Google Proposes Project Ellmann, A Chatbot That Immediately Knows You

Google Proposes Project Ellmann

Wouldn’t it be nice if a chatbot could recognize you? Not with something that simply refers to your past answers or statements but something that has an intimate profile of yours and can pull chats on a much deeper level.  

“While Google is busy integrating its generative AI model Gemini into Pixel, Brd, and other existing products, developers are proposing an entirely different and new one, which is codenamed Project Ellmann. It aims to grab a ‘bird’s eye view’ of users’ lives by looking at their photos and web-browsing habits and provides more personalized chat. The project takes its name from biographer Richard David Ellmann.”

Although Google hasn’t officially announced the project as of now, the news of the project comes to CNBC from a leaked internal summit meeting presentation. “The software proposes to use Gemini to analyze Google Photos and search histories, then develop an overview of the user’s life.”

“Since the software would have many pertinent details surrounding users, it could respond to questions with more specific and accurate answers. For example, someone could ask, ‘What should I get my husband for Christmas?’ Since Ellmann might know from pictures that the husband likes to fish, the algorithm could respond with related suggestions rather than offering a generic list of items.”

A Google spokesperson said to CNBC, “Google Photos has always used AI to help people search their photos and videos, and we’re excited about the potential of LLMs to unlock even more helpful experiences. This was an early internal exploration and, as always, should we decide to roll out new features, we would take the time needed to ensure they were helpful to people, and designed to protect user’s privacy and safety as our top priority.”

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