Mangalyaan-2 Mission: How ISRO’s Project Is Different From NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission


The six major differences between ISRO’s Mangalyaan-2 mission and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission are:

  1. “The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is preparing to conduct the Mars Orbiter mission 2, which has been dubbed as Mangalyaan-2. The mission is now in different stages of development in terms of ideation, payloads, and more.”
  1. “NASA has conducted several orbiter missions that can help us judge the mission’s objectives and how it will serve to improve global knowledge about the red planet. NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission is still orbiting Mars and giving us significant information.”
  1. “NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission was designed to find and study the presence of water on Mars. NASA says, Water flowed across the surface in Mars’ history but till now the speculation remained a mystery and the habitat for life on the planet is still being evaluated.”
  1. “To know more about Mars, ISRO is also conducting an orbital mission which will thoroughly measure and study the mysterious atmosphere and environment of the red planet. While both missions hold different objectives, the goal to study the planet and find habitability remains the same.”
  1. As per NASA, “the mission will study the Martian surface, minerals, look for subsurface water, trace how much dust and water are distributed in the atmosphere, and monitor daily global weather. However, ISRO will be studying the planet’s interplanetary dust, atmosphere and environment.”
  1. NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission has been completed over 17 years, and the spacecraft is still orbiting the planet. Whereas ISRO’S MOM-2 is expected to be launched in the coming years. The mission timelines have not been specified by the Indian Space Agency yet.
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