Roblox Rule 34: Community Guidelines And Terms Of Use

Roblox Rule 34

The video game industry has expanded in the last 20 years to great heights. From its humble beginnings to becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, it has a large player base and users. All these players log in every day to play their favorite games with their friends.

Online communication is slowly becoming more and more quick and effortless every day. This causes its problems to pop out one by one. The biggest problem of open mic communication in video games is cyberbullying and abuse. This is the reason why Roblox guidelines regarding Roblox Rule 34 have become a necessity.

In this blog, you will get to learn about the implications of Roblox Rule 34 on Roblox gamers. After reading this article, you will understand the Roblox community Guidelines, especially those related to Rule 34.

What Is Rule 34?

What Is Rule 34

The term Rule 34 means that pornographic content can be made out of any conceivable topic. This can be summed up in this popular catchphrase:

“If it exists, there can be porn in it. No exceptions.”

This rule became so popular over time that every teenager on the internet soon knew about it. The term Rule 34 was first seen in an online webcomic by Peter Morely Souter or TangoStari (online chat username). The webcomic he created depicted his shock in seeing online porn comics created with the characters of Calvin and Hobbes.

From there, he deduced that you could create pornographic images, videos, artworks, and stories with any fictional character. That is when he coined the term Rule 34 to signify the concept that pornographic material can be made with any character. If it exists, porno of it will exist too.

What Is Roblox Rule 34?

What Is Roblox Rule 34

Now that you are familiar with Rule 34, it’s time for you to know what Roblox Rule 34 is.

The Roblox Rule 34 means that every content available on Roblox can be turned into pornography. Yes, you heard that right. Since Roblox can fit in a vast assortment of games made by its users for their player base, pornographic content can also be made of it.

This is the reason why there are so many pornographic and obscene games on Roblox. While these games usually get taken down quickly by the developers, many have slipped their gaze. Then, many young teenagers get to play these games, turning their viewpoints on life and sexuality around.

Roblox is a game that is primarily played by young kids and teenagers. This is why most games created on Roblox have no adult or mature content in them. This refers to having none of the following:

  • Blood and gore.
  • Partial or complete nudity.
  • Dirty language.
  • Insensitive comments, like homophobic slurs.

Roblox Rule 34 Community Guidelines

Roblox Rule 34 Community Guidelines

Ever since content related to Roblox Rule 34 became popular on online forums and social media, it has raised a storm of discussions. 

Since Roblox is a game that is aimed toward children and teenagers, adult content is not created and promoted here. Ever since Roblox Rule 34 spread, players started creating R-Rated content for Roblox, which children got to see as well.

This created many discussions amongst parents in online forums as to the safety of letting their children play Roblox.

This soon sparked controversy when porn games, dubbed hentai games, became famous on Roblox. Parents soon started complaining against Roblox Rule 34 and even prevented their children from playing Roblox.

This outrage forced the Roblox developers to make a decision about Rule 34 Roblox. This led to the creation of the Roblox Rule 34 community Guideline that every player needs to follow.

The first and foremost rule is that if you get caught sharing Rule34 Roblox verified content, then you will be given a warning. After getting three warnings, you will be banned from playing this game for some days.

If you get banned three times, then you will be given a permaban. Here, Roblox will record your IP address and ban that address. Therefore, you will not be able to play the game using the same internet connection that you had used before.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. What Are The Roblox TOS Rules?

Roblox has its own TOS to prevent the promotion of many negative actions that can have several repercussions on the well-being of other players. Some of the most highly enforced and implemented Roblox TOS Rules are:

• Endangering children
• Violent threats and death threats
• Cyberbullying and cyberharassment
• Self-inflicted pain and suicide attempts
• Sharing sexual content
• Illegal activities
• Promotion of terrorism

Q2. Does Roblox Allow Blood?

No, Roblox typically does not allow the view of blood or mutilations and gory dismemberments in any of its games. However, this has not stopped many of the Roblox creators from sharing games with blood and gore. Although they quickly get taken down.

Q3. What Happens If You Get Three Warnings On Roblox?

If you get three warnings on Roblox, then you will be banned from playing this game for three days. Each time you get three more bans, you will be banned again and again. Each time you get banned, your ban period will increase.

Q4. Can Roblox Ban You Forever?

There is no official “forever ban” on Roblox. Each time you get banned, your ban period increases each time. If you get banned a lot of times repeatedly, then your IP address will be banned. This renders you unable to play this game, and you cannot even play it by creating alternate accounts.


The raunchy and explicit content produced due to Roblox Rule 34 has rendered many children helpless from playing Roblox. This is because their strict parents found out about all the naughty content their kids have been spending time checking out on Roblox.

Therefore, after getting a community backlash, the developer came up with the Community Guidelines for Roblox Rule 34 content. Therefore, if you have been watching R-Rated content through Roblox, then be prepared to get banned.


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