5 Ways To Restore Your Deleted Files In Windows 10

Restore Your Deleted Files

If you are a computer user, there is one event that can give you nightmares. Yes, we are talking about data losses. As computer users, we have encountered several data loss events. Some of the data loss events were my fault, while some were just accidentally. No matter what the reason is, a data loss always means losing important data.

Although you can recover deleted files and folders from the recycle bin, there is always a chance that you SHIFT+DELETE the data. SHIFT+DELETING the data erase the data even from the recycle bin. Fortunately, the operating system understands us and can recover data even if the recycle bin is emptied.

With that being said, we have created a list of methods that can help you recover data once you have deleted it.

How To Restore Deleted Files?

Most data loss scenarios happen due to human errors. For instance, you are removing redundant data, and in the process, you delete some of the needed data. And trust me, no matter how careful you are, these kinds of mistakes are bound to happen when dealing with mountains of data.

1. Use Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is the best way to deal with data loss scenarios. It offers you an effective way to restore and recover any deleted or lost data. Depending on what data recovery software you are using, you can cover vast data loss scenarios. 

For instance, many Windows data recovery software offers its user a wide array of scenarios to recover any type of lost data. Furthermore, it also offers a free 1GB data recovery in its trial version to test out the software.

2. Use Undo Delete

Windows 10 comes with an UNDO feature. However, this method is exclusive to the action taken after the deletion of the day. However, bear in mind, it would not work if you have restarted your computer or have signed out of your system.

Follow the steps to UNDO Delete…

  • Open Windows file explorer.
  • Navigate to the folder.
  • Right-click to see the options.
  • Select Undo Move.

3. Restore Data From Recycle Bin

Perhaps, this is the simplest method you can go for to restore the futile and folder you have deleted recently. When you delete something in your system, it is not lost or erased permanently; it is stored in the recycle bin for a limited time. This ensures that users can simply restore the data from the recycle bin if they want their data back. However, this method applies only when the data has been deleted normally and not SHIFT+DELETE.

Follow the steps to recover data from the recycle bin.

  • Go to the recycle bin.
  • Navigate to the data you want to recover.
  • Right-click the data.
  • Select restore.

4. Restore Data Using File History

This method will work only if you have configured your system to restore your data using file history. If you have done so, follow the step to receive the deleted data.

  • Go to the window search bar.
  • Type restore your files.
  • Select the best match.
  • The result will be visible on the screen.
  • Navigate to the data you want to restore.
  • Click restore.

5. Use Backup & Restore

If you are dealing with digital data, having backups is one of the best practices; the backup follows the process of creating copies of the original data and storing it in different locations. So, when the data loss crisis happens, the backups can be used to restore the data.

However, there is one downside of the backups. It can restore the data to the point where it has been last backed up. That means, to take advantage of the backup feature, you must back up your data regularly.


We totally understand, when it comes to Restoring Your Deleted Files In Windows 10, you are usually afraid of making any kind of mistake, or risk the data that you want to recover. So, it is common to have a lot of queries during this situation. 

Hare, we are offering you the answers to some common questions people usually encounter most of the time. We hope the solutions will also offer you the solutions you might be searching for. 

Q1. Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Files From My Computer?

Yes, you can recover permanently deleted files from your computer. Here are some simple steps to do that. 

First, on your desktop, open the Recycle Bin. 
Now click on Select Open from the Menu for reviewing the deleted files.
Search for the file name, which you want to restore.
To the left of the filename, check the box.
Now, right-click on the file you have selected. 
As the final step, right-click on the selected file and choose to restore it for recovering the file to the original location where it was before. 

The process is the same for all Windows users. Even if you are using Windows 10, the procedure of recovering permanently deleted files from your computer will be the same as mentioned earlier. 

Q2. How Do I Recover All My Deleted Files?

For recovering all the deleted files, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps. By just following these easy steps, you will be able to recover your files, which you have deleted in minutes. Now, let’s get into the process. 

First, right-click on the folder or on the file. 
Now select the options, Restore Previous Versions.
A list of available previous versions of the file or folder will open. 
In case you have Windows Backup for backing up your site, this very list will also consist of the files saved on the backup along with the restore points. 
So, you will get all your files back. 

Restore All Your Files With Ease

With all the methods that we have listed above, you will now be able to restore any deleted files with ease. However, to be more effective with the data recovery or restoration, bear in mind, the faster you take action, the better result you can achieve with the restoration of the data.

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