iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Review

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Review

Today, the most important asset for any business is its data. These days we store all our data in digital format and store it on our computer. But the computer is a machine; we cannot be 100% sure of its safety. With machines, safety is always compromised.

For instance, the hardware component of the computer can fail and corrupt the data, or it can be stolen, and unauthorized entities can access the data. In such scenarios, people will rush to professionals and spend hundreds of dollars just to recover the data.

But not anymore! Today, we are here with software that will solve your data recovery problem without any additional hassle.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

Among countless data recovery software in the market, iBoysoft data recovery software presents itself as one of the best contenders. Despite being younger than most of the software in the market, it has become popular among users for its uncomplicated design and easy-to-use interphase.

Furthermore, if you use the BitLocker encryption tool and have lost the recovery key, you get iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery to recover the inaccessible data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

iBoysoft data recovery software is highly praised as one of the best data recovery software with advanced algorithms. One of the key aspects of this software is that it covers all the data loss scenarios.

Key Features Of iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

The iBoysoft software is feature-rich software with all the tools at its disposal to offer better data recovery services. Given below are a few key features that define iBoysoft data recovery software.

1. Recover Encrypted Data

Recovering encrypted data is one of the few features that differentiate the iBoysoft software from the others. While you are using other data recovery software, you would need the help of other third-party software to recover encrypted drives.

But, that is not the case for iBoysoft. iBoysoft data recovery software works on complex and advanced algorithms that help the users recover even the BitLocker encrypted data.

2. Recover Data From Lost Partition

Recovering data from lost partitions is one of the easiest suits of iBoysoft software. All you need to do is to go to find more partition options and wait till the software scans the system for the lost partition. Then, once you find the partition, go through the data and restore the data you need.

3. Dual Scanning Mode

Dual scanning mode is rare in the data recovery industry. Only a selected few software tools offer dual scanning mode, and one of the few is iBoysoft software. With the dual scanning mode, you get quick scanning and deep scanning.

Quick scans mostly focus on retrieving the data that has been lost just recently. On the other hand, a Deep scan is capable of retrieving data that is inaccessible.

4. Preview Function

Only a few data recovery software comes with the preview function; one of them is iBoysoft data recovery software. With the preview function, you can see the data before recovering it. However, the preview function does not work on all the data types.

5. Save & Load Session

This is the first time we have seen a feature that can pause and resume the recovery process. This feature really helps the users when they do not have enough time to move forward with the whole process. Once the results are out, you can save the results and load the session when you have enough time to recover the data.


There are a lot more things you should know about iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery. However, we have tried to cover almost every essential piece of information. Here is some more data regarding iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery. So, let’s explore them. 

Q1. How Do I Unlock BitLocker In Case I Forgot My Recovery Key And Password?

In case you have lost or forgotten your password, in the Control Panel application, search for the recovery key ID from BitLocker Encryption Options. Now click on the options, Unlock Drive, and select I can not remember my password. After that, the application named, BitLocker Encryption Options will show you a recovery Key ID, which you need to be provided to the Help Desk. 

Q2. Is iBoysoft Data Recovery Legit?

As per the genuine users’ reviews along with forum threads, we can say it is safe and totally legitimate to use iBoysoft. The data recovery procedure that you will get here comes with a deep scan feature, which ensures you become capable of recovering more flies than usual

Q3. Is It Possible To Recover BitLocker?

Luckily, it is indeed possible to recover BitLocker, but here, you need to make one thing clear. And that is the disk, where all the BitLocker metadata is stored is not overwritten or damaged severely. Those files, which are lost from Bitlocker-encrypted partitions can always be recovered. For that, you must know the recovery key or decryption password.

Q4. What If I Lost The BitLocker Recovery Key?

In case you forgot your password or PIN, or USB key, you will need a recovery key. For getting a recovery key, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

• First, restart your computer, then in the BitLocker login screen, press Esc.
• Now, search for the Recovery Key ID in the BitLocker Recovery screen. This BitLocker Key ID is displayed for a really short time. In case you missed that, you need to restart your computer again to see it.
• Now it is time to get in touch with your administrator and provide them this very Recovery key ID.
• Now, in the final step, enter the recovery key in the BitLocker Recovery screen.

Should You Buy It?

We are dealing with data every day. Hence, there will be a time when we will encounter data loss events. So, we need to be prepared with data recovery software. However, you don’t need to buy the most expensive software in the market. Just having iBoysoft software will help you with every need.

Furthermore, if the data needs to be recovered is below 1GB, you can recover the data for free. Now, that is something we call a great deal.

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