Microsoft AI To Let Users Make Music To  Instagram’s Latest Job Scam Top News In Tech World

If you are looking for tech related news then this article might interest you. In this article we have listed some of the latest developments in the tech world today. Keep reading this article to learn what’s happening in the tech world.

Microsoft AI Will Offer Users To Create Music  

In a new development in Microsoft’s development in its AI chatbot called Copilot that will offer users to create music using its AI chatbot. This feature in Copilot comes after the partnership between Microsoft and Suno, an AI-based music creation platform.

From this collaboration Microsoft’s Copilot will offer users this music creation feature that users can use to create their personalized song effortlessly. Users can simply use the straightforward prompt to create their own music.

In the blog post from Microsoft it was highlighted that this collaboration with Suno will empower people irrespective of their background in music or not. Anyone can create music using the AI chatbot, Copilot. Suno being a major player in the AI music technology, has generated complete songs with lyrics, singing voices, instrumentals from just a single line of sentence.

Hence, Copilot will be a great technology to create entertaining and clever music effortlessly.

Instagram Job Scams  

Since the boom of the internet many positive things have happened, from instant connectivity to the ability to gain knowledge about many things. But everything has some negative aspects, like with the internet, cyber-crimes and cyber-bullying has become a major problem on the social media sites like Facebook, X, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

One such cyber-scam that’s been going on is on the Instagram platform owned by Meta. On Instagram, cyber-criminals have found a new way to cheat people by posting fake job listings that’s too good to be true.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic many people have been unemployed, hence when they come across new jobs available on social media sites with amazing salary then jump at the offer in desperation to get a new job. This desperation to find a new job has made job scams easier for scammers on Instagram.

Scammers create official-looking websites which convince job seekers to apply and get scammed shortly after that.

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