Dogecoin Price Soars After Musk Changes Iconic Blue Bird Twitter Logo To Doge!  

In a strange course of events, the value of Dogecoin has soared up for more than 30% after Twitter CEO Elon Musk replaced the iconic blue bird logo of the social media platform with the Doge meme. Users of the platform were quick to notice that the  ‘doge’ meme was on the web version of the microblogging page on Monday.

The amount of love that Musk has for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin is not unknown. He took to his Twitter handle to share a meme.

While there has not yet been any change on the mobile app of the platform, the web version of Twitter is full of memes which aptly describes the love that this 51 year old billionaire has for the doge image of Shiba Inu.

Musk also shared a screenshot from March 2022 of his conversation with another account where they were talking about changing the logo. Captioning the post, “As promised,” he shared:

Elon Musk has continued to support Dogecoin that started as a joke in the year 2013. This might be just another way of Musk promoting the crypto platform. According to Mint, “the prices of Dogecoin have once again surged, with a Bloomberg report indicating that the value of the cryptocurrency increased by as much as 30% following Twitter’s adoption of the Doge meme logo on its homepage,” thanks to Musk’s antics.

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