How To Download Music On Apple Music – Complete Guide

How To Download Music On Apple Music

In the present era, most people avoid downloading music from the web and storing them on smartphones. Rather, they are comfortable with online music streaming apps. There are many applications that stream music but only a few are popular due to their quality and library. 

Apple Music is one such music streaming application. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices. So, if you are the one having a smart device, you can check how to download music on Apple Music here. 

However, the first part of the article deals with some information about the app and its unique features. Later, you can get the entire procedure of downloading music

Apple Music: All About It

Apple Music

Apple Music is an application with much utility as it allows you to play any song from your device or from the web. All songs on your device might either come from the CD or web download.  

If you are concerned about how to download all songs on apple music, consider waiting a little bit more. For now, you can check the unique features of Apple Music.

Unique Features of Apple Music

Unique Features of Apple Music

Here are the unique features of Apple Music. Knowing each of the following, you would feel more interested in how to download all music on apple music. Have a look:

1. Library View Customization

Apple Music gives you the chance to customize your library view. All you have to do is tap on the ‘Library’ option and tap further on ‘Edit’. The ‘Edit’ option gives you a chance to remove and add a genre header.

The genre header keeps all the music sorted. Like if you are a fan of rock music, you can add a genre header for it. After creating the genre header you can tap on ‘Sort’ to keep all songs in alphabetical order. 

2. 3d Touch Compatibility

If you have just purchased an iPhone with a 3D touch, you should be concerned about how to download music on Apple music. Well, proper mastering of 3D touch is necessary to turn your device into a DJ console. It is a simple process but you might take some time to be perfect with it. 

3. DJ Siri

As you think about how to download songs on apple music, keep in mind that it can support Siri when it turns to a DJ. You can command Siri to play an entire album or clarify the name of the song to play.

Expect DJ Siri to always remain eager to play 40 million songs. Well, it might sound absurd but factually, it is true. 

Downloading Music On Apple Music

Downloading Music On Apple Music

Well, finally you step into the main section of the article. Here, you can go through the steps regarding how to download music on apple music. However, to download a song, make sure it is present in your music library. Just have a look:

1. For iPhone, iPad And iPod

Step 1: Tap on the Apple Music app to open it

Step 2: Long tap on an album, song, or playlist in your library

Step 3: Check the pop-up menu for the ‘Download’ option

Step 4:  Tap on download

Now you might be thinking about how to download all songs on apple music at once. Well, the easiest way to do it is by tapping on a particular album or a playlist. It can initiate the downloading process for all the songs present in that specific album/playlist. 

2. For  PC or Mac

Step 1: Do not think much about  how to download all music on apple music on Mac or PC and just get access to it

Step 2: Search and finalize the list of songs that you want to download

Step 3: Click on the ‘Download’ button on both PC and Mac and you are all done

Now, you can also get a chance to download all songs from Apple Music at once. However, for this, you would need a Mac or Windows PC. The latest version of iTunes and processor is also necessary.

You would just need to fill the parameters of downloading songs on the rule menu and click on OK, Always make sure to provide a unique name to your playlist.

3. For Android

If you have an Android device, you can download all the songs in Apple Music easily. All you have to do is access your ‘Library’ and tap ‘Download’ for every song/album/playlist.

Un-Downloading Music On Apple Music

Now as you know how to download music on Apple Music, it is time to know the process of un-downloading. This process remains more or less the same in the case of all devices. 

Step 1: Open the Apple Music app or iTunes on your smartphone/computer

Step 2: Search for the song, album, or playlist that you desire to remove 

Step 3: Long tap on phones to get to the ‘Remove’ option and tap it (For iTunes you need to click ctrl+click)

So, now you know how to un download music on apple music. Consider this to help you clear the storage space in your device. As a result, you can again download other songs and listen to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Download Songs For Free On Apple Music?

Yes, you can easily download songs for free and listen to them offline. However, adding each song to the library is a must, You might not get to download a song that is absent in your library.

Q2. Why Can’t I Download Songs On Apple Music?

There are several issues that can occur on Apple Music leading you to fail downloading songs. However, in such cases, you should not be concerned about how to download music on apple music. Rather, you can just close the Apple Music app and start it again. Another thing you can check is the package of the app.

Q3. Why Is Apple Music Not Adding To My Library?

At times, Apple Music might face abnormal issues if the ‘Sync Library option is on. In case you experience this problem, you can go to the ‘Settings’ menu and turn off the Sync Library.

Q4. Where Can I Download Music To My Phone?

There are several platforms that give you a chance to download music on your phone. Some of them are Audiomack, YMusic Fildo, etc. Some of these have paid packages while others are free.

Final Take Away

Downloading music on Apple music can be a clever move for people who have limited data access. You can execute it if you are going out anytime soon. However, if you discontinue your subscription, you cannot keep the songs you have downloaded earlier. 

This is due to the FairPlay Protection of Apple. This thing is typically the same for PCs and Android. So, consider Apple Music songs as the best only if you are able to maintain the account and have an Apple device. 

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