, you will need to click on the button at the back of the AirPods case. It is the “pair” button, which will make the device discoverable by other devices. After doing this, you will find your device on the list of discoverable devices. 
  5. The AirPod will appear with a headphone icon on the list. Select it to pair your Chromebook with the AirPods easily. You will get a pop-up menu, “Paired Devices,” which means that the device is officially and perfectly connected with your Chromebook. 

Make Sure They Are Connected

After connecting your Chromebook, the AirPods should appear in the list of paired devices. However, you can confirm that another way by looking for the notification. So, yes, you will get a notification when connected from the Chrome OS. 

You can also unpair and pair the device again to confirm that they are connected. If you follow the instructions well, you will not get any issue regarding “How to connect AirPods to Chromebook.”

Why Won’t My Airpods Connect To My Chromebook?  

There will be certain time when you might be asking yourself, “whywon’t my AirPods connect to my Chromebook?” Well there might be a lot of reasons for that to happen and a few of those reasons are,

  • “Connectivity Issues.”
  • “Pending Chromebook OS software updates.”
  • “The AirPods could have to a nearby device like an iPhone or iPad instead.”
  • “Improper audio output settings.”
  • “Low or empty battery.”

If any of these things happen then after a minute or two of instant panicking calm yourself down, because there are easy solutions to deal with them with out much difficulty.

  • Retry your connection   
  • Update your Chromebook OS  
  • Disconnect AirPods from nearby Apple devices  
  • Reset the AirPods  
  • Manage Audio Output  

Retry Your Connection   

  • “Open the quick settings menu by clicking on the network icon at the bottom right of your screen.”
  • “Select Bluetooth.”
  • “Then click on the toggle button to turn off Bluetooth. Turn it back on again and repeat the pairing process outlined above.”

Update Your Chromebook OS  

  • “Make sure your Chromebook has a stable internet connection.”
  • “Open the quick settings”
  • “Select About Chrome OS. You will see the current version you are using.”
  • “Select Check for updates. If there is an updates, it will automatically download.”

Disconnect Airpods From Nearby Apple Devices  

  • “Connect the AirPods to your iOS device.”
  • “On your iOS device, go to Settings and select Bluetooth.”
  • “Select the More info option next to your AirPods.”
  • “Tap Forget This Device and tap again to confirm. Doing this will also disconnect your AirPods from all the other iOS devices using your Apple ID.”

Reset The Airpods  

  • “Put both your AirPods inside the charging case and leave the lid open.”
  • “Find the Setup button on the back of the AirPods case.”
  • “Press and hold the Setup button for 15 seconds or until the status light changes from flashing amber to white.”
  • “Close charging cse lid. Your AirPods asre now fully reset.”

Manage Audio Output  

  • “Open the quick settings menu by clicking on the network icon on the bottom right of your screen. You will see a headphone symbol beside the volume slider.”
  • “Tap on the headphone symbol.”
  • “The Audio settings menu will open and display all the available output options, such as wired headphones. Bluetooth accessories, or external monitor speakers. You can select both the Audio Output and Input device options.”
  • “Select your AirPods as the audio output device. You will now be able to hear any audio playing on your Chromebook through your AirPods.”

Common Issues Faced Using These Both Devices  

Common Issues Faced Using These Both Devices 

Although it works fine for most users, there are reports of many users getting different issues. It makes the devices not work properly due to different issues. When using the AirPods with other devices than the Apple ecosystem, some common issues might occur. Some of them include synchronization, connection, playing audio, and others. 

Now that you know how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook, you also need to know the solution to some common issues. However, all of the solutions might not work for you as every Chromebook is different from one to another. Therefore, it is very unlikely that all the time, AirPods will start working when paired with a Chromebook.   

However, there are plenty of fixes that you can try to get your AirPods working. Here are some of the most common solutions to different problems that you can try. 

Solutions To Common Problems 

You can try these common and popular solutions to make the AirPods working again. Here you can find the details with different steps. 

 Connection Issue

Connection Issue 

One of the most common issues that most users face is the connection issue. If your AirPods are not connected to the Chromebook, then here are some things that you can try. First, make sure that the device is not connected with any other devices that have Bluetooth turned on. 

If it is not the case, then try to connect any other Bluetooth devices with your Chromebook. It will help you to know that there is no Bluetooth issue; it is happening only in AirPods. Also, you can reset the AirPods by keeping them in the case again and pairing the device by holding the pair button. 

When the reset is successful, you will see a green flash in the case. Try to pair again to connect them successfully. This is one of the things that you need to know besides how to connect AirPods to Chromebook. 

 Connected But Audio Issue

Another common issue is audio not playing after connecting. You can resolve this issue with the help of one of the flags of Chrome OS named “NewBlue” It is a Bluetooth stack that helps fix the audio issue. It helped many users to fix the audio not playing, skipping audio, and other audio-related problems. 

 Synchronization Issue

If the audio of each ear in AirPods is not synced well, you will need to fix the issue immediately. In addition, knowing how to connect your AirPods to your Chromebook is not enough. You will need to know these fixes as well. So, all you need to do is make sure one of the earbuds is not covered. 

If it is covered, you will need to uncover it, and they will get in sync. Another fix is keeping the AirPods back in the case for a few seconds before using them back again. It will help to sync your AirPods again.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q1. How to connect AirPods to a Chromebook? 

Ans: You can connect it easily with Chromebook with the help of Bluetooth. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth in both devices and pair them.

2. Why won’t my AirPods connect to my Chromebook? 

Ans: Connectivity is one of the most common issues that happen mostly due to pairing problems. You can reset the AirPods to reconnect them easily with the Chromebook.

Q3. Why are my AirPods not flashing white? 

Ans: If your AirPods are not flashing white, the most common reason is that the case is out of charge or dead. You will need to charge back the case and connect the AirPods again to see the green light.


If you are here, it means you want to find out how to connect AirPods to Chromebook. The process is not as hard as many people think due to AirPods being a product of Apple. You can connect them very easily as the Chromebook is run by Chrome OS, which is known to be very compatible with other systems. 

You can get all the different information regarding the process of connecting them and common issues from this article. So, make sure to follow all the instructions correctly and share them with others who are looking for an answer.

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