How To Block Adults’ Websites On Google Chrome? Solve It Now! 2022 Updates

how to block adults websites on google chrome

In the present era, the internet has become one of the vital needs of human life. People of all ages need it and children below 18 are no different. School students need the internet for educational purposes but there is always a risk that they would get exposed to adult websites. 

In this scenario, you can take certain steps to block such websites and keep your children safe. Remember, early and abrupt exposure to adult websites can be harmful to the adolescent mind. So, here are some effective steps you can take block websites. Have a look at the following points to understand how to block adults websites on Google Chrome. 

Blocking Websites On Chrome: General Facts

In this section, you can check out some general facts regarding blocking websites on Chrome. Have a look:

  • You can block any website on Chrome that distracts your work.
  • Apart from the system mechanism, you can block websites with the help of add-on apps. 
  • The technique of website blocking is different depending on the gadget that you are using.

Now, as you know the general facts, it is time to go through the techniques of blocking websites.

Effective Ways To Block Adults’ Websites On Google Chrome

Here are some ways how you can block the adults’ website on Google Chrome. This part is divided into multiple sections as you can understand the process easily. Have a look:

1. Blocking Websites On Chrome Via Desktop (With Extension)

Blocking Websites On Chrome Via Desktop (With Extension)

If you want to block websites on Chrome via desktop, you can use an extension. Follow the steps given below to execute the job with ease. For now, take a look at the steps:

  • Step 1: Search for the ‘Block Site’ option on Chrome’
  • Step 2: Click on it from your desktop 
  • Step 3: Find and click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Add extension’ and check if it working properly
  • Step 5: Block a website by typing its URL on the interface of the extension. 

2. Blocking Websites On Chrome Via Desktop (Without Extension)

There are two additional ways to block websites on Chrome without using any kind of extension. Check out the following points. 

As an administrator, you can edit the hosts’ files and restrict site access. For this, you need to make certain changes to the hosts’ files setup. This can lead to blocking the websites. Changes on the localhost IP can also lead to website blockage on Chrome. 

Host’s Files editing can lead you to block many websites at a time. All you have to do is enlist all the sites that you need to block.

You can also augment the IP address of your router to block adult websites on Chrome. Thus, you would need no extension. So, this is another solution to how to block adults’ websites on google chrome. 

3. Blocking Websites On Chrome Via Android

Blocking Websites On Chrome Via Android

If you are concerned about how to block adult websites on google chrome in android, this part is for you. Well, there are many ways you can do it. Take a look at the following points:

Using the Chrome Restrictions

On an android device, you can use the chrome restrictions to block websites. The best you can do is change the proxy settings to block websites with ease. Once you have changed the proxy settings, you can open Chrome and check whether the process is successful or not. 

In case you are still unaware of how to block adults websites on google chrome, you can take technical help from an expert. 

Accessing The User Feature

Google Chrome gives you chance to add a new user. So, this can be the way to block adults’ websites. You would need to find the above option and make a few changes. Make a new user ID on your chrome app and go to the ‘Manage Permissions’ option. 

Here, you can add the site URLs. So, enter the entire list of blogs that you need to block. After both the steps are complete you can go for restarting Chrome once again. 

Use the Safe Search On Chrome

The safe search option from Chrome can help you block sites for your android device. It can be the best solution if you are thinking about how to block adults’ websites on Google Chrome permanently.

To apply this process, you can go to the ‘Search Settings’ on the Chrome app. From here, you can turn on the safe search feature. 

As a result, you cannot get access to any of the adult websites from Chrome as it filters all sites with explicit content. 

Choosing The Chrome Extensions

As an Android user, you can use the Chrome extensions to get rid of adult websites. So, the best you can do is choose this solution. There are several extensions and web blockers available on Google. So, you can choose to download them.

Once you download the extensions, getting access to its interface can be an easy task. The best you can do is enter the names of the websites you need to block on the interface. As a result, you further cannot open such websites.

Using A Parental Control App

You can use a parental control app on your device to block access to all types of adult websites. However, you need to keep in mind that the apps come with a pricing plan. So, you would need to spend a sum monthly to restrict the adult website access on your device.

You can make a child profile with some of the apps like SecureTeen. This can turn the phone just a smart device that children can use for studying. Make sure you save the settings once you block the websites. 

Beware Of The Condition Of The Phone

You should beware of the condition of your android device when applying the above techniques to block adult websites. Check the few points given below in this respect:

Android Version: You should always check if your device has an updated android version. It is important as many apps and extensions are not compatible with outdated android.

Updated Software: Apart from the android version of your phone, you should check if the software is always updated. It is another vital thing as the basic functioning of an android device depends vitally on it.

Recent Apps: You can expect the apps to perform the best in case they are regularly updated.  So, if you have an android app for restricting adult websites, remember to update it on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Important To Block Adult Websites On Internet?

Yes, it is important to block adult websites on Google if your children are accessing the internet on a daily basis. 

Why You Can Use Extensions While Blocking Website?

You can use the extensions to block adult websites because it is safe and easy. 

Are Apps The  Only Way To Block Websites On Android Device?

No, you can use the Google extensions on Android devices easily. 

How To Block Adults Websites On My Phone?

Depending on which type of phone you use, you can block adult websites. Either go for the extensions or apps.  

Final Words

When it comes to blocking the websites on  Chrome, you can easily do it. However, choosing the right way is vital. You need to keep in mind the security of your device too. 

So, do not rely on an app that has a low rating. You should even check the source of the extension that you get from Google. 

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