India Might Soon Ban Chinese Phones Cheaper Than ₹12000: Here’s Why

India Might Soon Ban Chinese Phones

India might soon take the move to ban Chinese smartphones below ₹12000 ($150), removing China and Xiaomi Corp. from the dominating sub-₹12000 market.

Key Points:

  • India is planning to ban all Chinese phones that fall under the price range of ₹12000 ($150).
  • This move has been planned to remove China from the dominating smartphone market below ₹12000 and promote the manufacturing of indigenous smartphones in the country.
  • A move of this caliber has the potential to affect lots of Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi Corporation and BBK Electronics Corporation.

India might soon pass a decision regarding the fate of Chinese phones under the ₹12000 price range. After a lot of meetings, Delhi has finally taken this plan to put this action in motion as a move to encourage the indigenous smartphone brands of this bracket to rise. This is an attempt to boost the economy in this post-Covid world.

The decision to ban the sub-$150 smartphone market comes after several investigations into the financial aspects of Chinese smartphone companies. After heavy scrutiny, many money laundering issues were found, along with tax demands.

This move is mostly aimed toward Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo – brands that dominate the sub-₹12000 market. Analysts have confirmed that these brands and a majority of the Chinese smartphone market are under the $150 dollar market.

This is a bold move by India since the sub – ₹12000 markets constitute almost 80% of total smartphone sales in the country. Removing Chinese companies from this segment will help India boost its own production and sales to raise the national economy as well.

However, it has not been announced whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will announce this decision as a policy. The Chinese companies might also be notified of this through informal channels.


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