The Rise Of Switchblade Drones: The Future Of Aerial Combat And Surveillance

The Rise of Switchblade Drones The Future of Aerial Combat and Surveillance

Joe Biden said on March 16, 2022, that the country was deploying additional drones, anti-aircraft missiles, and anti-armor equipment to Ukraine. These are the so-called Kamikaze Drones, also known as Switchblade Drones.

The Switchblades are the name given to these drones, and there are two different types – the 300 and 600. In 2023, the US plans to provide 10 Switchblade 600 kits and 100 Switchblade 300 kits. Its launching tube, control tablet, and 10 other drones are all included in each package.

What Are Switchblade Drones?

What Are Switchblade Drones
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Switchblade Drones are lingering munitions, sometimes referred to as kamikaze drones by the military. American firm AeroVironment firm created and produced this drone.

The US Military and AeroVironment entered into a deal in 2011 to begin manufacturing these drones. The Army got the first 75 Switchblade 300 weapons for operations in Afghanistan in late 2012. These drones have had excellent performance and have been employed against Taliban militants in Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq.

1000x Switchblade 300 drones will be delivered to Ukraine. The US is delivering 600 additional Switchblade 300 kits to Ukraine after the country previously got the first 100 kits of the drone.

Types Of Switchblade Drones

There are two types of dive bombing Switchblade Drones. They are:

Switchblade 300 – Super Accurate Targeting

Switchblade 300 - Super Accurate Targeting
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The drone’s smaller model, called a Switchblade 300, was shipped in large numbers to Ukraine. There have already got 1000 drones delivered, and there will shortly be 6000 (600×10).

These are portable, lightweight, and simple to operate drones with payloads. They aren’t particularly potent, though. You may compare it to a little 40 mm dynamite that can be tossed, and that travels around 10 km.

It is operated via a controller that looks like a tablet and features a color camera, along with GPS. Because it is powered by a tiny electric motor, it can fly silently and is more difficult for the opponent to see.

The drone may be manually operated to look for its targets first before swarming towards it, or it can be pre-programmed to strike the target at a specific coordinate. Additionally, it has the capacity to abruptly halt an attack before it reaches its target if a problem arises or if people are found nearby.

Targets for this weapon include trucks and light vehicles. It may also be used to effortlessly kill a squad of soldiers by aiming toward infantry. Avoid using the Switchblade 300 against major battle tanks, which are frequently armored.

These drones will cause problems for the Russia-deployed tanks even if they are ineffectual against tanks. In-depth explanations will follow in the lines that follow.

The technical specifications of the Switchblade Drone 300 along its Switchblade Drones cost are:

  • Flying Range: 10km
  • Flying Altitude: 500ft
  • Battery: 15 minutes
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Top Speed: 100kmph (cruise mode), 160kmph (dash mode)
  • Size: 19.5” (length), 3” (diameter)
  • Price: $6,000

Switchblade 600 – Armor-Piercing Warheads

Switchblade 600 - Armor-Piercing Warheads
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This is the Switchblade 300’s older sibling. It is heavier yet has greater power. It was created to fill the gaps left by its smaller brother. This is a switchblade loitering drone.

The major combat tanks and heavily fortified vehicles may be attacked with the Switchblade 600. In comparison to most anti-tank missiles like Javelin, it can be equipped with anti-armor warheads, had a superior range, and was less expensive.

It functions in a similar manner to the 300. A soldier can launch this strong drone in under ten minutes with the aid of a launching tube and a controlling unit.

The technical specifications of the Switchblade Drone 600:

  • Flying Range: 50km
  • Flying Altitude: 500ft
  • Battery: 45 minutes
  • Weight: 22kg launcher, 32kg control system, 15kg drone
  • Top Speed: 115kmph (cruise mode), 190kmph (dash mode)
  • Size: 51” (length), 6” (diameter)
  • Price: $10,0000

Kamikaze drones are growing in popularity over time. They are utilized more often than standard military drones and replace missiles in a number of operations.

While shooting Javelin missiles can cost around $78,000 each, firing a Switchblade 600 would cost around $10,000. This demonstrates emphatically why Switchblade drones are more efficient financially than rockets. Ukraine is creating its own DIY drones because of this.

A more costly and heavier drone is required if you wish for one that can go this far with a warhead attached and land at its starting point. The Switchblade 300 is still more portable, but not by as much.

How The Use Of Ukraine Switchblade Drones Can Turn The Tides Of War

The use of Switchblade Drones by Ukraine can help the country fight back against the Russian invasion. But how is this possible? Let’s have a look.

1. Disrupt Supply Lines

The Russian Army had a difficult difficulty supplying its soldiers from the start of this battle. The tanks marched towards a city as they waited for supplies, which unfortunately never arrived.

After the temperature rose, food and fuel trucks either became trapped in the muck or were obliterated by Bayraktar missiles. The Ukrainians’ answer was brilliant, but it was expensive.

Neither the Bayraktar missile nor these missiles are inexpensive at all. The Ukrainians were unable to target many Russian trucks because of the significant difficulty of wasting these drones or missiles missing their targets. But now all has changed thanks to the inexpensive Switchblade 300.

2. Blocking Long-Range Shelling

The least reliable weapon being deployed in this conflict is not tanks advancing into Ukraine. Tanks that are encroaching on cities are targeted by Javelin and Switchblade 600 drones. However, the long-range artillery avoided the front lines and caused the most damage to the structures and military complex.

Government structures and military installations are the targets of these artilleries. They are beyond the range of the Javelin, which is 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles). The longer-ranged artillery units on the backline will be reached by the Switchblade 300, which can fly through the air and pass the frontline.

Some Russian artillery can fire 10 kilometers away. For switchblade 300s, a range of up to 10 kilometers is a simple target.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Here are my answers to questions regarding Switchblade Drones asked by any people on the internet.

Q1. What Can A Switchblade Drone Destroy?

Ans: A Switchblade can destroy many things upon impact. The smaller Switchblade 300 missiles can destroy smaller armaments easily. On the other hand, the Switchblade 600 can destroy bigger armaments like tanks.

Q2. Can Switchblade Drones Destroy Russian Tanks?

Ans: Yes, the Switchblade 600 has the power to destroy bigger Russian tanks. However, Ukraine has not made any official declarations about purchasing these missiles, since they have purchased only the Switchblade 300s. This has been confirmed through the Ukraine switchblade drone video.

Q3. Why Are Kamikaze Missiles Popular?

Ans: Kamikaze missiles like the Switchblade are becoming more and more popular everyday since they do not need to be manned. Therefore, these missiles contain the payload and can drop down along with it without the use of a pilot.


The Switchblade Drones are regarded as simple-to-use, lightweight, and affordable kamikaze drones. The US has brought the Ukrainian army over to educate them on how to use these drones. These troops will then return and instruct numerous additional soldiers.

These drones might transform the course of this conflict if they are employed wisely. The Switchblade was not widely believed to be a significant weapon for Ukrainians. However, not all weapons need to be strong and lethal.

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