Google CEO Finally Breaks Silence On Company’s Biggest Layoff Ever

As per recent news, “Google’s and Alphabet’s CEO Sundar Pichai openly addressed the monumental layoff that shook the tech giant last year, resulting in nearly 12,000 employees being let go. The move marked the most extensive downsizing episode in the history of Alphabet.”

A report from Business Insider said, “CEO Sundar Pichai staunchly defended the decision to reduce the company’s workforce by 6% during Google’s latest all-hands meeting held on December 12. An audio excerpt from the meeting highlighted Pichai’s rationale behind this unprecedented action.”

Talking about the decision of termination, terming it as “difficult but necessary,” Pichai emphasized the potential consequence of failing to reduce the workforce in the foreseeable future. It would significantly hamper the company’s capability to invest in important areas.

In his defense of the massive layoff decision, Pichai said in his defense, “cutting off immediate access for all terminated employees simultaneously and notifying them uniformly, irrespective of time zones, was not the most appropriate approach.” He further said, “It’s evident that this wasn’t handled the right way. There are certain aspects we could have managed differently.”

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