A Detailed Guidelines On How And Where To Use Y Strainers

Y Strainers

Y strainers are generally a very popular tool as they are easy to install and maintain. They can also save you time as well as cost simultaneously.

Strainers are mainly utilized to filter out contaminants, pollutants, wastes, etc., from gaseous and liquid mediums.

Strainers are installed in the piping system to guard pumps and control valves against harm from solid wastes. But there are different types of strainers based on their size, shape, and durability, the most popular two being Y and Basket strainers.

In this article, we will learn more about what y strainer is and how do y strainers work. Let us proceed then, shall we?

What Is A Y Strainer?

As mentioned above, the y strainer is one of the most popular strainers. Shaped like the 25th letter of the English alphabet, “Y”, these strainers are mainly used to mechanically separate solid particles from a fluid by using a filter made of perforated or mesh-lined straining elements.

Many pipelines require y-type strainers to safeguard various system components such as control valves, meters, pumps, regulators, and steam traps against solid dirt particles.

Why Should One Choose Y Strainers?

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Now, the real question is why y strainers are so popular. Let us take a real-life example of latex gloves vs vinyl gloves to help you understand the difference between Y and Basket strainers.

We all know that vinyl gloves are easier to manufacture and highly cost-effective. Then why do people prefer latex ones? One of the most significant plus points of latex gloves is their long durability and effectiveness against hazardous chemicals. 

Although latex gloves can be very harmful to people with latex allergies, they are biodegradable as well as better fitted, unlike vinyl gloves, which can cause skin irritation due to their PVC components.

Similarly, although basket strainers work better for extensive cleaning processes, there are several benefits of using a y strainer.

1. Cost-effectiveness:

In many applications, Y-Strainers offer very cost-effective alternatives for straining. Y strainers are cheaper to manufacture.

2. Flexibility In Installation:

Unlike basket strainers that can only be installed horizontally, y strainers offer more versatile installation options as they may be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Y strainers are also a viable solution for small spaces as they are tinier in size and more compact.

3. Easier To Clean:

Maintenance is also easier with this type of strainer.

Unlike basket strainers, y strainer screen can be manually swept by shutting down the line and then removing the strainer cap if and when the amount of material to be removed from the flow is very small, resulting in extended gaps between screen cleanings. 

For these situations, the biggest barriers are heavier dirt loading, y strainers can also be equipped with a “blow-off” connection that enables them then clean up the screen without requiring it to be released from the strainer’s body.

4. Better Fluidity:

Because there is less direction shift as the fluid passes through the filter, Y-shaped strainers have superior flow characteristics than basket strainers.

How Does A Y Strainer Work?

Y Strainer Work

We can divide the functionality of y strainers into the following sections:

A. Finding The Right Size:

Without a properly fitted mesh filter, y strainers wouldn’t be able to function properly. It’s critical to comprehend the fundamentals of mesh and screen dimensions in order to choose the ideal strainer for your project or task. 

There are two scales, Microns, and Mesh Size, two calculate the diameter of the tube opening through which the waste passes. Despite being two different metrics, they both refer to the same thing.

B. Installation Of Y Strainers:

Depending on your system and choice, you can install the y strainers horizontally or vertically. However, prior to the installation, carefully examine the position of the blowdown chamber, which is the chamber that collects the waste. 

To prevent filtered pollutants from returning to the system, the filter leg of the Y strainer must face downward. Pipe fittings to support the pipework must be included when installing a large y strainer.

C. Straining Process:

The screen of the y strainers blocks the flow of liquid as it passes through it and gathers any debris before allowing the operation to continue. Pressure drop in the strainer is the term used to describe how this blockage lowers the liquid’s pressure. 

The two metal plates that make up the draining stopper create a seal that stops the liquid from draining out of the chamber. This prevents a mixture of filtered and unfiltered liquid.

The pollutants are then subsequently captured by the mesh on the y strainer, preventing them from moving on to other system components.

D. Maintenance Of Y Strainers:

Y strainers are sometimes compared to the china webcam for their low maintenance and high capacity. These strainers require the least fixing compared to other industrial strainers. Y strainers only need to be prevented from being clogged. 

For this, it is essential to monitor the system’s pressure. You may install a blow-down connection or pressure gauge. Or, you can just keep a few extra screens and filters at hand to use them alternatively.

Disadvantages Of Y strainers

Just as everything has a negative point, y strainers are no exception to that.

One of the two drawbacks of y strainers is that the medium can be easily contaminated if not handled properly. The other one is that these strainers must be manually cleaned by completely removing the screen, which necessitates a complete system shutdown.

Otherwise, y strainer is perfect for filtration.

Concluding Thoughts

Y strainers are perfect if you are tight on space and budget. These strainers can be made of stainless steel, alloy metal, and PTFE based on their application. There are various types of y strainers for different purposes. You may read the guide manual attached to the strainer before buying it. So, go through the article carefully, learn the facts and purchase the right one you require.

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