Why Should You Link Your Client’s Google Ads Account To Search Console?

why should you link your client’s google ads account to search console?

When you are trying your best to implement good practices on your client’s website, you need to use all the tools that can help you boost your job. However, many people still overlook the simple process that is linking the Google Search Console (GSC) with the AdWords account of the client.

They are still asking themselves “why should you link your client’s Google Ads account to search console?” Well, the main reason is to link accounts is to access much more data. In addition, it will help to make the right decision about all keywords and search opportunities. However, there are many other benefits that you can get. 

It clears up the difference between organic vs. paid keywords. You will also learn about the incremental value for both of these terms. You can now take a look at organic and paid search opportunities in a very simple report. If you have a limited budget and perform well in organic, you can pause the keywords and stop paid searches. 

This is excellent news for you whether you are doping both of them alone or in any agency. Many agencies out there provide both SEO and PPCS to a single client. If you are looking for the answer to why should you link your client’s Google Ads account to search console? It is primarily to observe if users are reaching the website of your client via organic search or ads. 

Here are some other benefits that you need to know about linking Google Adwords. 

Benefits Of Linking Your Client’s Google Ads Account To Search Console 

As mentioned earlier, there are many other benefits from the primary benefit of linking Google ad words to GSC. Even if your marketing strategy is working for clients, this is one of the things that will help them to improve. 

Increased Data From Keywords And Queries 

This is one of the most common reasons for adding a console to AdWords.It will help you to see the incremental value of both keywords and search queries. Taking both these approaches will help you to make a marketing plan accurately. 

Difference Between Organic And Paid Keywords 

It becomes effortless to see the difference between organic and paid keywords after linking the accounts. You will get a much clearer picture of how they are performing individually and see the difference. Looking at the products selling and users visiting the website will help you to know the difference. 

After linking the accounts, there is a report completed that you can begin running. The organic and paid report pages are updated daily, and you can take a look at the CTR. You can check how particular keywords of both paid reach and organic are making changes in the CTR

You can make quick adjustments with the additional data to confirm your campaigns stay within budget while overperforming. 

Compare With Other Bidders 

Another reason why should you link your client’s Google Ads account to search console? is that it lets you compare with other bidders or companies. The system of AdWords works wholly based on the advertiser bids. So, with every search, you are up against a lot of companies. 

After linking the accounts, you can find out the reports of both if your apps are underworking or overworking. You can also compare the result with others who are running campaigns as well. You will get helpful insight to improve your campaigns

Now that you know why should you link your client’s Google Ads account to search console? you need to understand how they work. 

Google Search Console 

Search console Google is a service offered by Google that helps to check the performance of a particular website to find out if it is underperforming or overperforming. It helps to:

  • Check and fix all the errors
  • Optimize the visibility of the website
  • Check the website traffics
  • Check the website performance
  • Track the overall performance of the website
  • Find out the indexing status of the web pages 

Google AdWords 

It is an advertising program online that advertisers can use to show their advertisements in exchange for payment. It helps reach the maximum number of potential customers interested in your products and offerings. It helps to:

  • Increase the brand awareness 
  • Promote the business online 
  • Reach potential customers and convert them 
  • Boost the website traffic 
  • Spread awareness among people about services and products 
  • Check paid listing performance on Google 
  • Manage and control ad campaigns, budgets, etc. 

You might have figured out by now why should you link your client’s Google Ads account to search console?, but you need to know how to do it. 

If you want to get a deeper look into your ad campaign and see the detailed report, you need to know how to link Google Ads with GSC. Here are five simple steps that will help you to connect easily without any hassle. 

  1. First, you will need to open your Google ads account by logging in. After logging in, you will find the menu to connect with GSC. 
  2. From the dashboard menu, you will find the settings option. Click on it to find ‘Linked Accounts.’ Click on it to get all the options for the Google AdWords link. 
  3. Scroll down through all the options and find ‘Search Console.’ Click on details to know more about it. 
  4. You will be able to see the description of GSC and find the option to link the Google AdWords account. 
  5. Select on the link, and enter the website address of your Google Ads account. Click on continue after you provide the information. Your account will be linked now with a confirmation message. 


From the above article, you will know why you should link your client’s Google Ads account to the search console. It helps to give you much more insight into the performance of all the campaigns. You can improve them or take action as needed based on the reports. Also, you can compare them with other competitors as well. Linking helps you to know the difference in performance between organic and paid keywords.

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