Mercedes-Benz Declared ‘supercomputers’, Partnership With Google

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On wednesday, 22nd February, 2023, Mercedes-Benz said they would team up with Google in every car. Now the car will have automated driving sensors. As every carmaker’s company is competing with each other to implement software systems that customers will recognise. 

Mercedes-Benz seeks to beat with Chinese newcomers and Tesla. They want to keep control over the customer relationships and also establish their cars as “supercomputers”. 

Chief Executive Ola Kaellenius said at an event in Sunnyvale, California,

“Every single Mercedes from that point forward will have a supercomputer in it,”

referring to its new operating systems MB.OS. 

Mercedes generated more than one billion euros ($1.06 billion) from software enabled revenue in 2022. And, they expect to raise this figure to a high single digit billion euro by the end of the decade. 

Kaellenius said,

“We take a prudent approach because no-one knows how big that potential pot of gold is at this stage,”

He added,

“You only pay for a heavily subsidized chip, and then figure out how to maximize joint revenue,” 

Mercedes upcoming model allows to the users to watch YouTube on the car’s entertainment system. Plus, users can drive to take their eyes off the wheel on the road with the help of an automated driving system. 

Along with this, Google partnerships make this process easy for the consumers. It will offer traffic updates and automatic rerouting in its cars. With level 3 autonomous driving mode makes these cars extraordinary. 
The Company said at the conference,

all car Marcedes’ next models architecture platform will also have  hyperscreens extending across the cockpit  of the car.”

However, Google and Mercedes are happy to collaborate for further projects in future.

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