Next Level Business Telephony Now Accessible For SMEs

Business Telephony

Your business is doing well. You have employees in the office, employees on the road in the car and employees working from home.

The home workers are lovely in their own environment, with their own coffee, sometimes in pyjamas, sometimes in suits, sometimes with pyjama trousers and a jacket (because you only see the top anyway).

But… precisely because things are going so well, problems arise. Demand for your product increases, but problems arise with communication and with scaling up operations. With 10 orders per week per employee, it was still doable to have employees call with their own phones and then reimburse the phone bill. But some employees are now starting to grumble a bit.

The phone bill is really high. And the reimbursement only comes at the end of the month. Pay in advance, then? To keep employees happy? That costs capital and is ultimately not very scalable. And shouldn’t we just have company phones? Most big companies do.

Now, of course, you can go shopping for VoIP calling business subscriptions from the usual telecom providers, but there are more options!

The Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System

Every day, thousands of new internet applications arrive in the world. And one of them solves the problem of communication and scalability like no other: the VoIP PBX.

You have probably used Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. So you already know how convenient it is to communicate over the internet. With voice, webcam and even computer screen sharing.

All these features a cloud phone system like this has – and more! The cloud phone system largely uses the same technology as Skype, Zoom and other providers. It’s just much more professional.

The technology is called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but working with such a PBX is much smoother than with Skype and Zoom and… any programme. And the reason is that it is an integrated phone system.

That sounds good, but what does that mean? It means that the benefits of a VoIP system (lower costs, especially when calling across borders, flexibility, greater coverage), are combined with traditional tools like a desk phone, as well as a company mobile phone and specialised web apps.

So a solution for employees in the office, employees at home and employees on the move! The cloud PBX and all peripherals are all coordinated and often fully set up beforehand.

Software-Based – So Extra Features

Because the product is largely a software affair, it comes with many extras such as a call filter, a digital answering machine, call recording, and much more.

Next Level Business Telephony

Let’s zoom in a little further on some of these extras:

1. Call filter:

Do you want to deny certain callers or phone numbers access to one of your own, or not allow certain phone numbers to contact your company number at all? You can! With a call filter, you block individual numbers or a certain selection of numbers (such as mobile numbers without number recognition).

2. Digital answering machine:

An answering machine, but digital, so that means you can save messages and forward them if necessary. There is also practically no limit to the number of messages that can be left.

3. Recording calls:

While on the phone with one or more people, you can choose to record the conversation. This allows you to listen back to what was said and/or agreed upon later. Or you can forward the audio file as a kind of minute to all involved.

4. Selection menu:

The familiar ‘key 1 for…’ and so on. But quick to set up, change if necessary and set separately for certain periods. For example, you can present a different menu to your customers for the weekend than during the week.

5. Peak traffic capture:

Have you launched a successful marketing campaign? And now everyone wants to buy your product, or at least learn more about it? In the past, it was sometimes the case that ‘lines were overloaded’ and callers ‘couldn’t get through. That is a thing of the past with peak traffic collection. Of course, you still need to make sure you have enough people to answer the phone yourself to avoid very long queues.

6. SMS tool:

Of course, you can send a text message with any mobile phone. But what if you want to send the same message 1,000 times, but with the customer’s name from your customer database as the salutation? Since all calling and messaging is software-based, you can easily achieve this with a cloud PBX.

7. Statistics:

The last advantage we will discuss here (but there are many more), is the ability to get a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and actually any period overview of all communications via your business phone number within your company. Very handy to see where the most costs are incurred, for example!

Basically, all these functions are available for all types of extensions. So it does not matter whether you choose to apply for a local, toll-free or even foreign like for example a France virtual number: all business numbers can benefit from these useful functionalities.

Data Security

Data Security

Finally, we need to focus on data security. Regular phone traffic can be ‘tapped’. It is relatively easy (provided you have the right tools at your disposal) to eavesdrop on a phone call. Things are a little different with hosted VoIP.

VoIP technology involves encryption. This means that both audio and text are encrypted and only then ‘fly’ over the internet. That encrypted text cannot be decoded by third parties. VoIP has grown from a new phenomenon, with all kinds of security problems, into a robust technology thoroughly tested by ‘the field’ and, after many improvements, now virtually the safest way to communicate over the internet.

Next-Level Business Telephony Now Accessible For SMEs

With the arrival of the internet, many applications have been developed over time that makes the lives of individuals and companies a lot easier.

The VoIP PBX is one of them. Because of the software-based nature of such a PBX, the possibilities are unprecedented.

You can control telephone traffic within your business exactly as you want, in a secure manner, and above all, the ease with which you can scale up when needed is a huge advance.

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