UK Employs Artificial Intelligence To Support Development Of Its 6th-Gen Fighter Program, Tempest

Artificial Intelligence

Reportedly, the UK is using state-of-the-art technology, including Artificial Intelligence, to bolster the advancement of their next-generation fighter aircraft, Tempest.

The official statement of the Royal Air Force said, “Stated to be a vital component of the UK’s future combat air system, FCAS is envisioned as a supersonic stealth fighter incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced integrated sensing and protection capabilities.”

They further stated, “the program, a joint effort involving the UK, Italy, and Japan, will heavily depend on millions of lines of code integrated into the aircraft and ground-based systems. This highlights the critical necessity for Tempest’s software to exhibit exceptional robustness and resilience, exceeding the potential adversaries.”

In the official statement, it was also stated that “the Royal Air Force disclosed that leading combat air companies in the UK, alongside the Ministry of Defence, have partnered with cutting-edge scientists specializing in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computing, and data science.”

They added, “Outsmart Insight, a deep tech intelligence company, and Oxford Creativity, a group specializing in a systematic approach to innovation and creative problem-solcing, collaborated on targeted research involving scientists, academics, and engineers. This research specifically tackled the most challenging problems in software development anticipated over the program’s multi-decade lifespan.”

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