“India will be global leader in conversations around AI regulation,” Markham Erickson, Google Executive

Markham Erickson, Google Executive

Markham Erickson, vice president, government affairs and public policy at Google’s Centers for Excellence, said, “Interoperability in global legislations around intelligence will be among the most crucial aspects going ahead, especially for smaller businesses who may find it difficult to navigate conflicting and complicated regulations around the world. In an interaction with Soumyarendra Barik & Anil Sasi, he also spoke about safe harbour Google’s relationship could change with news publishers going forward.”

He was asked the question, “With the US’ executive order on AI, America seems to have rare lead over Europe in regulations for the sector. Does that help American Big Tech companies?

Answering the question, Markham said, “There are parallels to the mid-’90s at the beginning of the commercial internet, where stakeholders are having to get together and think about the norms that should apply, and how existing laws need to be amended to account for the new technology. And in the mid-’90s, the United States took the lead… saying we should have a hands-off approach to the internet to let this nascent industry develop. And then that was followed by Europe with the e-commerce directive.”

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