Google Home Max White Smart Speaker Review: Still Loud Enough In 2023?

Google Home Max White Smart Speaker Review Still Loud Enough In 2023

If you want a small and powerful speaker with enough power to amp the party up to 11, look at the Google Home Max White speaker. This smaller speaker works well with voice recognition and has enough juice to fill up an entire room with sound.

If you want to buy a smart home speaker that you can simply control with voice commands, read this review post until the end.

Google Home Max White Speaker Design  

Google Home Max White Speaker Design
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Not everyone will appreciate Google Home Max White design. It is pleasingly familiar in appearance as if Google Home Mini Blue got hit with an enlargement gun and a flattener for the sides. The drivers are covered in gray fabric, facing forward rather than up, and the rest of the body is composed of durable, white, soft-touch plastic.

Behind the fabric grille on the front and the four circular Google Home LED lights serve as indicators for various conditions. They light up while the speaker listens to you and display volume levels when you make changes.

You may accomplish this by pressing or swiping at a touch-sensitive region on top to pause and resume playback. In addition, you can do the same by sliding your finger up and down to boost or decrease the volume.

As per the Google Max Speaker specs, the connections are in a small cutout at the back. This includes a button for the microphone’s mute, a 3.5mm audio input, and a USB Type-C socket. However, the latter is utilized to connect an Ethernet adapter (not provided) if Wi-Fi connectivity is a difficulty rather than for audio.

Google Home Max White Speaker Features  

Google Home Max White Speaker Features
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Although nothing new is added here, Google Assistant is perfect. It typically does a better job of understanding your questions than Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, and it’s much more likely to give you a thoughtful answer to a trivial inquiry. The Home Max’s Assistant can recognize up to five distinct voices, so it may respond to requests for music by adjusting its recommendations. It’s important to remember that hardware makers continue to support Amazon’s Alexa more often.

Coming to the variety of music and radio stations it offers, Assistant is very decent. It rivals Alexa in this area and easily defeats the Apple HomePod. To search for your music using your voice on Apple’s smart speaker, you’re limited to Apple Music, and there isn’t much radio support.

All premium music streaming services are voice search, control, and playing support on the Home Max. Podcasts are played through Google’s collection, while the radio is streamed through TuneIn and iHeartRadio. But, it is a bit inconvenient because your speaker’s and phone’s progress are not synchronized.

Far-field voice detection is something that the Home Max is less keen on. Six microphones are arranged in an array on the speaker, which can pick up voice commands from across the room, including background noise.

Yet, I discovered I had to talk louder with it more frequently than with an Apple HomePod. You nearly have to yell “Hey, Google” when the music exceeds 60% to elicit a response.

Google Home Max White Speaker Review: Sound Quality  

Google Home Max White Speaker Review Sound Quality
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How good is the Google Home Max sound quality? Simply put: loud. A powerful speaker, this one can fill a large home and crank up the volume to house-party levels without distorting.

A pair of high-excursion 4.5-inch woofers and a pair of tweeters are behind the front grilles. This combo produces a vibrant lower-midrange and controlled, deep bass. I enjoy the sound that this speaker makes. The bottom end is good enough and powerful without being excessively bassy. It’s a fantastic speaker for listening to jazz and excellent heavy metal music.

The higher frequencies are where the Google Home Max White speaker falls short. Live tracks, where I’d anticipate some atmosphere enveloping the music, fall short of the presence I’d expect from such an expensive speaker.

It also has a disturbing lack of breadth in the soundstage, whether you put the speaker on its side or upright. If you close your eyes, the channel in the front appears to be the source of all sound.

Best Google Home Max White Speaker Alternatives  

The best alternative to the Google Home Max White speakers that you can get in the market are:

1. Amazon Echo Show 2  

Amazon Echo Show 2
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Price: $269.99

Amazon’s 2018 Echo Show’s sound quality is far better than its predecessor’s despite not being as large or robust as the Google Home Max. Its 10.1-inch display gives it an edge over Google’s Home Max, which solely has speech capabilities.

Like other Alexa-based smart speakers, the Echo Show boasts outstanding microphone sensitivity, which is more compatible with third-party smart home devices than Google Assistant speakers.

2. Amazon Echo Sub  

Amazon Echo Sub
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Price: $145.99

The Amazon Echo Sub is a peculiarity in the world of smart speakers. It is worthless by itself; it only comes to life when used with other Echo speakers, giving relatively lightweight speakers a heftier body, weight, and bass.

You can buy a sub with two Echo Plus speakers, enabling you to operate a complete smart stereo speaker music system.

3. KEF LSX  

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Price: $1,199

If sound quality is more important to you, it’s also worthwhile to consider the impressive KEF LSX, which isn’t stylish but sounds fantastic. They sound considerably more sophisticated for music, are more compact and tiny than the Google Home Max, and look fabulous. Although you can also get them in blue, black, red, and white in addition to the green that we tried, all save the white version have a fabricated wrapping that makes them different.

They are wireless, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (including aptX), and optical S/PDIF for older devices. You may also plug them in via a 3.5mm cable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-   

Music lovers have various queries on their mind regarding the Google Home Max White speaker, which I have answered below:

Q1. Can The Google Home Max White Be Used As A Soundbar?  

Ans: Since this speaker is pretty beefy and robust, you can use the Google Home Max White as a soundbar. However, it’s better used as a normal smart home speaker.

Q2. Why Did Google Discontinue Google Home Max Smart Speakers?  

Ans: Google soon discontinued the Google Home Max smart speakers because they have a new set of smart speakers – the Google Nest – which they are promoting and selling more.

Final Verdict: Is The Google Home Max White Speaker Good Enough In 2023?  

Despite these flaws, the Google Home Max White is an excellent all-around smart speaker among those made by the three significant tech companies – Google, Amazon, and Apple. It has the most flexible connectivity, an efficient digital assistant, and excellent and balanced sound quality.

This is a fantastic product. However, the cost is the issue here. It is the most costly smart speaker of the big three at $399, which doesn’t quite justify its price.

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