Apple Decides To Manufacture iPhone 14 Models In India Few Months After Release

Apple Decides To Manufacture iPhone 14 Models In India

The wait is almost over for iPhone lovers. Apple has announced that it will start manufacturing the latest model of the brand, the iPhone 14, in India. The company is planning to start production in the next two months. This means that consumers might get their favorite device around early November.

After the initial release in China, the mega-company Apple Inc. finally announced its wish to diversify its production. Only two months from the release, the company is already in talks with Foxconn, the contract manufacturer.

While the assembly plant of Foxconn that is set up near Chennai will not be able to start production immediately, the people in the country might expect to get their own iPhone 14 somewhere around the end of the year.

The Bloomberg report has confirmed this news. The report also mentions all the details you need about the latest release. This narrows the tech gap between India and China.

This is great news for the consumer base, as they had to wait for a much shorter time span. Previously customers could get their hands on the then newest set of iPhones after almost nine months.

Currently, three manufacturing companies are under contract with Apple— Wistron, Foxconn, and Pegatron.

Apple has been trying to look for other alternatives to China for making iPhones. This is mainly due to the clashes between the Government of China with the United States. Thus, Foxconn and Apple have decided to start manufacturing in India simultaneously.


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