The Huawei Band 4: The Only Fitness Tracker You Will Ever Need?

Huawei Band 4

Technology has been playing a major role in helping us stay fit and healthy. We have numerous fitness apps, smart wearables, and fitness trackers. In fact, we can even take gym and yoga classes online through video conferencing apps.

In fact, most of us have been doing the same ever since the pandemic hit.

This article is on Huawei’s small yet powerful fitness band the ‘4’. It is light, inexpensive, packs a host of features, and is great in terms of convenience.

Squarely, the huawei band4 goes up against the Xiaomi Band 4. For the most part, it matches the Mi product but also leaves it on its track in two or three areas.

Our aim through this article is to answer a relatively simple question. If you are in the market for a powerful fitness tracker that is sturdy, should you think about buying the Huawei Band 4? Well, let us find out…

Why you should be interested in the Huawei Band 4

Why you should be interested in the Huawei Band 4

Right off the bat, let us talk about the rabbit out-of-the-hat trick that Huawei has managed to pull off with the Band 4- the charging!

So almost all fitness trackers or bands come with a charger right. Not so as far as Huawei’s Band 4 is concerned. What you have is an in-built USB charger that comes when you remove one of the straps. Yes, you heard that right. When you remove the strap, you see a Male USB A port.

All you need to do is to plug into any port to make it charge. This is by far the easiest and most convenient charging set-up that we have seen in any wearable fitness tracker.

The second thing that should get your interest is its affordability. In fact, it outclasses Fitbits like they don’t even exist (while never missing out on any of the features). The prices for the Huawei Band 4 starts at around the 129 SAR mark.

Design and Fit of the Huawei Band 4

The first thing that you will note when you see and touch Band 4 is that it looks and feels incredibly light. We did some research and found that the band weighs just 24 grams!

The good part about this low weight is the fact that you can carry it on you whether you are going on treks, hiking, or even running.

You also get a small, yet sufficient display that is a tad under one inch (0.96 inches to be precise). You do get some pixelation, but that should be expected in a product at this price point.

The great part about the fit is that it is snug. You have a natural curve that hugs your wrist in a good way. There is also a very small bump, which you might not even feel it. This bump is to read heartbeats and sensors.

You get a lot of color options as far as Band 4 is concerned. You get amber sunrise, Sakura pink, or graphite black. There is no doubt that with Sakura Pink, Huawei is trying to target female users.

Standout Features of the Huawei Band 4

Standout Features of the Huawei Band 4

In this section, we are going to briefly list down some of the standout features and functions of the Huawei Band 4-

1. 50 Meters Water Resistance-

The first thing that is great about the Band 4 is that it has a high water resistance level. While you can definitely take a shower in it and brave some rainy storms, Huawei has not been explicit enough to state whether you can take it swimming or not.

2. 9 Pre-Installed Workout Modes-

Whether you are looking at indoor or outdoor fitness routines, Band 4 is fully equipped to offer support. You get 9 pre-installed workout modes that cover running, cycling, rowing, cross-trainer, and more.

3. Long Battery Life-

This is where the Huawei Band 4 stands heads and shoulders above its competitors. The battery charging setup is amazing, and you get more than a week of battery life even after heavy use. The color screen even though it pixelates, offers great feedback.

The Bottom Line

New technologies are supposed to make our lives better, rather than end up complicating them. With the Huawei Band 4, fitness becomes simpler, easier, and much more affordable. You get a great device that is sturdy, has good construction, offers a ton of data, and can be paired to your smartphone. If you have any more questions on Band 4, please let us know in the comments.

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