‘India’s CTO’ Nilekani Unveils AI Strategy: Focus On Use-Cases, Not ‘my Model Bigger Than Yours’

AI Strategy

Nandan Nilekani said on December 4, regarding India’s CTO in tech quarters, “The country should focus on efficient and low-cost use cases of artificial intelligence rather than obsessing about building bigger language models.”

He further said, “We think AI strategy should be use case led… We are not interested in my model is bigger than yours or debate between boomers  and doomers in AI. We are in the camp of AI for amplification to make the everyday lives of people better.”

Nilekani added further saying, “A small model trained on specific data can be better than a larger model when making a tool for a particular use case. We also have to have very good data collection and much better deployment. Use narrow models with specific data. The aim is to demystify and remove complications… such as helping a farmer using WhatsApp in his own mother tongue get access to the most relevant info for his job.”

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