The Best Autotune Plugins You Should Know About In 2023

The Best Autotune Plugins You Should Know About In 2023

Autotune, even when a different tool is used, is referred to as the generic phrase for pitch correction. Artists like Cher and T-Pain have popularized the severe usage of the instrument to give vocals the typical hard-tuned effect that we are so familiar with in contemporary pop. 

Here is a post where I explain what these plugins are used for and which are the best ones in the industry right now. 

What Is Autotune And Why Should You Use It In 2023?

What Is Autotune And Why Should You Use It In 2023
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Although the phrase “autotune plugins” is now widely used, it really refers to a particular item. In 1997, Antares unveiled the original edition of its renowned pitch-correction program. It combines techniques for pitch recognition and pitch shifting. As a result, it was able to identify a note being sung and transfer it to the subsequent semitone.

The tool was originally meant for the delicate nudging of slightly out-of-tune performances into place. Even though this harsh tuning is the most overt and conspicuous application of pitch correction software, voice editing is now a process that practically every record goes through.

Best Autotune Plugins To Use In 2023

If you wish to use plugins to correct vocal pitches and scales, you need to use them with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Here is a list of the best autotune plugins that you should use now in 2023.

1. Antares Autotune

Antares Autotune
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Price: $399 (full version)

Antares Audio Technica is the brand that started it all. The entire concept of autotuning your vocals to make them sound pitch-perfect started with this company.

Starting all the way back in 1977, the autotune plugins released by Antares took the world by storm. There was no need to take overdubs and create multiple vocal layers to make it sound pitch-perfect. Instead, you can just record the vocals, use this plugin and press a few keys, and boom! You will sound pitch-perfect as long as you are a decent singer. All you need is a MIDI keyboard to ensure that you tune the right pitch with each key on the keyboard.

You can get various versions of Antares Autotuner, like Antares Auto-tune Pro and various auto-tune plugins as well. The Antares Auto-Tune Pro is the one that you should be using. Here, the entire plugin package will come for a one-time cost of $399.

However, if you want to use some specific plugins that you wish to use with your DAW, then you can opt for using them as well. Here, Antares has various plugins in store for you. Oui can buy each one of them individually using Auto-Keys, which cost $49 each.

2. Celemony Melodyne 5

Celemony Melodyne 5
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Price: $699 (full version)

While Antares might have been a pioneer in creating auto tuning programs, Melodyne also pioneered in the same field. However, Melodyne took the concept in a different direction with their software.

Here, the Antares allows producers to automatically correct the vocal track to match the correct pitch. However, Melodyne allows producers much more flexibility and customizability with the vocal recordings. By using Melodyne, you can freely edit each and every note in the vocal track. 

Here, using Melodyne, you can customize and correct various elements of your voice like pitch, dynamics, formants, timing, and more. In addition, when you use Melodyne, you can see each and every pop-up on the screen as the vocal track is being played. This also makes auto-tuning fun as well! 

Plus, not only can you do this with your vocal tracks, but you can also manipulate your instrument recordings too. Therefore, you can change your guitar, piano, and more sounds as well!

3. Waves Tune Real Time

Waves Tune Real Time
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Price: $79 

If you want a high-quality plugin, then Waves Tune Real-Time might be just what you are looking for. Apart from producing high-quality autotuning results, it also does so at a pretty cheap price. 

This is by far one of the cheapest autotune plugins in the market right now. What makes this plugin special is the fact that it has knob controls for note transitions and note speeds. Therefore, you can have better control over the intensity of the pitch and the changes you make to it. 

In addition, you also have extra options like advanced formant correction and vibrato correction as well. Plus, its best feature is the ability to use real-time auto-tuning while recording!

4. iZotope Nectar 3 Plus

iZotope Nectar 3 Plus
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Price: $249

When you want a truckload of features, Nectar 3 Plus by iZotope has it all. This plugin is used by professionals for its ability to assist in vocal mixing and masking, along with pitch shifting besides key detection as well. Here, unmasking allows you to make vocals pop with more clarity, even when recorded in a lesser acoustic environment.

This plugin has 12 vocal chain modules with various functions. This includes access to various effects like 24-band EQ, Dynamic modes, pitch and dimension modulation, reverb, compressor, and more.

5. GVST G-Snap

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Price: Free

After looking at all the autotune plugin prices mentioned so far, I bet you didn’t expect a free plugin, right?

If you want a simple and easy-to-use plugin to make simpler vocal pitch and scale adjustments, download this one. One of the best features of this plugin is its automatic pitch correction feature. Despite being free of cost, its pitch correction capabilities are pretty accurate and produce high-quality results.

While it may not have the great assortment of features offered by the other plugins on this list, it still is great on its own merits. If you are a beginner music producer, I believe you should start out with this one before going for the other options on this list. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Here are my answers to various queries regarding autotune raised by new music producers.

Q1. Do All Singers Use Autotune?

Ans: Most singers in the pop and hip-hop industry use autotune for perfecting their vocal recordings. However, it has been suggested singers of rock, heavy metal, and jazz bands do not use autotune.

Q2. Does Autotune Change Your Voice In The Recordings?

Ans: While it doesn’t change your voice completely, it does make it sound better. This is because using such plugins will help you correct certain elements of your voice, like pitch and tonal inaccuracies. 

Q3. Who Made Autotuning Famous?

Ans: According to popular belief, T-Pain is said to have autotuning famous. Other artists that followed suit were Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and Quavo.

Q4. Does Billie Eilish Use Autotune?

Ans: Billie Eillish uses autotune. However, her use of autotuning is limited to certain parts of certain songs only, only to provide additional effects. Most of her songs do not use any autotuning.


Autotune is now widely used in the industry for correcting pitches and other vocal inaccuracies. While its use has been subjected to lots of debate and criticism, almost all music producers use it nowadays. 

You can use any of the plugins with your DAW that I have listed above to make your vocal recordings sound as clear as possible!

If you know about any other autotune plugins in the market that you wish to highlight, tell me in the comments below!

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