Google’s New AI Tool Can Create Music From Over 100 World Instruments

Google is currently conducting an experiment with AI that will leave a mark at the beginning of the festive season. The resident artist of Google Arts & Culture Lab, Simon Doury, is currently rolling out a new AI-powered tool called Instrument Playground.

This tool is equipped for creating music that is inspired by the instruments that are all around the environment.

According to him, how the tool works is “the tool is trained with 100 musical instruments from around the world and includes the Veena from India, the Dizi from China, and the Mbria from Zimbabwe. Users can choose the instruments they want to play, and MusicLM will generate a 20 second sound clip. Google made MusicLM text-to-music AI tool available to the public in May.”

The users can also add “an adjective to their prompt to shape the results such as ‘moody,’ ‘happy,’ or ‘romantic.’ In its blog post, the company notes that users can add the terms ‘merry’ or ‘joyful’ to compose a festive jingle. The tool will even allow users to play and create with the sound clip choosing between different modes from ‘Ambient’ to ‘Beat’ to ‘Pitch’ to explore different sound effects.”

Other than these, the users can also “try the sequencer by selecting the advanced mode. This will help them to layer and loop up to four instruments. Google has also created some festive jingles which includes ‘Chime Chine Ya,’ a classic jingle composition that is inspired by festive chimes and ‘Ho Ho Ho’ which is an odeto Santa Claus and has a layering of ‘festive church bells’ and ‘heavenly gongs.”

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