Samsung To Release New Gaming NVMe SSDs With V-NAND Technology


The new NVMe SSDs by Samsung will use their new V-NAND technology to boost the performance of gaming and creative applications.

Key Points:

  • Samsung will release its latest NVMe SSDs built with the new V-NAND technology.
  • These new NVMe SSDas are made to boost the performance of your computer while playing games or using creative applications.
  • Samsung will release the new 990 Pro series of SSDs in early 2023.

Technology giants Samsung will start making their new line of NVMe SSDs with their new V-NAND technology. This new development will ensure that youtube gaming performance and use of creative design applications are enhanced.

Samsung has successfully worked upon the already great NAND technology that we have seen so far in NVMe SSDs. The new V-NAND technology expands upon this architecture further, improving its performance and speed in all aspects.

In NAMD technology, all the flash chips of the SSD were laid out horizontally to each other. In V-NAND, this gets reversed, with the flash chips now being laid out vertically to each other.

However, this design proved to have several limitations, especially when scaling is concerned. This is because if it was tied to go below a size of 13nm, then performance was required to be sacrificed. 

This is why Samsung decided to turn the game sideways and stacked the flash chips vertically on top of each other instead of horizontally beside each other. This is how V-NAND chips were born, with a lot of options for scaling in the future. 

Samsung will release the new 990 Pro series NVMe SSDs later next month. It will have a speed of 7500 MBps, 55% more than NVMe SSDs that we use, along with 4x more speeds compared to SATA SSDs and 28x faster than an HDD. The 990 Series will have a price tag of $309 for the 2TB variant. A 4GB variant will also be made available soon.

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