Ex-CS:GO Pro And Major Winner “Tarik” Celik Joins Sentinels

Ex-CSGO Pro And Major Winner Tarik Celik Joins Sentinels

Tarik will be joining Sentinels as a content creator, along with being a substitute for their Valorant team. 

Main Highlights:

  • Former CS:GO pro and Major title winner Tarik will be joining Sebntimnels as a content creator.
  • He has stated that he has been slotted as a potential substitute for Sentinel’s professional Valorant roster.
  • This is the second biggest signing by Sentinels in the last two months, previously signing FPS god Shroud previously as well.

Former professional CS:GO player and Major title winner “Tarik” Celik has been signed to become a content creator for Sentinels. 

The last time Tarik was signed to an organization, it was to Evil Geniuses as a part of their pro CSGO roster. However, he stopped down from the roster in 2021 to pursue streaming full-time.

This announcement was made via a short teaser clip of Tarik posted on Youtube and from his social media accounts as well. Tarik sported the signature red uniform of Sentinels. A similar teaser cum announcement video was also posted by FPS legends and former CSGO pro-Micheal “Shroud” Grzsiek as well.

Tarik has gained a significant boost in popularity ever since Valorant was released in 2020. After leaving Evil Geniuses, he full-time dedicated his streams to playing Valorant. This proved to be a great move since it boosted his follower count all the way up to 2.2 million on Twitch.

Tarik also stated that while he has signed as a content creator for Sentinels, he will boot up and join its professional Valorant team if the requirements are so. Recently this was the situation for Shroud as well, who played alongside pros like Tenz and Shahzam in the Valorabt VCT Qualifiers 2022.


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